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Kind of satisfying
Did you all hear that no
My almond butter is gassy.
Very functional but hilarious to watch come out.
Today we’re gonna talk about something very serious…
I love using collagen in a lot of different ways. I put it in my smoothies,
I put it in my chia seed pudding, but people are not sure how to use it,
what types to use,
so I’m gonna give you a little rundown.
I’ve used a couple of different kinds and I know what I like what I’m looking for.
I want the hair, the skin, the nails…
I want to look like a baby. Forever.
So, if I need to bathe in this or ingest all of it, I will do that.
This also helps with your gut, with your joints, gives it a little boost.
Probably the one you maybe see most often is this Great Lakes.
Neocell. I really like this one.
The thing about the Thrive grass-fed collagen peptides,
they come in these little guys! You can pop it in your purse, add it to your coffee.
Down it. I don’t know. But these are just easy for traveling or, you know,
when you need your collagen fix as we all do.
So Great Lakes, Neocell, and the grass-fed Thrive brand,
They’re all bovine, which is cow. There’s also marine and there’s also chicken, so there’s different options.
You can put in coffee. It really is tasteless.
Today I’m going to show you how to make two recipes with collagen, starting with my matcha latte.
This is one of my favorite recipes because it tastes like a milkshake. I’m not even kidding.
You get the antioxidants and the boost of energy from the matcha.
You get the collagen so you feel better, you feel like you’re doing something healthy.
You may have seen matcha lattes at Starbucks.
I’ve been making these for a long time. I’m not gonna say that I’ve made it first,
but I’ve been making them for a long time and it’s also, it’s cheaper just to make it at your house,
and you can control how much sweetener you put in it.
I like to use maple syrup. You could use honey, you can do stevia, you can use Swerve, whatever you like.
And it’s also paleo.
It’s paleo.
Start with some almond milk, unsweetened. If you have homemade, that’s great, too.
Vanilla extract. You know what it kind of reminds me of?
A shamrock shake at McDonald’s. It’s naturally green from the matcha.
I’m not even kidding.This tastes like a milkshake.
And it does bring a lot of boys to the yard, and I’m always like, it’s better than yours.
You know what? I mean?
Maple syrup, as much or as little as you like.
Now to the collagen.
So I like to do one scoop, which I think is the recommended
suggested serving size.
And then I have some matcha.
I like this one from Thrive because it’s a little more mellow. It’s not so bitter.
So add about a teaspoon to a teaspoon and a half.
There is caffeine in here.
And it turns it this pretty green color!
Let’s blend it up.
You may be wondering why I’m making this in a blender.
I want to make sure the collagen and the matcha are fully combined and there’s no lumps of anything.
Do I have a mustache? I mean, besides my regular mustache?
It’s light, it’s creamy. I already feel amped to do so many things on this matcha.
My hair, I feel like just grew five inches.
My nails are so strong. Thank you, collagen!
I hope you make this, it’s delicious. But onto our next recipe, which is fudge. Chocolate. Fudge.
Second collagen recipe I’m using some grass-fed collagen peptides and to start it off. I’m using organic coconut oil
It’s a new tea but it comes in these handy little packages these little pouches
Which I like and I have this pouch as well less carbon miles less carbon footprint if you’re into that thing
Which I think we all should be. Alright coconut oil. I need about 1/2 of a cup. Oh
That coming out with ease
And then I have almond butter
You can use whatever nut butter you like if you like cashew or you like
peanuts sunflower
There’s so many different kinds I’m using almond. I need 3/4 of a cup. Oh
Come on almond butter is your time to shine
I’d like to do the coconut oil first because it just helps the almond butter come out a little smoother a little quicker
need 1/2 a cup of cacao powder
And then I need 3 scoops of collagen
Whatever collagen you’re using. They’re all different. The serving is always different. So just do a little research and see what one you’re using
What how it makes sense to put it in the recipe if that makes sense a little vanilla extract. I
Always think it’s kind of weird when you put vanilla in chocolate, but it just enhances the flavors and just brings out the chocolate enos
Maple syrup you need about three tablespoons
Because the cacao powder can be a little bitter. So you want to add some sweetness. This is fudge
it’s supposed to be a dessert a
little decadent pinch of salt
Then I have some chopped roasted almonds
It should come together pretty easily oh
It smells so good
So I have a cake pan overlapped with parchment so when it’s ready I can just lift up the parchment pour this baby in
Just want to push the fudge out to the corners so it’s one even
flat layer
Few more almonds for the top
Just a pinch of flaked sea salt I love chocolate and salt I just think they should always be together
Alright this is ready to go. I’m gonna pop it in the fridge for a couple hours
So it hardens and we can cut it up. So I’ve taken my fudge out of the cake pan, and it’s hardened up
My god back from it a few minutes should I try it little bites of chocolate?
Nutty but I think it’s a good
guilt-free ish dessert that has
Collagen in it if you like these recipes if you enjoy this video
Please subscribe and comment. Tell me what you’d like to do with collagen. How you like to use it?
I want to know all about that and you can find all the products that I used to thrive
Slash prep school and you can also find the recipe below all the good news below. Thanks for watching
Is it good or bad you go
Nothing like a green almond owed my stash


  1. I really don’t like matcha.

    What’s with all the squeeze pouches? Are they really more environmentally friendly then a glass jar? It’s incredible difficult for me to squeeze those pouches because of my arthritis.

