Do You Need a Breakfast Sandwich Machine? — You Can Do This!

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Today, we’re going to
test one of the unitaskers of all unitaskers, the Hamilton Beach
Breakfast Sandwich Maker. – [Female Narrator] How do you breakfast? I barely have time for coffee. Chocolate doughnut? – [Female Narrator] Now
there’s a better way. The Hamilton Beach
Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Choose your bread, add toppings, and an egg. In just five minutes, breakfast is ready. And today we’re going to test that against something else that’s wild and crazy, a pan, that also makes
breakfast sandwiches. We’re gonna test time,
taste comparison, and price. The first thing we gotta
do is plug this in. Now we’re supposed to
spray down all the rings with non-stick cooking spray. We close the unit, and we’re gonna wait until the green light comes on. Have our ingredients here, which is, an English muffin, a piece of American cheese, an egg, and then some Canadian bacon. Been about a minute, still
waiting for this unit to go. I’d love to making a breakfast sandwich. We’re over two minutes. Maybe this is good in the office. There it is, around three
minutes and ten seconds. We lift these little flaps
up, and on the bottom we’re gonna put the
bottom half of our bread. On top of that, we’re
doing Canadian bacon. And then on top of that, we’re gonna crack an egg, and I guess on top of this, we put our cheese. And then on top of
that, put the other half of the English muffin. And then we close it, and we wait, for four to five minutes. Two minutes, two more to go. Four and a half minutes, we’re gonna slide this disc out. Then we’re gonna lift up all these parts. And there’s your breakfast sandwich. Now, let’s take this same thing, and just make a breakfast sandwich. Non-stick cooking spray goes down. And we’re gonna see how long it takes for this pan to heat up. In about half the time,
our pan’s ready to go. And just like this, I’m
gonna do it all in one pan, so my egg goes in, ham, goes in. We’re about a minute in, got a nice little toast
ring on my English muffins. Also at a minute in, I got some nice color on my ham. The egg I’m just letting sit for now, I can flip that over too but, I like my egg like just like that. At this point I have my
American cheese ready to go. Boom, bottom, toasted. My nicely browned ham goes on top, I’m just gonna throw that in there. The residual heat will take care of it. My egg, goes right on top. This, had about a three minute heat up. This, had a minute and a half heat up. This, four and a half minute cook time. This, two and a half minute cook time. I mean, the egg and
muffin have become one. Now, we gotta wait for this to cool down, so we can clean it. So you take all these
parts off, slips out, and then you gotta go take this to the washer. You gotta clean inside this ring, you gotta clean both of this. Just gotta wipe down this stuff. Listen, I thought this
was gonna stick in there and the egg wasn’t gonna slide out. It worked, it definitely
worked, is it like, is it the platonic ideal of a breakfast sandwich? As Nick Solares would say, no, it is not. But, a breakfast sandwich none the less. I mean it does have that wall of, God that egg gets rubber. So let’s take a bite. It’s an egg sandwich, that’s for sure. Ham’s not great, just because, you got no real color on it, it just felt like it was steamed because it was sitting on top
of the bread the whole time. This weird thing about this egg cooked out around the bread, I mean this egg is, it’s like a rock. Alright, now a regular guy right here. We got some color on the egg, some people hate that. Look at all the crispiness
on the bottom, I like it. And then the ham there. There’s really no comparison here. The color you get on the ham when it gets the brown,
the Maillard reaction, it brings out a deeper flavor of the meat. And I got textures of egg, I also got like, a nice
beautiful yolk, versus the white. Weirdly enough, I actually taste more depth of the English muffin, because it actually browned and toasted. This is a cooked egg sandwich, this is just a heated egg sandwich. So this guy ringing in at 34.99 retail, it takes longer to cook, you don’t get browning action on your meat and/or bread item. And it has a multi-ring clean up. You have to clean it
inside of all these rings and you gotta clean this, versus the same ingredients, a pan, that you already have. This does not save you time. I guess the one move that it saves you, is that little slide out feature because then you just
stacked the sandwich. Should you do this? Not a chance in hell. For unitaskers, and other things that
are basically hogwash, click here. You ever had a warm protea chip, it’s so much better. It’s kind of like, all bread is good, but like warm bread out
of the oven is like. And also, these.


