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– I don’t mind the ads. I don’t mind the buffer, but
when the ads buffer I suffer. That’s good. You may be a poet, and not even know it. (upbeat music) Haven’t done a responding
to comments video in quite a long time so I’m excited to see what questions you have for me. I’m going to be tackling health
questions and fun questions. Bee-woop! Cuhleef, your shirt is tight that you look like an intelligent stripper. (laughs) Actually, Rachel
Ray said that to me once. She said I look like a
Chip N Dale’s dancer. Yeah, I like my shirts fitted. You can show off your physique, everything I work for in
the gym, in the kitchen. By the way, I’m vegan right now. It sucks. I mean, I didn’t say anything yet. You’ll see the results in my three-day vegan video coming soon. Matt Kenny, what’s the deal with your presentation at South by South West? How come we didn’t see it? It was actually an awesome presentation. I partnered with Vox Media and 3M talking about the power of silence. I did a whole video
dedicated to the subject. The idea of silence
needs to be incorporated in our lives and 3M is making some amazing strides
in making this happen. Like, they even talked about on stage how they make our commute
quieter so we can have time to ourselves in the car when we’re not being attacked by employees and job duties and social media. I think the brain needs
silence every now and then. Tailor: how tight do you want your shirt? Mike: yes. (laughs) Okay, I do take
my stuff to the tailor. Some stuff, actually this
is fresh out the bag. Out the bag! Y Ella, Ella, Ella. I think that’s a Beyonce song, or no, Rihanna oops. I have a question. I’ve been
getting my period for three weeks straight, is that all right? Ella, that is not all right. There is something abnormal going on. Good reason to talk to your
doctor about your cycle. Questions that you should
be prepared to answer, how long has this been going on? How long do your cycles last regularly? Are they regular? Are they irregular? Are you sexually active? Is it possible that you may be pregnant? If you come ready with all of these questions in mind,
it’ll make for an easier doctor’s visit for you. James stfu, I know what
that stands for James. Yo Mike, I know you’re a Russian spy, bro. I’m watching you. No I’m not, bro because
if you would’ve known I would’ve already ended you. Trust me, not a spy. I like it here much better. Yeah, Mike works hard but
his shirt works harder. What’s with the shirt stuff man? Stop getting on me. Why do you think I wear a tie? It’s because the buttons
are about to say peace. (laughs) Bagofcheetos s, he attack, he’s a snack, but most importantly he got nurses’ back. Damn right I got my nurses’ back. I defend them. Shout out to all the nurses I work with and CMAs cause y’all
don’t get enough love. I don’t know why I’m doing this accent. Maybe because I did that. Proz Kirby, can you do a
vide on premature graying? I need to do that sadly. I don’t know if you can tell, I’m premature graying. I’m in my 20s and I have gray hair. Sad. Sonia, collab with Glam Gore please. This is happening. We have exchanged Twitter messages. I love her content,
it’s super fun to watch. I really want to collab but I do know she’s taking a personal, mental, physical health break from YouTube
which is totally awesome. I support creators in doing this. They know themselves,
they know their limits. Hey Dr. Mike, what’s the correct way to stop a bloody nose? Tilting my head back
and swallowing the blood makes me nausueous, thanks. That is true, Annika. You do not want to tilt your head back because swallowing that
blood will not only make you nauseous, but it can wreck havoc. Wreck havoc? It can wreak havoc on
your digestive system causing diarrhea or constipation. So, what I recommend for my patients to do is to tilt their head forward, pinch at the base of
the nose and if you get something cold there too, that will help because ideally what you want to do is pinch the blood vessels
off so that less blood gets to the area and
therefore you’ll be better. Another little life hack, you could get a nasal spray like one
of those constricting nasal sprays for congestion,
spray one of those bad boys in and it’ll
shrink the blood vessels and therefore you’re going
to have less blood flow and you’ll lose less blood. Peter Olah, hi Mike I’m just wondering what car slash cars do you own? Peter, great questions because
I absolutely love cars. I’m actually driving
my childhood dream car at the moment, an Audi R8 Spider. It’s actually funny to say that because I used to have an
Audi TTS back in the day. I crashed that car because of a spider. I have to tell that story
on my channel at some point. If you’re interested, hit
it below in the comments. Unicorn love, hey doc I feel hard and wet down there even when doing
simple, common things. May I know why? I love your videos. Some of us get attracted
to things and that’s okay. What? Myself times two, what are your thoughts on women choosing female doctors? Do you think it is silly to be shy about seeing male doctors? I don’t want to say it’s
silly because everyone’s entitled to have their own thoughts and anxieties and so forth, but I have spoken to women and recently as you’ll see soon in our collab video, I spoke to Molly Burk. – I don’t even want to think about it. I will actually say I
prefer when men do it. I find that because they
don’t know the feeling. They’ll never know it. They can’t experience it. – So you think they’re extra careful? – They’re more sensitive. – In my practice, we try and instill the fact to our patients
that each of our doctors is well trained and
capable of seeing any sex but if they have a very strong preference we’ll try and accommodate
to the best of our ability. E Cruz, eat a can of
Pringles and go to the sauna. Yeah. I don’t quite get it. I love saunas, though. I’m actually going to
make a Wednesday checkup dedicated to saunas if you’re game. You game? Hit me in the comments. Sauna, me, Pringles. No Pringles, just me, sauna, yeah. Anna Hurn, if you had
