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today we are making a classic and much loved Indian meal – dal chawal or lentil and rice ingredients and quantities needed for the dal, tempering, and rice are listed separately in the description box this is a quick to make combination dish which can be prepared quickly if you are working, are a student who makes meals by himself or need a quick meal then this dish is the perfect choice for you we will prepare the dal or pigeon peas now in a pressure cooker put the presoaked arhar, toor or pigeon peas. these have washed well, then presoaked in water for 30 minutes & the water removed put in the water chopped tomato, salt & turmeric powder now close the pressure cooker keep the heat on high and let it come to the first whistle then put off the heat there is the whistle. put off the heat and allow the pressure to ease down while the pressure cooker is cooling down we will prepare the tempering for the dal keep a wok on medium heat. put the desi ghee & let it melt once the ghee melts reduce heat to low add the mustard seeds and cumin seeds and let them crackle for 15-20 seconds then add the chopped onion and saute until it turns light pink. keep heat around medium lower/raise the heat as needed when the onions are done put in the ground garlic cloves, the whole red chillies, curry leaves and saute until the onion & garlic turn brown the tadka is done. add the red chilli powder & coriander powder stir until the onion garlic masala turns a shade darker open the cooker as soon as the pressure subsides the dal is soft and the tadka is ready as well pour the dal in the tadka mix well and keep heat around medium the dal needs to be cooked until the water and dal combine and it thickens as well heat is on medium now but after a while reduce it to low medium put in the garam masala and mix it in. let the dal cook. keep stirring in between while the dal is cooking prepare the rice keep a wok on another burner and add the presoaked rice the water has been removed add water. water is always double the quantity of rice also put in the salt and oil keep the heat on high and let the water come to a boil. stir a few times the addition of oil will prevent the rice from clumping together also, keep stirring the dal from time to time to ensure it does scorch once the water comes to a boil reduce heat to low & cover rice with a lid. check back after 10 minutes add a little cilantro in the dal now after 10 minutes the rice is done. the water has dried up. we did check the rice after about 8 minutes you can see the rice grains are not sticking to one another put off the heat, cover the rice and let sit for 5 minutes in case there is still some moisture in the rice this will help dry it out after 5 minutes the rice and the dal are both ready to be served you can see that the dal has thickened and the water and dal have combined nicely put off the heat and serve the dal chawal it took about 50 minutes to prepare the complete dish – dal & chawal here is dal chawal a healthy and complete meal do try it and give your feedback this is a quick to make dish you can try anytime if you like the dish please share our video & subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon so you do not miss our new video notifications. thanks for watching


  1. A simple to make, classic and much loved Indian meal which can be prepared quickly. If you are working, are a student who needs to cook as well, need to make a meal quickly or just love dal chawal, then this recipe is for you. Try it and give your feedback.

  2. Hello Rajan & Pammi! Thank you for the great recipe! Perfect for my son who will need to cook for himself this summer! Just a question…. I bought black cardamon and wanted to grow my own in the garden…but the ones I bought at Pioneer Street in Artesia … won't sprout. Just wondering if there is a cooking process to dry the seeds out and therefore won't sprout??? Many thanks! Blessings!.

  3. Dal chawal recipe.. Great.. Superb nd a healthy food.. This is so good to taste nd easy to make..
    Thank you for sharing this recipe with us..
    Yummy nd mouth watering recipe of dal chawal.. Really good to watch the recipe..
    Keep uploading nd keep sharing..

  4. It helped me lot because u actually told how to cook rice and dal simultaneously.. I really needed this thanks a lot 🙂

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