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today I am here with the recipe of dhido dhido is one of the main recipe of our country Nepal. If you haven’t tried it, try it as soon as possible. this is yummy. so, let’s get started with the ingredients. I took flour of buck wheat. you can use: wheat, millet or corn flour too. water salt ghee heat the pan and add ghee I added 2 spoon ghee when ghee starts to melt, coat the pan with ghee by stirring. it doesn’t let flour to stick. after ghee is melted properly, add water. I am making this for 2 people. if you are making it for more than 2 people Add salt and mix well. boil the water when water starts to boil, we will start making dhido. at first, add small amount of flour if done like this, it will be easier to make dhido and doesn’t get clogged. heat must be medium. after stirring a bit, add more flour. stir it again while stirring it becomes thick after some moment, add more flour stir it well while cooking this is non-stick pan which makes it easier to cook it. use non-stick pan for easiness. cook it for 20 minutes in medium heat while stirring the more you stir it, the better it becomes. do it as shown above while cooking dhido, hand’s work out is done. this is healthy food because it contains protien. while stirring it, it becomes thick. after 20 minutes, cover it and cook it for more 5 minutes. I am opening it after 5 minutes. our dhido is cooked. stir it once again our dhido is ready, you can serve it in your own way. I served it like this. this is our dhido and ghee on top. spinach chicken meat gram lentil (chana dal) red spicy pickle green chilli and lemon I already made the recipe of these items in previous video. you can make dhido like this and enjoy it with your friends and family what did you feel about our video? support us by liking, commenting and subscribing to our channel. i will return with more and more recipe like this, till then happy cooking.


  1. Since i left Nepal, i couldnt have this delicious meal very often cuz i dont know how to cook very well, but now i will give it a try as you taught. Thanks a lot BUT
    who are these idiots to dis like this delicious receipe. Dont worry, haters gonna hate , you keep on posting beautiful receipe like these. keep the energy on sis.

  2. जोरदान बाट हेर्दै छु गाउँमा खाने बनी सरै यद पो अयो धन्यवाद दिदी हजुरलाई✌

  3. माउरीनै लागेको छैन र घिउ हालेर त थाहा भएन र हामी त पानीमा थोरै पिठो हालेर उमालेर अिन पिठो हालदै मसकाउदै माउरी लगाएर पकाउछौ अिन पो मिठो हुनछ त 🌶🌶🌶🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🌹🌹🌹🌹🤗🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🌹🇳🇵🌹🇳🇵🌺🌺🌺

  4. त्यति ढिडाेत म यक्लै खाइदिन्छु।हाहाहाहाहा।मन पर्याे है।

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  6. लौ अचम्म! पहिलो पटक देखियो ढिंडोमा नुन हालेको अनी पकाएको तरीका पनी !

  7. one of my foreign friend ask me wht is your national food
    i said Dhido but i cant explain
    your video help me ..😜

  8. ढिडो बनाउदा नुन र घ्यु चाहिँ हाल्नु पर्दैन ल सुध्द ढिडोमा मलाई नि थाहा छ। म नि ढिडो खाएर हुर्केको मान्छे त्यसैले त होला ढिडो जस्तै छ अनुहार नि 😅

  9. Hajur ko boli ekdam mitho xa boli le nai man gitna naknu hunxa.i love yummy food word hajur ko boli le harda nai yeo channel man parxa.

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