to move another country where would you move to? Love your videos, by the way. Thank you. Oh, where would I move? I would like to move somewhere where they speak English as a first language because that will help. I like Australia. I like their climate, it’s warm. There’s lots of sunshine. Pretty isolated, so bad
people can’t get you. I don’t know where I’m going with this. Australia, that’s my answer. Goldenteegenter, is it okay to sleep with a fan pointed at you? I heard it can cause a
stroke of some sorts. This is really good. I don’t recommend having
any kind of cold air blowing on you for an
extended period of time including air conditioner or fan or a window open even
while you’re driving a car. The reason being is if
you overcool a muscle in your neck, let’s say
if the fan’s blowing on your neck all night and you constantly have this cooling sensation on your neck and you’re already
sweating because it’s hot, you’re going to overcool that muscle. You’re going to get less blood flow to the muscle so it’s going to constrict and get really angry. So, when
you wake up and you use it and it spasms on you you’re
going to have a very stiff neck. So, one of the first
questions I ask my patients that come in with a stiff neck is did you just drive for a very long period of time with the windows open, have
the AC blow on you, or a fan? It happens quite often. Beastgirl, do weighted blankets
really help with anxiety? Please like so he can see
I really want to know. Do they treat anxiety, no. I mean, let’s be realistic. If it was that simple, I would just be prescribing anxiety or weighted
blankets to all my patients. I think what I like
about weighted blankets is there’s some kind of innate human feeling of having
something a little heavier on you that the blanket’s not going to jut fly off and it’s warm. Personally, I like heavier blankets even in the summer when it’s hot. I think making claims that they help with medical or mental health
conditions is going too far. Arynickson, I think Dr.
Mike is not named Mike. I’m not. My true name is actually
Mikhail Varshavski. I wonder if people knew that. Luis Herrerra, hi Dr. Mike can you explain the whole man flu phenomenon? Do men experience signs and symptoms worse compared to women? I have heard this somewhere
and there was a study talking about how men complain more about their symptoms or when they have the same exact symptoms say
that it effects them more. Why this happens, I’m not sure. I want to say that men are babies, but I feel like I’m being unfair to men. I would say I have witnessed this. I also will say that men don’t like going to see the doctor so that if they’re coming to see me, something
really must be wrong or a woman in their lives have encouraged them to go see a doctor. Frank Mazzarese, Dr. Mike,
what your blood type? I’m A minus. I don’t know what my blood type is but I think if it should be anything it should be A positive because I’m an A positive student, ha. B positive because I want to be positive. Okay, moving on. David Ivascu, you should do
a collab with James Charles. He would adore you so much, he will probably want to marry you. David, I appreciate the compliment and I’m a fan of James Charles. Him and I have also Dmed. He’s a pretty awesome human for being 19 years old and accomplished everything he’s accomplished, it’s really impressive. Especially being a positive person. Diana Capano, hi Dr. Mike. I’m a recent nursing
school grad and we touched upon the ethical issues of slow codes. What is your personal perspective on the issue and did they
talk about this in med school? Diana, great question. For
those of you who don’t know, slow codes is when someone’s heart stops and they call a code
blue and they essentially are dead and you have to revive them. Slow codes is when you
believe that a patient shouldn’t be revived and the patient or the patient’s family
is making a bad decision where you don’t necessarily do everything you can to revive them
because you don’t think it’s in their best interest. I’m not a fan of this, personally. I think everyone has a
choice in their healthcare and if they choose to make
that choice on their own or they choose to have the
families make that decision I think that’s their right. It’s their prerogative. That’s just my two cents. Question, why do I keep
getting cold sores? Do I know what I can do to make them stop or why I even get them? Well, generally speaking if
you’re getting cold sores you have herpes, it’s herpes simplex. It’s a virus that stays
dormant inside your body unless it breaks out in
a form of a cold sore. Now, if you got one cold sore that means the virus is with you for life and will occasionally pop
out when you’re stressed, when you have a weakened immune system like if you have a virus,
a bacterial infection, and so forth. My recommendation to you would be talking to your doctor about how you can stay as healthy as possible which is focusing on all your lifestyle habits and then if you’re still getting
outbreaks very often you can talk about a medication which is an antiviral medication which prevents this outbreaks and you can take it daily, not just
when you have an outbreak in order to reduce the number of outbreaks that you do get. Dom The Alien, have you seen an increase in patients or people trying to become new patients since you started your channel? I have seen that. It doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. More often what happens is a patient is in a room, I walk in
and they’re so surprised to see me because they
watch the YouTube channel but them reaching out on their own doesn’t happen often and in general I tend to not accept new patients because my patient panel is so full. There’s plenty of great
doctors in my practice that are accepting new patients. I think you’re going to love this playlist that I created just for you. My favorite videos of 2019
so far, click it, click it. Stay happy and healthy. (Lo fi music)


