Classic scrambled eggs | Low Carb Breakfast #6

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Classic Scrambled Eggs 🥚🥚🥚
Put a frypan on low heat and add:
1 tablespoon of butter
OR 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.
Then wait until it melts.
Next add:
2 large eggs
And season them with black pepper
and salt to taste.
Now pay attention!
These eggs must cook slowly!
We don’t want overcooked and rubbery eggs.
To ensure that, keep an eye on them
while stirring gently.
Do it until you feel the eggs are cooked enough.
Remember we don’t want overcooked eggs!
Once the eggs are cooked through,
it’s DONE! 🎉
Place them immediately on a plate
and serve!
We love eggs here at home.
To be honest, Handy is kinda crazy about them.
She has it every day!
And according to her she could have it for every meal.
Don’t tell her, but we like to call
egg lover lady! haha
I hope you enjoy this video as much as
we like eggs!
If so, give us a LIKE!
See you!

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