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Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen it is our second video recipe for you today in our mug month. Hello my virgin
kitchen I thought about breakfast in a mug, that would be cool. That is right folks we
have done a breakfast in a mug and not just any mug, we have done it in a lionel Richie
‘hello is it me you are looking for’ mug or ‘is it tea you are looking for’ you
know that song, you get that first line and then you are like *pretends to know words*
anyone else do that? If you want to make this hit pause on the video when I ching this mug
like this, ok hit pause write these ingredients down, I am using an 800 watt microwave for
your information, lets do it. First thing you want to do is grab your Lionel
Richie mug or equivalent and add in your sunflower oil so about a teaspoon of that going in there,
follow up by chucking in the baby sausages and mushrooms, they are washed button ones
that I have quartered up, then give a mix through until coated well. What you want to
do then is plonk that mug into a microwave and give it a blast for a full minute.
As I said at the start of the video that is an 800 watt microwave if you are using a slightly
more powerful one you may wish to put the time down a bit. The next thing to add in
is our smoked bacon cut into tiny squares, and also some black pudding which is optional
you do not have to go down the black pudding route if you do not want to. Chuck that in
there little stir again and whack in the microwave for another minute blasting it should start
to smell amazing, Bostons nose was doing crazy things he was excited.
Next up add in the chopped cherry tomatoes adding a season of pepper if you wish, or
some herbs if feeling flashy, then add in the baked beans. Cover the mug in cling film
and pierce with a fork. Place in the microwave initially for a minute, I did that and gave
it another 30 seconds just because of the power of my microwave, so adjust to your liking,
the mug will be very hot once at this stage so take out carefully when ready peel back
the cling film give a little stir to bring ingredients to the top and serving it alongside
some toast I made in the toaster although I could make microwave bread toast I guess,
it is looking absolutely amazing, tasting gorgeous too, so that is it then guys, if
you have any other idea recipes for mug month let me know down below or send me a video
request to my old email address I will not reply to you but it is [email protected]
do a landscape video saying hey could you make this etc, and I will put you in the video,
check out my last video, and that is it then guys cheers for all the mug love and I will
see you next time you mugs, crazy mugs


  1. what you doing barry? where's the fried egg?? could have made microwave scrabble egg?? tuttut Mr Barry tuttut indeed.. Love ya vids m8 keep them coming 🙂

  2. reminds me of an upmarket version of those god awful tins of hunger breaks all day breakfasts, this is obviously far superior of course lol

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