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Hey everyone, its Natasha of and today we’re making a
homemade baklava. Find out why this is
one of the most popular recipes for
baklava online. It has the perfect
balance of sweetness, with the lemon
countering the honey. It is amazing,
definitely a reader favorite and you all
are gonna love it.
I always start with the syrup because it
needs time to cool. Combine 3/4 cup water,
1 cup sugar, 1/2 a cup of honey and 2
tablespoons of lemon juice. Bring that to
a boil and once the sugar melts, reduce
the heat and simmer for 4 minutes. Take
it off the heat and set it aside.
Finely chop 1 pound of walnuts or pulse
them 10 times in a food processor. Add 1
TSP of cinnamon and stir to combine. I
have a 1 pound box of store-bought
phyllo dough. Thaw according to package
instructions then leave it at room
temperature for 1 hour before working
with the dough. Trim the dough to fit
your baking pan. Now you’ll need a damp
but not wet kitchen towel to keep the
pastry covered at all times because it
can dry out quickly. Butter your baking
pan then start layering your first 10
pastry sheets, buttering each one as it
goes into the pan.
Also now’s a great time to preheat your
oven to 325˚F. I’ll be
the first to admit, buttering the sheets
is a little tedious but it’s still worth
it in the end.
Once the first 10 sheets are in, sprinkle
3/4 cup of your nut mixture evenly over
the top.
Now add five more phyllo sheets,
buttering each one, then 3/4 cup of nut
mixture and repeat that process of five
sheets and nuts
four times. Finally we top it with our
last 10 sheets of phyllo dough, again
buttering each one.
cut the baklava into four rows, then
slice diagonally, to create beautiful
diamond shaped pieces. Bake these in the
center of your oven at 325˚F for an hour and 15 minutes.
Just as soon as the baklava is out of
the oven, spoon your cooled syrup over
the hot pastry. It will sizzle as it
absorbs the syrup. Now it’s important to
let the baklava sit for four to six
hours or overnight at room temperature
for the syrup to penetrate and soften
the layers. The baklava has had a chance
to rest and now the taste test, so many
options. I found that you can’t go wrong
picking the biggest slice so there we go.
Layer after layer of nutty goodness…
That’s what I’m talking about. Okay and
you kind of eat this like a cookie and
when you’re serving it for a crowd, it
looks beautiful if you drizzle the top
with chocolate and sprinkle on more nuts.
Ah, here we go.
Mmm… I love that this is staring back at
Hmm! I am a very happy girl right now. You
can really taste the honey in this but
it’s perfectly balanced with the fresh
lemon juice and it’s surprisingly moist.
You guys are going to love this recipe.
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