Diabetes Foods to Avoid | Diabetes Foods to Eat | Diet chart for Type 2 Diabetic Patient

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Diabetes Diet Tips
Do not indulge in fasting or feasting. Diabetic patient should not fast even for a day. If
a meal is missed, do not bring it over to the next meal.
Take timely meals. Check your weight every month.
If you feel faint while taking medicines / Insulin go to your doctor, immediately.
Do not take any kind of broth, porridge, or gruel items.
Instead of fried food or vegetables, consume boiled food or vegetables combinations like
‘kootu’, Avial etc. Avoid root vegetables. (tubers) except radish. Carbo – hydrates found
in these foods digest faster, causing higher levels of blood sugar.
Ragi is preferable to rice and maida Divide the three time meal you take, into
6 times. Do not over eat. Use less salt.
While choosing a diet, consider parameters like your weight, height and choose the diet
that is suitable to you. Consult your doctor and formulate a proper diet regimen.
Include a lot of vegetables If the blood sugar level is normal small quantity
of anyone fruit can be taken daily

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