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[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hello guys, it’s
Brooklyn and Bailey. And we are here to
show you guys how to make vibrant colors
for Easter eggs. Because I know that
like, usually when you use those like,
little tablet things. Yeah, the little circle
ones that like fizz a lot. -Yeah, the colorful ones. -They like, the eggs come
out really pastely color. And so we found a way, I’m sure
everyone else knows about this, but it’s with vinegar and
it makes the eggs super vibrant for Easter and
that’s exactly what we want. -Bright, colorful, and happy. -So we’re going to show you guys
today had how to make those. -To start off we’re
going to be showing you guys all of the
ingredients and like, tools we need to make the eggs
the brilliant color shade, whatever we want them to be. So the very first thing we
have is this big old jug of white vinegar. -And it reeks to high heaven. -Smells to high heaven. Any kind of vinegar
smells to high heaven. -But it’s vinegar, so. -Yeah. -It’s required so you’re
going to have to get some. Next we have a bowl
full of boiled eggs. Before you want
to dye your eggs, you kind of have to boil them. -Hard boil them. -Hard boil them. -But if you guys don’t
know how to do that, we’ll leave a description of how
to do that in the description box below. Twice. So. -Yeah, there you go. And then we have these little
Easter egg cup-looking things. -I don’t know. We got them from
like, Walmart, right? Walmart? -I think, yeah. -OK, yeah. We got them from
Walmart but I don’t think these are like,
required to dye the eggs. -No. I think they’re just like,
handy little color-coded– -Yeah, so you can
use whatever cups– -Bowls. -Are available. -Yes. -And you can use
a wonderful spoon, which I’m pretty
sure everyone has. Yeah. -Everyone has a spoon. -You should have a spoon. It’s pretty self explanatory. And then we have
the McCormick dyes. You need assorted, all the
primary colors, and neon colors as well. And last but not least
is our muffin tin, which we will be using
to dry our vibrant eggs. -I don’t think it
was the last one. You also need– -Oh yeah. -Boiling water, which is
over there on the stove. If you can see it. It’s boiling currently. -Yes. -So, that is the
last ingredient. To start off we have laid
out seven different trays for all seven of our colors. And you’re going to
want to begin– oh, we forgot to mention that you’re
going to need some measuring spoons and you’re going to
want the one tablespoon one, because that’s what
we’ll be using. And for every little
tray you’re going to want to put two
tablespoons in. -Of white vinegar. -Of this stuff,
this stinky stuff. -The stinky stuff. Yeah, so we’re going to pour– -Good think I have a cold. I can’t smell it. -Same here. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Now that all of our
water is finished boiling, we’re going to take the
boiling water, very carefully, and pour about one
cup, more or less, we just need the egg to be
covered so it will be equal– -Fully submerged. -Of color on the egg. So make sure you very
carefully doing this. We’re going to take
one cup, more or less. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Now, this is the part
we get to teach you guys because everything up until now
is pretty basic, pretty normal. -Yup. -Now we get to teach you guys
how and what to add to make the colors– -Magic. -To brew the colors. -The very vibrant
colors for the eggs. So to begin, I’m going to
be making the color magenta and I’m going to need 10
drops of my neon pink. Give me a second. OK, got it. Finally. OK, so 10 drops of my neon pink. And then I’m also going to need
two drops of my neon purple. So I’ll start doing
that and Brooklyn will explain our next color. -Our next color is going
to be yellow over here on the very end. And to create yellow you need
15 drops of your yellow food coloring and two neon
greens, which are over here. -Almost done with mine. One, two. And don’t panic if you’re not
writing any of these like, recipes down because
all the instructions will be in the
description box below. So there you go. OK, the next color
I will be making will be my, let’s see, blue. OK, so for my blue, I need
six drops of my neon blue dye and one drop of my
normal blue dye. So I will start that. -And while she
starts that, I’ll be creating a normal
purple over here. And for that you need
two drops of neon blue. Oh, Bailey is using that. I’ll wait for a second. -There you go. -All right, we need
two drops of neon blue and we also need five neon pink. Where did that go? Oh, over here. Is this one neon pink? -Yup. -All right. This one. -Okey dokey. So while she does that, I’m
going to be making our red. So for our red it’s going to
