DIY Pizza For Dogs!

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– What’s up guys? Today we’re gonna be making
a DIY dog friendly pizza. Sky and Kakoa here are gonna help me put together the ingredients,
so let’s get started. First we’re gonna start off with one cup of whole wheat flour. You can also use things like coconut flour or regular flour is also fine for dogs, but usually coconut flour,
wheat flour is better. Next we’re gonna add
one teaspoon of parsley and one teaspoon of oregano. It’s really gonna give that pizza, Italian flavor to the dough. We’re gonna mix up the, oh, Kakoa! We’re gonna mix up all
of the dry ingredients, and once you get that mixed up good you’re gonna create a
little well in the middle, and that will be it for
the dry ingredients. Next, we’re gonna do the wet
ingredients for the dough. It’s gonna be one egg. (laughs) And we’re gonna whisk that up. No, guys. All right, so once we
got the egg whisked up we’re gonna add it in to
one cup of the coconut milk and mix that together. They’re so excited to eat this pizza. Now you’re gonna bring
your dry ingredients back and slowly pour the wet ingredients into the middle of that well. (Italian music) No, Kakoa. Sit back down. Thank you. All right, so our dough seems
to be a little bit too wet, so I’m just gonna add a little
bit more of the wheat flour to try and thicken the dough up more. And be easier to handle and roll out. All right, so once you get that dough to a pretty nice consistency, we’re gonna try and roll
it out on the rolling pin. This step might be a little
bit easier without the dogs, ’cause I already know that
they’re gonna be a hassle trying to do this. So we’re gonna transfer
this dough onto the rolling area, and it’s still a little bit wet, so you’re gonna wanna kinda make sure there’s enough flour on it to where it’s not gonna stick on the rolling pin. And then we’ll just
roll this out to a nice, even layer. A bit sticky, that’s all right, just add a little bit more flour. And then we’re gonna
transfer this onto the pan and set it to the side
to get ready for baking. All right, now we got that
cleaned up a little bit. Time for the fun part. So for the sauce, we boiled
sweet potato, we mash it up, I put a little bit of
the coconut milk in there and red food coloring, all natural, and then we just mixed it together like a sweet potato mashed potato. So I’m going to let each dog try, and we’ll cut this pizza in half. Kakoa will have her half of everything she decides she likes, and then Sky will have her
half of what she likes. So first, let’s see if Sky likes it. No, the spoon! She loves it. I think both the dogs are, ’cause they’re trying to
get it out of my hand. Kakoa. Like it? Okay, we’re gonna put
it on the whole pizza. And just a thin layer is fine. Just a substitute of the sauce. All right, now that we got
the sauce on the pizza, we’re gonna try out all the toppings. First, we did ground turkey, and we just fried it up on the stove. Kakoa, do you want ground turkey? I think so. What about you, Sky? All right, we’re gonna have ground turkey on the whole pizza. All right. Now for green bell peppers. They’ve never had these before, so, Sky! (laughs) No! Sky, here, do you want a bell pepper? She looks like she likes it. I was a little nervous about
these, ’cause they smell spicy. Kakoa? It looks like she likes it too, so we’ll put green bell
peppers, do you like it? Do you like it? Okay, Kakoa doesn’t like it. We’ll just put it on Sky’s half. And then we’re doing carrots as a little substitute for pepperonis. I already, oops! I already know that Sky loves carrots. And Kakoa loves ’em. We’ll just put those on there. All right, and now I’m
really intrigued to see if the dogs are gonna
like this, it’s sardines. Oh! There’s a little bit of, they’re canned in water, and the water just spilled out of the can, and they’re going crazy. Sky, Sky’s moving on to the pizza. (laughs) Let’s see if they
actually like the sardine, and not just the water. Oh, this is so weird. (laughs) Sky loves it. Kakoa? Okay. We’re gonna put little pieces
of sardine all over the pizza. All right, and then the last step, we’re gonna do mozzarella cheese. I already know the dogs love cheese, so we’re just gonna sprinkle
that all over the pizza. And we’re gonna preheat
the oven to 400 degrees and bake this in the oven for 30 minutes or until the cheese and the
crust is crispy and brown. All right, so here’s a
closer look at the pizza. I know the dogs are
super excited to try it, so let’s get it in the oven. So here is the finished product. You guys ready? You gonna eat your pizza? One piece for Kakoa, with no bell peppers. And then a piece for Sky
with all the yummy toppings. All right, let’s go to the table, guys! Oh, wow. (laughs) Not wastin’ a minute, eating that pizza. It seems that they
really like the toppings. Oh, Kakoa’s goin’ for Sky’s. There you go Sky, good job. Kakoa’s not a fan of the bread. All right, thanks for watching, guys! Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more DIY treat videos for the dogs. I know they loved filming that video, huh? (laughs) Thanks for watching!


  1. I was finna say she bet not put that shit back on the pizza and my dog would never put his mouth on shit I'm cooking

  2. I absolutely loved this video and the girls were great with helping you make the pizza. My only comment would be to cook the pizza in a square pan and cut the pizza in small squares so that it fits in their mouth more easily. Great video!! Yummy pizza!!

  3. This is just an observation lol but seems to me that the way dogs get carried away with food is the same way they get carried away with sex lol

  4. Looks nice! I think the the dogs are happy with the love and delicous things you give to him.

  5. I love sky and kakaoa❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. This is a whole new genre of Youtube content. Cooking with dogs around. I laughed so hard!! Gordon Ramsey, couple of dogs and a few cameras and you have some pretty good content.

  7. How can you be so Patient with those 2 " helping" you all the time…Even when you Dont need help lmao.I would have smashed somthing there from anger.loll

  8. My go to channel. Hilarious😂 watching the dogs reaction while you do recipes. This should be on the big screen networks.

  9. It looks like it would have been easier if you let the dogs do the show themselves. And yiu can be their assistant. Lol

  10. My Husky loves the crunchy edge crust with just mozzarella (no sauce, no other toppings) on it, so that's how I get my pizza, now. We share. 😉

  11. I think so that this pizza was not for the dogs they got only two pieces to eat, where was the remaining part… 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣

  12. Life lesson: if you won't wait you will get wheat flour only. if you wait for some time you will get a delicious Pizza.

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