Dessert: Easy Mini Pavlovas – Homemade Meringues Recipe

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  1. Hi Natasha thank you so much I was so nervous to make these but they came out great😙 will you please do a recipe for scones, your recipes are flop proof😉

  2. Hi Natasha!
    I made the other day and they came out super delicious but not as presentable as yours.
    They were slightly brownish not white. Is there is a reason for it?

  3. Hi Natasha, your Pavlova looks so good. May I know if I make them in advance, meaning pipe the cream and deco with fruits, keep them in fridge, will it turn soggy next day?

  4. Natashen'ka, what would be the best way to store these desserts when making them a day ahead, do you have any recommendations? Thank you in advance…love from California!

  5. Hi Natasha I have a question, could you or anybody help…. I tried MIni Pavlovas twice yesterday but the result was the same both times – they did not stay in the shape just kind of melted… Is there any special trick? I beated the egg whites with sugar for 10 min.

  6. I did try bake the pavlovas but it turn brown n burn very fast at the top:( Is it bcoz temperature was to high?i set at 225 degree celscious

  7. Hi, I made the Pavlova's and they look really good, however inside they're hollow n airy, why do u think that has happened? @natasha

  8. It's my first time, First thank for the recipe, second, how can I make the meringue not brown and stay natural white meringue

  9. Hello maam Natasha i just want to ask u f u dont mind.f i make this night before.the whip cream and Pavlova are going to be watery f we are not eating directly.thanks

  10. Sweetie, i made this today, so good and i gain 3 more girlfriend. Thank you so much. I will make Cream cheese Danos tomorrow and hopefully i will gain 3 more girlfriend. Thanks so much again.

  11. Hi Natasha…. may i know if the sugar used.. does it matter if its caster sugar or icing sugar… also is the pavlova suppose to be completely stone hard out side n inside? cos my pavlova base was stuck to my baking paper. and the outside is still soft…. i'm not sure what went wrong…

  12. I love pavlova but have a couple of issues with it when I bake it. The main issue is that it sometimes turns out all spongy, not crispy on the outside. Don't know where I go wrong. The second issue is concerning the colour of the Pavlova, it doesn't turn out as white as yours. My oven is fan assisted and in centigrade. I preheat the oven on 140 C and bring it down to 130 C when I bake the pavlova. Would really appreciate it if you can give me some suggestions to overcome these issues. Thanks

  13. Hi Natasha! I tried them, but my Pavlova's sunk and spread while piping even though my meringue was perfect (i.e it passed the litmus test of holding the bowl upside down without it dripping). What do you think went wrong ??? 🙁

  14. I baked meringue and they turn out perfect but the problem is they are sticking together if i dont cover it

  15. Thanks a lot for the tip of not over whipping my whipped cream /s
    You really need to include all those important tips so that us beginners dont make mistakes and get discourage

  16. Hi Natasha, can I ask if is posibble to not add sugar and how long you whisk egg whites? Cca 5 min or more?

  17. Made this today, followed the recipe to a T, only difference is that I added the sugar to the cream while beating it, sprinkled pistachio on top and put a caramel lace decoration for prettier pictures. It's amazing! The meringue is absolutely perfect, exactly what it should be, the sugar to whites ratio is spot on. Thank you for the recipe, Natasha, I'll definitely be making them again!

  18. Yum 👍 when Im feeling like something sweet and low fat I make this.I never use sugar in creme though its rich enough as is ..😊

  19. Made this today and it came out amazing! Baked it for a little longer because I wanted the whole thing crispy and didn't want a marshmallow centre

  20. Love your pavlova making, you are so cute, happy and excited! I love making pavlovas, they're little adorable cakes that doesn't take all day to make. Happy baking!!

  21. I have never had this, but I want to try, it seems simple enough, and they are so pretty with the different colored berries 😀

  22. Hey there Im a great fan of pavies…after watchin you…Im goin to make it as much as I can til I can recall it off the cuff…you make it look too easy….but it is right?…all my thanks to you…much appreciated….love from the isles of Fiji.

  23. Hi natasha , watching other tutorials they always say the leave the pavlovas in the oven over night but you took them out after a few minutes, is there a different in taste or texture when u leave them to sit over night

  24. Natasha, this looks so delicious!! Have you tried this with reduced sugar? We are a family that want to reduce sugar intake. And wo dering if this is possible with this desert?

  25. Hi Natasha! I want to make these recipe sooo much …thank you for uploading this!
    I have a question regarding pavlovas… without stuffing fruits and cream on top of pavlova will watermelon sorbet work? Will it be good ? Is fruits better or sorbet better ?
    Pls answer to this question and iam a big fan of u😊😊😊😊

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