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Today on my channel we are going to be
creating chandelier 2.0, or rather a
Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired lighted
chandelier. If you would like to see how
I created this home decor please stay
tuned. For this project you will need one
of these votive candle holders – it comes
in a package of two, you will need one of
these sauce containers – these also come
in a package of four, you will need one
of these eight and a half inch glass
bowls, one of these decorative cake
plates, you will also need one of these
plastic saucers – this comes in a package
of twelve, and you will need three of
these four and a half inch glass tapered candle
holders. You will need one of these LED
push lights. And all of the
aforementioned items came from the
Dollar Tree. You will also need crystal
garlands, any crystal garland of your
choice, as well as crystal pendants if
you choose to add these to your project. Of course you will need your handy-dandy
tools – today we will be working with our
soldering iron as well as our gorilla
epoxy clear. Let’s get crafting! So the
first thing that we’re going to have to
do is mount our candlesticks to ensure
that they are going to be set to the
side and drying while we work on the
other components of our project. So I
have already placed gorilla glue epoxy
on these and I’m just stacking them
based on how I want them to lay. And once
I have stacked them I’m going to place
them on the side so they can dry.
Another component that we’re going to
have to prepare glue-wise and have it
set aside so that it can cure while we
work is our bowl that we are going to be
affixing, or rather our sauce cup that
we’re going to be affixing to the bottom
of our bowl and this component is going
to be used as the base of our chandelier.
So just going in with our epoxy placing
it on the bottom of that sauce cup,
eyeballing my center, laying it down and
placing this bowl on the side so that it
can dry while we continue with the rest
of this project. So while we’re waiting
on those two components to dry what we
are going to do now is create the holes
that we are going to need to hang our
crystals garlands. To do this we’re
going to be working with our decorative
cake plate as well as our plastic saucer. And for my purposes I’m going to go in
on the two short ends of… Well the two
ends of the short scallops and these are
where I’m going to be placing my holes
on top and on the bottom I’m going to be
placing my holes in the up-lift or the
uptick of those scallops underneath. And
so using my soldering iron that has
already been set to 450 degrees I am
going to begin to poke my holes in my
short scallops. Now what you see here is
I did I turned that plate around because
what happens is when you go in from the
top, or I should say rather, whatever is
your entry point you’re going to get a
little lip as that plate makes way for
that hot needle to go in. And so it’s
easier if you go in from the underneath
you don’t get that lip on top and it
will be much easier for you to get your
rings clipped on. And so underneath I am
creating my holes just trying to give
you a good vantage point and I’m going
in from the back
side of that plate as well right on the
uptick of those scallops and I am making
my holes with my soldering iron on 450
degrees. Of course I will set this to the
side and complete that process
off-camera but what I want to show you
now is how I made my holes on my saucer.
And to do this I am going to use scotch
tape to help me separate this plate or
saucer or mini plate into four equal
sections, And so if you see I’m just
taking a piece of scotch tape and I’m
laying it down horizontally and then I’m
going to take another piece and I’m
going to lay it down vertically,
well now horizontally because I
changed the direction of the plate. But
what I.m doing here is I’m actually
sectioning this plate into four equal
parts and this is going to assist me in
creating the 48 holes on top that we
need to match the 48 holes that we’re
going to get on our cake plate. So now
using my soldering iron what I’m going
to do is I am going to create holes in
that scotch tape my scotch tape just
being a marker. So two holes there, two
holes on that one, two holes there, and two
holes there and I promise you this is
going to make sense in a minute, alright.
