Diet Plan for Patients of Anemia – Anemia Diet Chart

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Diet Plan for Patients of Anemia – Anemia Diet Chart according to the w-h-o a majority of the
one point six two billion people affected by anemia or women and young
children the most common cause for anemia is iron deficiency due to a poor
diet a hemoglobin count of anything less than six milligrams indicates anemia
anemia can’t affect anyone yet women are more likely to suffer from the condition iron deficiency is a common problem
faced by women especially by pregnant women and women who have heavy menstrual
periods consuming wholesome and nutritious foods to replace lost iron
content can greatly help to prevent anemia spinach is probably the best
superfood to prevent anemia eeep has a high vitamin iron and fiber
content 1/2 bowl of spinach can make up for about 20% of the daily iron
requirement for a woman the high iron content in red meat makes
it an excellent source of nutrition for anemic women dates are popular for increasing iron
levels in the body dates have high iron content and are very useful to prevent
anemia eating a handful of dates everyday is advisable to fight anemia whole-grain bread contains about 6% of
the daily iron requirement for a woman switch processed white bread for
whole-grain bread to improve your body’s iron levels these are the best source
for protein and can help recover nutrient loss caused during anemia it is
advisable to eat a boiled egg every day to prevent anemia daddy fish and some varieties of
shellfish contain high levels of iron eating fish a couple of times a week can
prevent anemia pomegranate is a great source of vitamin C and iron it improves
blood circulation and helps prevent tiredness and dizziness add these best foots or anemic women in
your diet to ensure that you can be free from any sort of problem causing due to
anemia deficiency Diet Plan for Patients of Anemia – Anemia Diet Chart

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