Dry Fast 18 Hours + OMAD | Weight Loss Journey 2019

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hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and
I’m gonna tell you what I did yesterday
I did omad and intermittent dry
fast 18 hours
that’s 18 hours of no food or water plus
I did a lot of exercise I did 56 minutes
in this sauna here at this gym okay and
then I went upstairs and I did it in
increments I didn’t do it straight all
at once
I don’t know where the camera is let me
see where’s the camera it’s not there
must be there okay so then I went
upstairs I walked 20 20 minutes and I
did 45 minutes on the elliptical at this
gym then I went home did a few things
waited for my kids to get home then I
went to I’m not looking at the camera
excuse me because I don’t know what’s
happening and then I went to the other
job the gym where my kids could play
basketball and I did a full hour in the
sauna again this was enough food and
drink let me see
and the purpose of this is for massive
detoxing from my vacation where I gained
so much weight that I’m not telling you
till tomorrow
let me see and okay I did one hour in
the sauna but I did I did 20 minute I
did 15-minute increments this time and I
did walking at least um 45 minutes of
walking and so yesterday I did an hour
over an hour walking 45 minutes
elliptical in an hour and 56 minutes in
the Sun I did lose seven point five
pounds yesterday but then I ate a meal
which I’m going to show pictures I ate a
big giant salad which I got all of my
salads like super low price at the
grocery store and they had a big they
didn’t have a big staying it I hope you
guys could hear me because I had those
phones on dang it I hope I don’t have to
do this again so I had um
what do you call them you know where
they are gonna spoil so they’ll sell it
cheap but all of them were gonna split
for like five days so I bought a spinach
a shredded lettuce and another mixed
green leafy thing and I had that and I
had some rotisserie chicken over it and
I had blue cheese dressing and I had
some barbecue sauce in sunflower seeds
that was my meal then I made some kita
some low carb fat bombs which had
coconut oil almonds sliced almonds a
little bit of my fruit and trivia stuff
what else did I have
and it had peanut butter powder and it
had protein powder so that’s all I ate
yesterday and then I did drink I drink a
lot so that’s why when I woke up this
morning I was down I had game back three
from the 7.5 that I lost yesterday I
don’t care I’m happy with that my weight
is still horrendous so today I’m doing a
24-hour dry fast which is gonna include
sauna and man I look super chunky in
here it’s gonna include sauna and
working out again but I do have a big
day at work my phone is gonna hi I’m
gonna come out of here for a minute so
here are pictures of the food that I did
yesterday please like comment and

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