  1. I feel like all he does is show how useless these machines are and i also feel like hes implying that whoever buys these products are stupid…

  2. I don't know… seems more like something I'd have at my store for snacking, than something I'd use for daily breakfast.

  3. I disagree. I have this unit as well, actually I have the 2 sandwich maker version, and it works like a dream. One doesn't have to stay there and babysit a pan and for me, before I had this machine, I never used a one pan method either and I bet you almost no one does. Most people probably use a toaster to toast their English muffins and a separate pan for the eggs and meat.

  4. I feel like he always already thinks the protect he’s testing is inferior before he even tries it. It’s a little annoying honestly. He also never talks about what the product would be good for compared to the “regular” way.

  5. Any Canadians notice that his "Canadian bacon" was actually just ham? That's ham, guys. Not what we would call peameal bacon (or what you'd call Canadian bacon).

  6. Definitely not a fair comparison. I have this machine (actually the double one) and it's so easy to clean… And fast enough for me. It's set it and forget it… Walk away for 5 minutes and it's done! And ya, he assembled it wrong and forgot to poke the egg yolk and didn't add s&p! Tragedy! I like it without meat, or with spinach, whatever. The ability to walk away is the best part, and cleanup is super easy. It is probably my most used machine in my kitchen. Disappointing comparison. I have to laugh though, I have never used any spray on mine… Oops?

  7. i must say, i have one of these and my family uses it 3 times a day. it saves on dishes and is quick and easy and clean. We enjoy it

  8. I have it and it works great! Quick idea let the unit preheat while you get the ingredients together. You also don’t put the cheese on top of the egg. I think he purposely did that so it would turn out all messy. I could tell it was gonna be a negative review as soon as he opened his mouth. Machine works great. I recommend only 4 minutes though and follow the instructions.

  9. I only watch this series because Clifford is HOT AF. Most of these machines are trash. But keep making these vids!!

  10. your missing the point of the all in one, you can walk off and get dressed or something work while your breakfast is cooking, you maintence you don't have to watch it

  11. A riddle for u guys——-
    If the English muffin is from England,The American cheese is from America,and the Canadian bacon is from Canada, Where is the egg from?

    I will edit and put answer later

  12. We have the double Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. I received it as a Christmas gift. Summer came and the Grandkids came over and wanted to use it. They fell in love with it and asked if they could use it to make some extra spending money, by making and selling breakfast sandwiches. I thought to myself,,,"This is going to be a disaster." They sat up a table and ran an extension cord out to the sidewalk in front of my house. At first business was slow, but each morning they came over and they started getting regular customers. They invested in two more machines and kept all three machines busy. I looked up one morning and there was a line of cars a little over a block long. People would use their cell phones to place orders, by the time the customer got up to the table, their order was ready. My youngest grandson, Markie came running in the house and yelled,,,,"Grandpa, customers are wanting coffee where is your coffee maker?" I had to go out and set up the coffee maker and show the kids how to use it, but it was a success. Neighbors would walk over and place orders and end up sitting on our lawn eating breakfast. Over the years their business expanded. They added picnic tables and also have a frozen yogurt machine. My oldest Grandson has used his share of the profits to attend college. He graduated last year. Two of my Grandsons have bought and paid for cars out of their profits. So far we have really liked the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich machine.
    UPDATE,,,,,I have been thinking, I made a mistake, that wasn't my Grandkids that did that, it was McDonald and it wasn't in front of my house,,,,,oh well,,,,have a good day.

  13. Students in dorm rooms and people who have mobility challenges are what this was made for. Maybe not officially.

  14. We have this gadget and bring it with us to Dragon*Con. You don't have much counter space in a hotel room, so this works really well. We don't really use it at any other time though.

  15. I like the egg on the Hamilton Beach maker. However……pour an egg in a mug and microwave it for 40 seconds…and you can get the same egg.

  16. the international ingredients
    English Muffin
    Canadian Bacon
    American Cheese
    and ………egg?
    probably from russia

  17. I have this machine… its not as bad as he makes it seem to be. I like it when I am on the go. I let the thing heat up before I put all the stuff in though.

  18. An even easier way to make your breakfast sandwich is to use a coffee or soup mug and an microwave. If you spray the mug and I pop the yoke and between heating up the ham, toasting the muffin and microwaving the egg you are talking about two minutes maybe three tops depending on how dark you like your muffin toasted.

