DAY 3 INTO KETOSIS | KETO GROCERY HAUL!!! | Perfect Grilled Steak!

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hey guys so it’s time for lunch I
already had my bulletproof coffee and my
water with lemon and apple cider vinegar
and I’m just gonna enjoy my lunch now
I thought it’s gonna be like eggy
no I do enjoy yeah
I’m kind of trying to overcome my
carbohydrates binging I’m like very
addictive to the breath and I’ll pass
the kind of stuff so this is a good
replacement so I edit my calories into
my micro tracker I’m using chronometer
and it’s roughly 500 calories so I think
that’s pretty good for brunch after I
finish that we gonna get ready and hit
the store we’re gonna take you with us
and show you our keto whores I promised
I already print out my list and my list
of minnows I’m gonna be making next week
so I think it’s really essential that
you plan your meals ahead of time I
always make a one week meal plan so I
can count my macros ahead of time and I
get the groceries just the one I need
and this time this way you actually make
almost no room for making mistakes and
reaching out for unhealthy food not only
that you will not reach out for bad food
because you’re not gonna buy one when
you have your list but you also don’t
overspend and also if you’re living in
an RV like we do and you have a tiny
fridge you really don’t have a space for
another food there so it’s killing two
birds with one stone so I just wanted to
show you what kind of recipes I came up
with to make next week so this is some
of the ideas baked you I’m gonna bake
whole chicken and then make like three
at meals with it excellent was Anja just
tell me I want to do ball so I think
guys next three is gonna be really and
and so you should definitely consider to
subscribe to my channel that you don’t
miss those recipes and this is the food
shopping list I make based on those
recipes so all these ingredients I’m
gonna need well I can read it so don’t
worry I know I don’t have really the
prettiest handwriting that will do let’s
go shopping
Vicki challenging for tiny people work
so first we’re gonna hate Starbucks we
have some work to do we want to be like
to chill there on the weekends for a
little bit and then we’re gonna hate
how’s your day going today so far so
good it’s beautiful – ha ha it’s like
Britney Spears hot kind of gross
my favorite store
so yeah guys we told you that it was so
beautiful today right it’s bad look at
it now
still beautiful day babe huh
okay guys so there’s our grocery haul
for keto diet so we got some cucumbers
here I’m gonna make eggplant lasagna
tomatoes of course some abakada for good
fats some mushrooms
on the ends I got heavy whipping cream
this marinara sauce and has seven
carbohydrates but for fibers so it’s not
let me add this triple test first things
I’m asperger’s this whipping cream this
whipping cream actually has a less than
gram of sugar and one gram of
carbohydrate for two tablespoons I’m
gonna use it with this very I’m gonna
heat them up a little bit in the
microwave and top it with it as a
dessert thing I have sour cream I have a
brie cheese I have a German chick I love
those they are really creamy delicious
what’s cream cheese which I’m gonna have
with salami then we get to carry goat
butter mozzarella for some pita bread
coconut oil some broccoli spinach and to
dozens of eggs some black first and for
sandwiches and for cucumber boats then I
get some chicken sausage it and then Rob
wanted a steak
then I got some ground turkey for when
I’m making ex-in-laws Anya then I get
some bacon and then some salami is which
we like just wrap with crackers and I
like to put some spreadable cream cheese
and just like a snack and then as we
showed you the chicken thighs we really
don’t need them right now but there was
a great price on them so we took them
and the whole chicken what’s for dinner
babe well I sent my husband for ground
beef and he brought me this huge top
sirloin steak so I
switching up in a plan and I’m gonna
marinade some steak for the barbecue
well we might not marinate because it
seems like I just can’t get into this
snake without get damn it hurry these
scissors yeah I promise you that’s the
scissors fault there’s nothing to do
with my hair color are you kidding me
like seriously these scissors go into
the garbage I’m gonna marinate it but
I’m gonna keep one piece inside for like
stir-fry or something so because we
can’t eat all of that I’m gonna marinate
it with some little olive oil some
little soy sauce ground black pepper and
salt will come when it’s actually done
because we want to keep all the juices
in the meat
we’re gonna put it in the fridge for
about three hours so just give it a
little rest and keep it marinating and
we’re gonna finish the grocery shopping
and then I’m gonna prepare probably some
asparagus put it in some other veggies
we’ll see so we still need to pick a
couple things they didn’t have zucchini
and they didn’t have ricotta cheese for
my eggplant lasagna so we still have to
get Walmart but so far we spent around
$100 which is normal for us for the
one-week grocery shopping and we’re
still gonna have a lot of leftovers
there is a lot of meat which we
definitely not gonna eat in one week so
I think we did pretty good I just fixed
nice little snag so I’ll show you what
I’m having
I just made some of the genuine salami
and I spread some little cream cheese
inside and roll it up into like these
cute little rolls so I’m gonna have one
and half servings of that that’s roughly
200 calories and I’m gonna have a half
of a bag pickle with it okay guys we’re
back we finally finished all the food
shopping and I wanted to show you I got
myself a little treat
YUM I like those they’re so amazing I
really never thought in my life I’m
gonna be eating a pigskin but I love it
so in a second I’m gonna start the
barbecue and show you what kind of great
dinner are we gonna have
so I cook the asparagus with butter and
a little lemon I put some salt and
pepper on em just very easy put it in
the oil you really tightened it up and
put it on a grill for about five minutes
and then it’s just ready and
what he’s doing Wow
I left the camp but every time I leave
the house on the camper
I gotta spray my celebrate this toxins
because I have the sweetest blood so if
you ever end up camping with me but you
don’t have to worry because all the Vox
they’re gonna eat me somewhat right
through the pants you’re gonna cook the
steak I’m gonna try medium medium rare
so I’m gonna be shooting for the one
hundred forty forty five temperature
inside guess where I was there I just
shoot anyone care bro that bread should
be around 450 even 500 Fahrenheit but
you want to take the steak out of the
fridge about 20 minutes before you start
cooking it just to let it rest at room
temperature limit lay two minutes each
there are these guys perfectly cook say
oh yeah okay guys so I think the dinner
went very well it looks beautiful and it
tastes even better I’m probably gonna
have a little dessert because I’m around
thousand calories which is a little low
so I’m gonna eat this dessert and we’re
gonna chill you see we’re gonna you know
play video games or watch some sort of
show on TV and hit the BET and I’ll see
you tomorrow
what you doing Missy give me the ball


  1. Hey Guys! Day 3 getting into Ketosis! Today I will show you my KETO GROCERY HAUL and Teach you how to grill the Perfect STEAK! I hope you you will find these Keto recipes helpful and will come back for more 🙂

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