And now what this is going to afford me
is my beginning and my end of each
section: Beginning and end, beginning and
end, beginning and end, and already I know
that each section has two holes. And now
I need to make ten holes in each section
because again we’re going for 48 holes,
12 times 4 is 48 I already have my
beginning hole and my ending hole that’s
2 so
I need ten more and now I’m just going
in with my soldering iron and I’m eyeballing and creating these holes
equidistant apart to make my 12, So let’s
count. You can see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
11, 12. And so now I’m going to continue
the process, that same process going all
the way around that plate finish it on
my cake plate and then I’ll come back
and show you how we’re going to attach
our crystals. All right, so now that we
have created all the holes that we’re
going to need to complete this project
we are now going to start stringing, or
threading rather, our crystal garland to
our plate and what you see I’m doing
here I am using the short ones with the
pennants to fix underneath the plates
and the long ones that I have separated
by 14 crystals on each one those are
going to be the ones on the outside or
rather on the top of that plate, So quite
simply all I’m going to do is place my
clip on the lip of that scallop – that
scallop is very flat – it’s very easy to
just slide that clip on there and rotate
it until that clip is all the way around
through that hole and that pendant will
be set to your plate. Here it is again I
just slid it on forced one end through
and now I’m just forcing that ring
around until the entire ring has gone
through that hole and then I’m going to
continue that same process using the
holes on top and when I’m finished
affixing all my crystals I will come back
to show you what it looks like. Alright
so here we have our plate that is
completely adorned with our crystals. Our
short pendants on the inside
and our long ones
on the outside. And now what we’re going
to do is build up our chandelier so
we’re going to turn a bowl over with the
sauce cup being the bottom of that base or
the bottom of our chandelier and now
using my gorilla glue epoxy I am just
going to place a very small amount going
around the brim of this bowl. Now
remember we’re not trying to use a lot. This stuff is very powerful, potent. A
little bit goes a long way is what I’m
trying to say. And so just using it very
sparingly because again even though it
dries clear,
we don’t want it falling in on the
inside or seeping out on the outside and
then we have much unnecessary cleanup to
do. So just very sparingly going around
the edge of that bowl from one side to
the other
and then what we’re going to do is place
our cake plate on top of that. Now the
reason why I like working with these
cake plates is you can see it on the
bottom right hand corner of your screen,
is that it is very visibly demarcated
with some circles and so finding, or
centering this rather, is very easy to do
and as you can see I stood up so that I
could get a better vantage point of what
I’m doing. But as you can see it was very
easy for me to place that plate on top
of the bowl because of those circles. Now
that the cake plate is down I’m going to
continue with my gorilla epoxy going
around the edge, the outer edge of that
candle holder and again the same thing
not too much not too little but just
enough so that it’s not you know falling
in to the candle holder, or it’s not
seeping out and leaving just a goopy
mess. And once I have placed that gorilla
glue all the way around
the perimeter of that candle holder, I am
going to place this in the middle of
that plate and as you can see these
circles are coming in very handy. And
once I have found my center and my
placement, I’m placing it down. I
really don’t even want to touch it and
move it too much because it went down
perfectly! And so now the last thing we
have to do in terms of our build up we
are now going to place that Gorilla
Epoxy glue on top on the top of that
candle holder. Again not too much not too
little but just right. Kind of like the
Three Little Bears – just enough so that
it holds and not too much that we’re
cleaning up or we have a mess. And once I
have placed that epoxy down what we’re
going to do is take our saucer making
sure that that saucer the plastic saucer
is placed or turned upside down and then
we are going to place that saucer on top
of that candle holder. And I don’t know
if you saw it but that plate also has a
center demarcation and so it was very
easy to place it. I’m going to set this
on this side to dry and then I’m going
to come back and show you how we’re
going to connect our crystals. Alright, so
now that everything is dried and nicely
set it is now time for us to place our
garlands or attach our garlands to the
top of that plastic plate. And to do this
it is really guys very simple because
that plastic plate is so flat you are
barely opening that clip just to slide
it on, get the first part of that ring in
through one of those holes, and turn it
maybe once or twice to ensure that that
ring is all the way through. And so I’m
going to continue this process going all
the way around our plate until every
single one of those 48 chains on our
cake plate has been attached to the 48
holes on our saucer. So now here we have
we have placed all of our garlands on
our chandelier. That is beautiful guys!
That is starting to come together! And so
now the last thing that we have to do is
take what we’re going to be using as our
end cap which is our small votive candle
holder and just taking some of that
Gorilla Glue epoxy and putting it around
the inner edge of that votive candle
holder and not necessarily on the entire
edge not even to the outward edge but
only on the inner edge. And once you have
placed that epoxy down we’re going to
turn that bowl upside down, center it on
that sauce, and set it and forget it to
dry. We don’t have to finagle with this too
much. Then finally the last thing
that we have to do which I know this was
not in the introduction but looking at
it I thought it just needed one more
component to set it off, so I am using a
crystal doorknob to place on top of the
votive candle holder that we just put
down by using a little dab of glue,
placing it in the middle, holding it –
because that grew is so slippery it
tends to slide as we saw from our desert
cloches that we made earlier this week.
But now I’m going to clean it up, set the
table, and I’ll be back to show you what
our finished project looks like. And here
we have it my Darlings! Our Breakfast at
Tiffany’s inspired Dollar Tree lighted
chandelier, or should I say chandelier
2.0 because this is the second one that
we have made together.
But I think we did a wonderful job my
love this came out, or rather, turned out
fantastically as you can see what I did
with our push light was that I put it
underneath our sauce cup so that what it
does is it illuminates the base and that
light carries all the way through the
stem giving our chandelier a nice warm
glow. And as you can see the prisms that
that light is creating you would think
that: “Wow that’s not enough light.” But
really and truly it is. So I think we
nailed this chandelier today my Darlings!
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“Why buy when, you can DIY?” And so until
next time this is Danielle. Please be
well my Loves, take care of yourselves, know that I love you all! And until next
time, bye now!


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