  19. Leave it preparing while you are getting ready to go to work school or anything… Remember to add salt and pepper…cheese goes on bottom part with bottom layer of muffin…and poke the egg yolk before putting top layer of muffin!!! And Wah Lah!!! Now if you have time to stand in front of stove to prepare breakfast…then Wah Lah!!! But please add some salt on egg 😕😱

  20. I bought the cheaper other brand one on Amazon for $17 and it's awesome. This dude is just a chef hating on an easy home device. If you're a single person or have kids, this thing is great and not even just for breakfast. I find myself making all sorts of snack sandwiches throughout the day and evening with it. If you're a pro, yeah, this thing is stupid. If you're just a regular shmo and need something like this to keep you from going to McDonald's for breakfast, grab it. Your health and wallet will appreciate you.

  21. Was this a hit piece? You guy sweetened the audio of his when he bit in to it. Also he put the cheese on top of the egg. Instructions say to put your toppings and meat on the bottom and just your egg and bun top in the top part.

  22. Terrible misrepresentation of this wonderful breakfast gadget.

    Clean up is a breeze, and nothing this guy did was correct.

    You only need to spray the egg plate. Why would you greese the bun sides?

    Cheese goes on the bun, with meat on top. Then grill plate between the egg and meat.

    There's nothing nuanced or technical in making an egg sandwhich, so this gadget works well.

  23. @Eater: It would be nice if your host could FOLLOW DIRECTIONS from the manual…IDIOT!!

    You’re not representing this product properly!

    I have this machine and 🥰!!!!!

    Stupid host!

  24. I like using the sandwich maker because while it’s preheating and then cooking I am busy making coffee, my lunch and putting up clean dishes from dishwasher that ran the previous night. The beauty of this is you can load it and do other things and not have to concentrate on cooking. It’s not perfect but I love it. He didn’t give an unbiased review, he didn’t try to look at it through other people’s eyes.

  25. Bad review for the sandwich machine. Although I have no problem making my own sandwich, this is a useful gadget, just bad representation.

  26. You have to stand over a pan and monitor the stuff cooking. The Hamilton Beach is set it and forget it. I get dressed while my breakfast is cooking.

  27. This "review" was a waste of time. This should be called "How Not To Operate The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker". Cooking time is around 3 minutes for a well done egg. Makes a great sunny side up or scrambled egg in 2.5 minutes. I'd like to see how the egg in the pan would've looked after 4 minutes. SMH

  28. You'll find this same kind of silliness with these new 'Instant Pot' gadgets. Just buy a real pressure cooker. Cheaper, easier to clean, will last much longer, and gets the job done faster. Did I say "Easier to Clean?" They say you don't necessarily clean an 'Instant Pot' with each use. I probably don't need to wash my fork after each meal either.

  29. I love this machine for making a fast breakfast at work. I have also used it to make pancakes, biscuits, and cookies. It does brown. It is awesome if you don't have a stove.

  30. Thanks for this. I like gadgets but this thing is designed wrong. It cooks the wrong side of the muffins. It's ridiculous.

  31. Couple of mistakes in this you did

    1st, You need to put all the ingredients at the bottom besides the egg "Bottom of Muffin, Meats, Bacon and Cheese" Then the middle/top is Egg and Top part of the muffin. That's most likely why it didn't come out that great plug you left it sitting.

    2nd, You coated everything with spray which you didn't need to at all. That is why it took almost double the time to heat up.

    3rd, You left it sitting there while you took the unit apart and cooked your other sandwich. You could have done both at the same time.

  32. I use this quote a bit, i just do some extra steps. While it preheating i toast the muffin in a toaster. I layer it differently so its better, and there is no need to clean it every time since its just oil getting on it. Cheers

  33. Hey Roy! You read the directions? Your meat must be cooked first and the egg yoke has to be pierced . Also, the cheese does not go the top of the egg, goes under the meat. The manufacturer should make you do this over again. AND – today! You pay less than $39 for a double cooker.
    Score: D +.

  34. Well I definitely had one, a few years ago I found myself kitchen-less and staying in an hotel with expensive room service so I got this and a mini steamer and yes I was happy with those results compared to an overpriced breakfast but thanks for your review 🥂👩🏽‍💻

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