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Today I am here with the main dish of Nepalese people. “Rice, Pulse and Curry”
I have shown recipe of every dish above in this video

I am adding oil in a heated pan
when oil starts to heat we will add Fenugreek seed
dry red chilly
after some moment add onion
add turmeric and mix well
when onion turns golden brown, we will add potatoes
this is raw potato
stir it and mix well
Cauliflower cooks fast so, we will add it later
when potatoes are half cooked we will add cauliflower
add some spring onion
ginger garlic paste
salt as per taste
cumin powder
add red chilly powder and mix well
all spices are well coated
Now, we will add hot water and tomato & mix it well
we will cook this at least for 10 minutes
I am opening it after 10 minutes
WOW! look at it.
Our curry is ready
some coriander leaves at last
Our potato,cauliflower curry is done
I will ready meat now
I took chicken
I am adding oil in a hot pan
After oil heats add whole spices
finely chopped onion
long cut green chilly
our spices are well fried
Now we will add chicken and fry it
cook chicken very well
it is golden brown from one side, flip them and cook until they are golden brown from every side
when meat is fried well, add spring onion
red chilly powder
coriander powder
add ginger garlic paste and mix well
we will stir it and cook it for two minutes
after 1-2 minutes add tomato puree
If you don’t have tomato puree cut tomatoes into small pieces and add it
Now cover it and cook it for 12 minute in medium heat
I am opening it after 12 minutes
Our meat is completely cooked
I am adding coriander leaves to garnish it
Our meat is ready
jimbu added black lentil (Allium hypsistum Stearn)
I have already heated pressure cooker, I am adding water now
add water
cook it only when rinsed well
add some onion for great flavour
salt as per taste
close the lid and cook it until 4 whistle
4 whistle has gone
leave it until it cools
open it after cooled
I will stir it and show you
Our lentil is cooked very well
If you don’t like thick lentil add water as you like
I am keeping it aside
Now we will give it a Nepali twist
After pan is heated add 2 spoon ghee
now add cumin and jimbu in this hot ghee
It will be very tasty
when it is fried well add It to the lentil and mix
Our lentil is ready now
Now, I will show you how to make bitter gourd pickle
Add oil in a heated pan
while making bitter gourd, we add more oil
At first, mustard seed
add bittergourd
stir it and fry for some moment
we should fry it until it is golden brown from both sides
It is fried well from both sides
now we will add long cut onion, fried and grounded sesame seed
red chilly flakes
add Nepalese hog plum
add salt and mix well
when added all spices cook it in medium heat for 2 minutes
It has been 2 minutes. Now, Our bitter gourd pickle is ready.
now we will make spinach
I am adding oil in a heated pan
after oil is heated add mustard
fenugreek seed
red dried chilly
long cut ginger
finely chopped onion
finely chopped tomato
when all ingredients are fried we will add spinach
I am adding spinach when all ingredients are fried
spinach will shrink while cooking, that is why I have not cut it into smaller pieces
stir it slowly and cook it
spinach is almost ready, now we will add our spices
At first, Asant
When Asant is added our spinach will be tasty.
add salt as per your taste and mix well
our spinach is ready
Now, I will cook rice
I am cooking rice in a rice cooker
I am taking basmati rice, you can take any rice you want
after adding hot water stir it
I am adding ghee for extra flavour
stir it after adding ghee
Now I am putting it inside rice cooker
turn on rice cooker and let it cook the rice
when rice is cooked it indicates warm, then our rice will be ready
Our rice is also ready

I have finished all items, I will show you how I served it
I served like this
this is boiled egg
lemon pickle
red hot tomato pickle
bittergourd pickle
cucumber, radish,carrot,lemon and green chilly
chicken meat
potato,cauliflower curry
jimbu added black lentil

now you can make it at home and enjoy it with you friends and family
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I will return with more and more yummy recipe like this. till then happy cooking.


  1. Yummy looks missing home badly …love your voice I need saleroti video with tht think pan how we cook

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  3. looks delicious but everybody please try to use less oil when you are using non sticky fry pan. Specially you do not need to use oil for meat coz when you fry it then the fats will substitute the oil.Get the cooking idea from this video but think of your health too.

  4. Best Food Channel with English subtitles provided. Really thankful for the efforts put into all the contents created.
    Subscriber and follower.
    Love from Nepali in Abroad.

  5. malai ta herdai khamkham bhaisakyo ra mukh bata pani aai sakyo. Ma jastai kas kas lai bhako xa talako button thichnus ta

  6. DD khasi ko rakti pakau ne video banau nu na nepali style maa banau ne video youtube maa kasai le banako xaina rexa aaja samma

  7. Only one reason I like your video De,Bec your kitchen is so clean.
    Absolutely love the way you explain.

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