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Hello friends!
Greetings! My name is Jhuma.
I grew-up in Kolkata.
I have completed my entire education in Kolkata.
After marriage, for my husband’s employment purposes,
I relocated to overseas.
I think you have already guessed, which country I live in?
Absolutely right! Singapore.
Geographically, Singapore is a small country.
But the country is very beautiful as in picture.
Currently, in South East Asia,
it is one of the famous tourist destination.
From Kolkata, four hours flight time to Singapore.
Like me, many migrant Bengalis are reside here.
Last 13 years, together with my husband
and with my son I reside here.
Basically, I like…
listening music,
reading novel and the most I like cooking.
I love cooking
and chatting with friends.
After marriage, when I came to Singapore.
I really don’t know much cooking.
However, I need to cook, then
I started reading cooking books.
That’s how I learnt and start cooking
as well as stated experiments with cooking.
How and when I started love cooking
that I didn’t realized myself.
Since then…I learnt cooking.
Currently, I can cook very well
that my friends says.
Now, my son grow-up.
He goes to upper primary school
so I had some spare time
for myself…
I was thinking how to utilize the free time for myself
Then I was thinking…
Like me, who relocated overseas after wedding.
How they can organize their everyday household works
and cook delicious native foods
which foods they missed at the current place?
In addition, I am also worried
about the quality of food served at restaurants in Kolkata.
Frequently, I listen that
how they compromise with the quality of food.
Keeping that in-mind,
thinking that, if we are
able to cook restaurant quality food at home.
How about it?
I think, it will be awesome idea!
Is it?
How about our traditional Bengali foods?
We are almost forgetting those cuisines.
If we are
able to bring those foods in our everyday menu?
That’s not a bad idea!
I keep thinking about all these things…
Then I thought!
Why not I just start
my own cooking channel?
And, my channel name is
On every Friday,
I will upload a cooking recipe
and you can see that.
I am hopeful that
you will like my cooking recipes.
And, if you like my recipes
then please like the video
and share with your friends.
Next year January, my channel will launch.
Hopeful that
the new year will be prosperous for everyone.
Keeping that hope, I am leaving you here.
Again, new year will be prosperous for everyone…
See you in the new year.

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