be 10 drops of neon pink, which she’s just finishing up with. One drop of neon purple and
two drops of our normal red. So we’ll go ahead and do that. -OK. Now I’ll be creating
an orange over here. For orange you need 20
drops of yellow and five of red, which is
over here currently. And I’ll drop that in. -Okey dokey. So now our red is finished. Onto our green. And this one is one
of my favorites. We will be taking 20
drops of neon green, which I have right here. Oh, here it is. Got it. And then we will also be doing
two drops of our neon blue, right here. And one drop of
our normal green. Got it. -So focused on counting on
how many drops there are. Can’t talk or else
I’ll lose track. -Couple more. -There we go. Voila. -We have made our magical
Easter egg potions. Now we’ve got to take our spoon,
which currently is over here. Let me grab it a second. Oh, OK, OK. And take the spoon
and stir the water. Sorry. Now we’re going to be
taking our boiled eggs and putting them in our soon
and submerging them directly into the dyes. You want to try to do it
as gently as possible. And in case they’re not like,
fully submerged in the dye, you can always add a little
bit more boiling water. So we’re going to put
all of our eggs in here. Like so. -Mhm. -You use a spoon
because otherwise you would get your fingers
in it and then that would turn you neon
colors instead of the egg. -Happy Easter. -And I’m pretty sure
you’d smell like vinegar, which would not be happy. -No. -That would not
be a happy Easter. -That stuff really smells bad. OK, almost done. -I think all of ours are
submerged pretty well. -Perfecto. So for all of our
eggs, you’re going to be leaving them in for
10 minutes except for yellow and orange. Those need to be left in
to submerge for 15 minutes. And for every
single one of these, you have to flip them
halfway through their time. -So you turn them on
the opposite side. -So for all the
10-minute ones, you need to flip them
five minutes in. And for the 15-minute
one, you need to flip them like,
seven minutes in. -Yeah. -OK. -That’s right. -So we will wait
for them to finish. -OK. Now it’s time to
flip your eggs over. And to do this,
you’re just going to want to ease your
spoon in and take the egg and flip it over on
its side, other side, so that it can dye
properly, evenly. So it can have nice,
pretty, neon, bright colors. -Finally we are ready to
take our eggs out of the dye and set them in the
muffin tins to dry. And we will show you how to do
this very slowly because it’s kind of like, important
the way you position them. So first you’re going to
take your egg into your spoon and pull it out. And don’t be afraid to
like, touch it and hold it a little bit, as
long as you’re OK with you know,
having pink or blue or whatever color it
is on your fingers. And then take your egg and set
it upright into your muffin tin, trying to get as little
as the bottom of the egg touching the muffin
tin as possible. So it’s OK if it’s
leaning against the side. -And then we start
on the next one. Try to get all that off so
I don’t stain the next egg. Look how pretty these
colors are turning out. [WHISTLES] -I like that blue. -Very pretty. -Thank you, thank you so
much for watching this video. We hope you enjoyed our
vibrant rainbow eggs and I hope they make your guys’
Easter happy and colorful and– -Sparkly and rainbow. -Joyous. Everything happy. -Guys, we had the best
idea the other day, right? We had the best idea– -Yeah. -The other day. Twin brainstorming here. -Yes. Twin epathy-thing. I don’t remember
what its called. Anyways, we had a great
idea the other day because we keep getting
mail from you guys in the PO BOX, which is amazing
and we love to see all those. But we were hoping
that we would be able to do like a
PO Box haul thing– -In the near future
for one of our videos. -So if you guys want
to be like, you guys want to be one of
the ones that’s picked to use in our
PO Box haul and you would be featured
on our channel, then go ahead and
send some mail. I guess. -You can give us crafts,
pictures, drawings. Whatever else. -You want to send
letters, I mean. -I don’t know. Whatever you want to– -Whatever you think is cool. -Yes, exactly. -Yes, exactly. -So send us that. -So the PO Box address
thing will be right here. -Up in the little corner. -And in the
description box below. -So check it out. -I think that’s all. So, I think we’re done. Bye guys. -Bye. -See you next week. Bye. Oh wait, happy Easter. OK, bye. -Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Wow, new beds. -Oh. -Yay. Brooklyn, Brooklyn. [WHISTLES] -Bailey’s having a lot
more fun in there then– [CRYING] [LAUGHING] -Oh, come on. -Brooklyn. Yay. Let them just both stand up. See if they can do it like that. Brooklyn. [LAUGHTER] -She goes, no way. I’m out of here.

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