Congee with pickled mustard plant stem and plum blossom pastries, a home-cooked breakfast|Liziqi

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Mustard Plant
Grandma, it’s really cold!
My hands are freezing
Watch out the fire
Plum pastry
Careful, it’s hot
Try this plum pastry. It’s very crispy


  1. Hello..
    I really love the way you live..
    I want to come to your place and meet with you..
    I want to learn cooking from you..

  2. Absolutey most incredible nature shoots include in this Mind-blowing video. One of her most important ingredientes, are love & time.

  3. The scenes in this video are by far in one of the top 5 for her videos. I love the shot of her in a red coat walking among the trees from far away.

  4. Hi liziqi am Indian my name is vaishnavi you are so beautiful and you are vedio nice and recipes name please and food name because your country other

  5. Im so jealous to your country you have a snow
    Right here in the philippines no snow no winter.only summer and rainy day🙄😏

  6. She making pastry, turn into a painting, I'm making instant noodles, turn into a mess, that's it, the left over pizza is mine 🍕👈😌


  8. i wait every day for a new video.
    peace always 7

    我每天都在等待新的视频。 永远和平7

    Wǒ měitiān dū zài děngdài xīn de shìpín. Yǒngyuǎn hépíng 7

  9. I have a question!
    Who does the cleanup of 🏠, barn, who does the laundry, who cleans vessels after cooking n meals?
    When does she gets time to do all this?

  10. she is the most beautiful woman in china, beautiful in various characteristics … she's like a woman in a fairy tale …

  11. Could anyone please tell me what ingredients she added on the mustard stem. I can only figure out the sesame seed, soy sauce, chilli paste in oil

  12. Everything he does is very nice, but I don't like that he is very sharp with his pets, his puppies. and I have seen many videos of you, but I never see a caress or an act of affection for your dogs, they always greet you, they accompany you everywhere, when you arrive they are happy, but you always take them off the side as it happens in this video. I don't like this about you … 😏😏
    🐶🐶👈💕💕💕💕Love for ever

  13. You grandmother has played a very big role in your life . What you are today all credit goes to her . Made in heaven the place grandmum and you. A girl with so much skills for everything stitching cooking so yummy food making desserts farming etc you are really amazing

  14. Как же тебя зовут?даже в России у тебя есть фанаты.молодец!я в восторге , много раз пересматриваю твои видео.

  15. If she could just put that little dog who desperately wanted her attention and let him sit on her laps while warming her hands. That would be more in tune with nature!

    Yes, her channels are all about the natural world and am very impressed! Thank you for all the goods things that you shares!

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