  2. The speaker’s antics are annoying, not cute. They detract from the content. May appeal to some but definitely not to me.

  3. I love how easy it is to add my collagen to my diet since it's tasteless, but I get so much nutrition from it. I usually like the flavored kind in my coffee, but I haven't tried Thrive's flavored. I do love the unflavored from Thrive!!!!

  4. I’ve been using unflavored Thrive market collagen peptides in my smoothies and coffee for at least 6 months now, and I love it!! It adds high quality protein without changing the flavor of my drinks, plies the added benefits of gut, skin, and hair health! I just ordered the chocolate flavor and can’t wait to try it – especially because it’s sweetened with monk fruit instead of stevia!

  5. I love the vanilla flavor. It was so delicious and made me nails super strong and grow really fast!

  6. Oh man, can’t wait to try to the freezer fudge!! I love that collagen peptides are good for your hair and gut!

  7. Collagen peptides are great for skin, nail, and hair health, provide optimal building blocks for joint tissues (ligaments, capsules, etc.), and are loaded with glycine (balancing out the methionine intake). It’s a huge for anyone who puts a lot of stress on their body. When you can’t regularly get high amounts of collagen from whole foods (bone broth, bone in fish, “nose to tail” foods, etc.) collagen powder supplementarion is the way to go.

  8. I have recently been looking into taking collagen and just bought some to start trying. Thank you for sharing this info!

  9. I use the Thrive brand collagen in my morning smoothies. I like that it doesn’t change the flavor. Definitely looking forward to trying it in fudge and inspired to add it to other treats. IG: kelind74

  10. I love everything Collagen! It really has made a great difference in regard to my gut! I loved the explanations of the products! I would love to try any of these!

  11. I just received my Thrive order with my Matcha! Can't wait to try out the Matcha Latte with it plus Collagen! Gimme it all!

  12. I like the unflavored one. I put it in my matcha latte every morning and it has been a game changer!!! I used to have a ton of hair loss after having babies. No more hair loss and I also have stronger nails too. Can’t live without now!

  13. I love how easily the collagen dissolves into any liquid. I've never tired it in matcha but I can't wait to try it!

  14. I love this video because of how charming Chef Megan is! I lol every time i watch this. My favorite is when she takes a sip and goes “I mean…” she’s v relatable. In other news…. PICK ME!!

  15. I’ll definitely try your fudge recipe. I mainly use collagen in smoothies and hot chocolate but want to bake with it sometimes. Thanks for the recipes and giveaway. ✌🏻🍫❤️

  16. I love collagen to make a daily smoothie even better! Better recovery, better skin, better joints.

  17. The gassy almond butter lmao. It helps my “hair skin and nails” and I really can’t say enough about how much it helps my guts! I love that it’s grass fed! @alice_welds

  18. keep them coming! at first I thought collagen was only to be used in coffee and smoothies, but now I know I can make soups, granola bars, pancakes, gravy, and any kind of sauce sweet or sour!

  19. Great suggestions to use collagen in different ways. I like the idea of making fudge with it! Sounds delicious. I love collagen because it’s so easy to incorporate into anything.

  20. Lately I've been loving on the vanilla flavored collagen!😁 I put it on top of my smoothie bowls, i mixed up in some almond milk and added some granola bites, I even ate it mixed in with a smashed banana,almond milk, chocolate chips,walnuts and fruit. Sounds crazy but it worked😋. I really 💗 this collagen because you can do so much with it and it always tastes so good! I guess now I'll have to try the fudge recipe, it looked really easy and fun to make!

  21. I use Thrive brand Collagen EVERY morning in my coffee! On days that I don’t want caffeine (odd, I know), I put a scoop in my smoothie! I would love to win these samples!! [email protected]

  22. I love collagen powder because then i dont have to swallow giant pills. Thank you Thrive for saving my throat ❤️

  23. I love my collagen peptides. I put 1 scoop in with my coffee or tea every morning! I have seen a huge difference in my hair skin and nail health!

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  25. I love collagen because of how much relief it’s brought me! It’s been a huge tool in my gut healing journey, tremendously decreases my joint pain, and has helped me to regrow my hair after losing it with an autoimmune disease. Thrive’s Vanilla Collagen is my new go-to!

  26. I love using Thrive Market's Collagen in my matcha latte's!! It makes the creamiest and most rich consistency, also love it in my Chia Pudding. Collagen helps me feel full longer and the health benefits are unbeatable. Don't even get me started on my hair, skin and nails. The best!!

  27. Hmmm, a little to goofy. Not sure if I should believe this lady. You must not like the Dr Axe collagen. You pushed it away and didn’t talk about that collagen brand.

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