Croque Madame: The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

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Fried chicken asks:
what is my favorite breakfast sandwich?
And the answer of course is Croque Madame
Now this mostly takes place on the stove top,
so come on over here.
So first thing’s first. We’re going to make a roux, because we need to make a béchamel .
So melt equal parts butter and flour until toasted and golden brown.
And then slowly add milk until you get a nice, thick béchamel.
We’re gonna season that with a little bit of kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, and a little bit of freshly grated nutmeg.
Then we’re going to put that aside while we cut up the bread.
First, I’ve got to pay the cameraman real quick.
There you go.
You did good.
Going to cut nice, thin slices of our rustic loaf.
Then we’re going to brush it with melted butter.
And then toast it in the pan.
We’re going to pile it high with ham.
Toast it well on one side – flip – make sure it’s toasted evenly.
Then put on a broiler pan.
We’re going to open it back up, add a whole bunch of grated gruyere.
Close it back down and then pour our béchamel over top.
How pretty is that? Look at that.
Then we’re going to throw it under the broiler for a few minutes.
And while we’re doing that we’re going to make a couple eggs to put over the top.
It wouldn’t be croque madame without it.
Look at those.
Then we place our eggs over top.
And as soon as we get a couple pretty shots of it — we eat it!

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