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Today we’ll be cooking Crispy Pork belly
this is “chicharon” like “lechon kawali”
these are the ingredients we need for this dish
pork belly or “liempo”
dried bay leaves
whole pepper corn
and salt
we’ll also be using water, and cooking oil
and here are the complete list of our ingredients with their measurement
Are you ready? Let’s start cooking!
first is to tenderize pork belly
so put water on a cooking pot and let it boil
once boiling, put salt
It’s important to add salt when boiling because it would take long to boil if salt is added right away
salt decreases temperature
now add whole pepper corn
then add “dahon ng laurel” or dried bay leaves right away
this adds flavor to our pork belly
speaking of which, add pork belly one at a time
boil until tender
It’s important to tenderize this so this would be crispy later
cover then let this boil
let this boil for 60 minutes or one hour under medium heat
after an hour, remove “liempo”
transfer on a clean plate
cool it down
keep water
this may serve as pork stock for Adobo or Nilaga
remove whole pepper corn and dried bay leaves from the pork if necessary
once pork cooled, get a toothpick then poke the top part
get a durable and pointy toothpick
poke each top of the pork belly
this helps in making our final product better
this will give that pop corn like finish, as if there were bubbles on it
just to be clear, this step is just optional
for aesthetic or presentation purposes only
even without this step, we could still have our pork belly crispy
since I’ve started this, I will now poke every pork belly we have
now we will remove pork bones inside our “liempo”
usually “liempo” comes with bones in it
so if it happens, remove by slicing the “liempo” so when this cooks, this would give that “chicharon” like texture
this removed bones could be fried or mixed into other dishes
but for this recipe, we won’t need it any longer
and then slice “liempo” in the middle
so it would be thinner
I’m doing this for our meat to be more crunchy
continue this step to remaining pork belly we have
and then season with salt
spread and make sure all surface are exposed in a flat surface then salt
season with salt then rub
It is important to salt this part of the pork belly
flip it over and season the other side with salt
follow the same procedure, salt this side then rub
It’s important that it is on a flat surface
because excess salt could be use to salt the top part of the “liempo”
pick up everything using the top of the “liempo”
so that our pork belly is salted evenly
so as nothing is wasted
after putting salt, we are now ready to air dry this
so what does air dry means
get a wire rack then arrange salted “liempo” on it
we will just this dry and wire rack is used so that both surface is dried out
there are different methods of doing this
we may just leave this for 3 to 4 hours then you may fry this
the fastest way to do this for me is to put in in front of a fan
doing allows me to just leave this for an hour
then you may fry it
but if you’re from a tropical country, you may have this sun dried
make to cover this with a screen or a mesh so flies won’t be after this
after an hour in front of a pan, this is now our liempo
this is now almost dry
but the inside is still moist
so there’s still a tendency for splashed cooking oil so be very careful
heat cooking oil in a cooking pot
now this is ready
we may now deep fry our “liempo”
put pork belly one at a time
do not over crowd, put only about 5 – 6 pieces at a time
fry this by batch
cook until golden brown then flip afterwards
so we could cook the other side
let’s cover this for a moment so we could avoid flairing oil, I’ll also be getting Splatter Screen
this is now the Splatter Screen and replace it with the pan cover
this is better to use than using the cover of the pot itself
using the cover of the pot alone traps the steam from the pork
it turns into liquid and drips back to the cooking oil
using a splatter screen allows the steam to escape while cooking
no water drips so there’s no flairing oil
so now I could cook this without covering it
because the moisture from the pork already escaped
and as you may notice, we have achieved what we wanted, the skin part of the pork is now pop corn like
that is the purpose of poking it with toothpick
if you wanted a finish product like this, follow the steps I did
continue cooking until crispy
you will also notice that this turns into golden brown
then remove one a time from the pot
now that this is ready remove this one a time
then put on a wire rack to drain
continue cooking the second batch of “liempo”
follow the same procedue
I will just transfer to to a serving plate then prepare our spicy vinegar for our dip
this is now our Crispy Pork Belly Chicharon
Let’s eat!
OK, this is now our Crispy Pork Belly Chicharon
for sure every bite is is crispy, and it’s more delicious with spicy vinegar dip
let’s have a taste
I’m craving
here goes spicy vinegar
more chili makes this so delicious because its spicy
as you can see the skin bubbled
I will now have a bite
this is so crispy
and this is so tasty because we tenderized this with whole pepper corn and dried bay leaves, then salted
even without a dip, this is already so tasty
this is good as “ulam” (food paired with rice) or chopped into pieces as “pansahog” (meat for other recipe)
this could also be “pampulutan” (food paired with alcohol drink)
It depends on you how you’d prefer having this
hear that, so crunchy
Mmm~ this is so great!
what we’ve made is a very delicious dish
“lechon kawali”‘ good as a main dish and “chicharon” at the same time
this is really crunchy
so I hope you try this recipe
you won’t regret trying this
just follow the same exact procedure we’ve done for best results
OK? For me this is a great recipe
and for you guys who’s always tunned in, thank you very much!
and I hope you learn something new today
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  1. matagal n ako n nunuod mg mga vedio m ngaun Lang ako nag comment .n gustohan k Yung mga luto m..simula p nung Hindi m pinapakita yung mukha m

  2. Sarap nyan lalo na may beer….Ingat lang yung may hypertension at baka masobrahan sa sarap ng kinain he he he Nice and Well explained Chef Vanjo….Cheers

  3. Sir sarap nang luto mong chicharon,kahit highblood ako kakain pa rin ako niyan magluto ako ng ganyan sundin ko ang recipe.,God bless you.

  4. tinry ko mag luto na hindi na pinatuyo yung baboy.. masarap naman pero parang newyear dito sa bahay .
    daming tumatalsik na oil…
    happyNew year in advance

  5. Watching from saudi arabia.. mag 4years n po ako dito kaya mag 4 years ndin ako silent viewer mo po at pag uwi ko itry ko yun mga recipe mo po very much thank you po

  6. Sarap…dami kong natutunang recipe hnd kase ako marunong magluto dito lng ako natotu magluto thank u sir

  7. Just bought pork belly. Try ur receipe as soon. If i had not watched you cooking in the beginning i thought you were eating prawn crakers. So tempting. Craving for it. Salamat po

  8. The Chinese have been cooking "Chicharon" for thousands of years in Asia. When the Spanish got to the Philippines and tasted it, they took the recipe to Spain and got so popular. Then they conquered the Americas but there were no pigs, so they introduced pigs and the Mexicans made the world crave for it.

  9. You should never leave pork at room temperature longer than 20 minutes. Because bacteria will form. It can make you sick or even kill you. TALAGA! be careful ❤

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