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    What do you recommend for when a patient is being stubborn on not taking meds for conditions such as high blood pressure because of possible misconceptions such as once on the meds they are on it for life. I was informed that if your health improves you can get off meds like these. Is family medical history relevant in these cases?

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  36. I get a bloody nose every like, 3 months. So, yeah. Advise helped a lot. ‘Cause I would always tilt my head and it would make my head hurt. Got one at a park with my summer camp. Yeahhhh

  37. Doctor, i really like spicy food. If the food isn't spicy then i wouldn't have an appetite. But my stomach always hurt the night after and have to sleep in the toilet 😌 what should i do? How is this happen?

  38. Dr Mike, not sure if your going to see this still but here goes.

    Regarding sleeping with a fan / air conditioning / window open:
    I would say that you can benefit a lot from having air movement in your bedroom just make sure it’s not directly pointed at you (ergo blowing over you and ensuring that there is constant supply of drier air so your sweat actually can cool you, not directly cooling yourself with the direct airflow since that would eliminate the bodies ability to regulate temp.

    Regarding nosebleeds:
    If you get these regularly and without direct reason. Especially for they refuse to stop. Go to your doctor and ask them how your blood-clothing values are. There are to many people that have undiagnosed blood clothing abnormalities than is good for them. Knowing means having access to the right tools when you need them. (And no, saying “we bruise easily / bleed easily in the family” is not an excuse. It might be true but ideally there is some underlying cause)
    Any normal bleeding should stop between 10~30 minutes. If not go get help.(it takes about 10 minutes for the clothing to clot together to form a plug, that later will harden and become the clot. )
    If it keeps bleeding it’s either being forced open by some means or something else is wrong. (Ergo time for a doctor to make the diagnoses and not yourself or “the internet”).

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