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Hello friends welcome to the World’s first
youtube cooking show from a Village. I am Nikunj Vasoya and today I am going to show
you a very special and very interesting Gujarati Style fast food which belongs to the Kutch
region of Gujarat, it is really very and delicious, I love it very much, you can find it at every
street of Gujarat and people just love to eat it, it is known as Dabeli, there are two
kinds of Dabeli one is Normal and other is Kutchhi Dabeli, Kutchhi Dabeli is more famous
than the other Dabeli because original Dabeli is belongs to Kutch, so let’s have a look
at Ingredients one by one. For Kuchhi Dabeli you will need 250 gm of
Boiled Potatoes, I have Roughly Chopped it, 4 Bread which is known as Pav, it’s an Indian
Bread look at the shape it is very popular in India, it is also served with Vada Pav
and Pav Bhaji, here I have whole Dry Spices like 15 Clause, 15 Pepper Corns and 1 Small
Stick of cinnamon, some Freshly Chopped Coriander Leaves, around 50 gm Graded Coconut, around
50 gm of Masala Pea Nuts, this Pea Nuts have lots of Masala in it, it is a little Sour,
Sweet and Spicy, half tsp of Garam Masala, 2 tsp of Sugar, Lemon Juice of 1 Lemon, 1
tsp of Red Chili Powder, half tsp of Garlic and Ginger Paste, Salt to taste and around
2-3 tbsp of Oil. I have been Travelling since for last 2 years
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First a fall I am going to heat the Oil, I am heating around 1.5 tbsp of Oil, I am going
to make Powder of whole Dry Spices in Mortar and Spacer, see you have to make the Powder
like this, I want to tell you one thing that whenever you are making Dabeli you always
make this Masala Fresh and I recommend you not to Serve this Masala in Freeze because
if you make this fresh then it will give the good taste and very great Aroma so it is really
really very good to make it every time whenever you are making Dabeli, now our Oil has get
heated so I am going to put the Garlic and Ginger Paste into it, put Potato in it, 2
tsp of Sugar, 1 tsp of Red Chili Powder, Salt according to the taste, Garam Masala, stir
this very well, in Dabeli you have to make the Mixture Spicy so you can have the nice
taste of all the Masala because Bread usually don’t have any Flavors so you have to make
the masala Spicy, now I am adding our home made Masala, and just around 1 tbsp of Water
so we can make nice Paste from it, you have to Mash your Potatoes like this so everything
should combined nicely, usually in Dabeli we have this kind of Masala only, we don’t
need any big Chunks of Potatoes, you have to cook your Masala at low heat so nothing
get Burnt and you can have nice Flavor of all the Spices, turn the heat off, it is ready,
you have to keep Mashing until all the things combined nicely, now Sprinkle Graded Coconut
on it and some Fresh Coriander Leaves, see it’s should be look like this, see the consistency
there is no big Chunks of Potatoes so everything get mixed nicely, so this is ready and I am
going to take it out in a bowl. Our Potato Mixture is ready so now it is the
time to Stuff the Dabeli, take a Pav cut it from a corner to other end like this, make
little big space for filling the Potato Mixture or Spicy Masala into the Pav, with the help
of Spoon fill the mixture into the Pav like this way, gently press it so it gets stuck
to Pav nicely, and some Masala Pea Nut on it, so it is ready run the knife on every
side so the it get’s seal from all the side. After filling the Mixture into the Pav, now
I am going to heat the oil in the same Pan in which we made the Potato Mixture, I am
heating around 1.5 tbsp of Oil, spread it equally, you can also Roast the Dabeli in
Butter but I recommend you to make it in Oil because it will give more Flavor than the
Butter, usually in the Street Food Shop they Roast it with Oil only, so it gives good Flavor
and it gives good Aroma of Masala in it, our Oil is ready so I am going to Roast it, spread
the oil equally into the Pan and you have to keep the heat very low so you can Roast
it perfectly, you have to roast it at low heat so it can made Crispy, after Roasting
it for 20-30 sec on one side I am turning the side, again put some Oil if you need and
Roast another part same way, see it has started becoming Crispy, I wish you can Smell what
I am smelling right now, it is really really very good, you can have the same Fragrant
in Gujarat streets when you pass through the streets, it is one of the most popular fast
food of Gujarat so people just love it and also they make this at home also, so this
is perfectly Roasted, when you see the little Burnt spot on it turn the heat off.
Now it is the time to serve very special and one of the very popular Gujarati fast food
Dabeli Kutchhi Dabeli, you can serve this with any kind of Chutney that you have, I
am serving this with Tomato Ketchup because usually we have Tomato Ketchup at Home, so
we don’t have to make any other Chutneys, put some drop of Tomato Ketchup like this,
this is just a decorating part, you can serve it in a bowl.
This is it my very simple, easy and delicious Kutchhi Dabeli is ready to serve, it is
Smelling so good and looking very Crispy from
outside, it is really very good in taste and you can get the nice Aroma of all the Dry
Spices, it’s giving the same taste as you get in any Street Food Shop, it is little
Spicy but perfect for the Gujarati people, you can add the Red Chili Powder according
to your taste but it is perfect for us, it is the perfect Combination of Crunchy Bread
and very Soft Masala and Crunchy and Spicy Masala Pea Nuts, so all together makes the
Dabeli very special, it is really very good and we Gujarati people love it.
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