Colleges Building Community: Healthy Food Fest 5

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College Building Communities addresses some
of the most pressing healthcare challenges
in our communities.
We need students to help take on these challenges
and create solutions for them.
Healthcare’s a team-based sport.
You don’t have just clinicians, doctors,
nurses, physician assistants working on healthcare challenges.
You need economists, anthropologists, sociologists,
social workers – all coming together.
These students have to learn how to work in
teams – cross-functional, multidisciplinary teams.
Health Food Fest is a great example of when
students form teams.
The students created this event themselves.
Now, they had some help from the faculty and
staff in the graduate school, which is wonderful,
but this was their idea.
We’ll have nutrition tables, we’ll have tables
about health and well-being, we’ll have nurses
taking blood pressure and doing all sorts
of things with the students.
So this will become fun for the children and
their families who are coming to this.
And again a student-driven initiative based
upon our challenge of relieving food insecurity
and nutrition challenges in the community.
And the community becomes the learning ecosystem
– that’s a big deal, that’s cool.
Ultimately, we’ll create a greater whole,
which would be a healthier community, we’ll
create the healthcare workforce of the future and
we’ll ensure that we’re in a desirable place
for people to be.

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