Chow Mien recipe – How to cook like the Chinese restaurant (quick and easy)

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Hello everyone. I’m KP Kwan from Today I want to
show you how to prepare
Chow mien, the American Chinese version of
Chinese fried noodles. This recipe
involved ingredients such as bell pepper
and others, which is not typically used
in the traditional Chinese fried noodles.
Let’s take a look how to do it. You can
get the recipe in the description right
below the video, and more information by
following the link to the blog post.
Prepare the noodles. You can use either
the wet noodles or a dry noodles like
this. You can get the wet noodles from
the Asian Wet market, but if you
don’t , you can always use dry noodles,
and that’s how you do it. Put the dry
noodles in the water just like cooking
pasta and loosen the noodles by using a
chopstick or a spatula. Different types
of noodles require different timing. For
this noodle which is quite thin, it only
takes about 2 minutes to get it to reach
all Dante. Once the noodles are loosen up,
transfer it immediately into a pot of
cold water. This is to preserve the
springiness of the noodles. Next the prepare
ingredients. Here we have some crushed
garlic, then onion. Cut the onion into
thin slices, and then loosen it. Then the
Chinese leafy vegetable Choy Sum or
you can use bok choy if you want. T urn
to the leafy side,
Just coarse chopped like this, and for
the stem, cut it into thin slices so that
it will cook quickly. And carrot ,cut it
into julienne, and the bell pepper. as I
mentioned this is more of the Westernized version of chow mien or fried noodles. If
you go to China chances is you will seldom
see people use bell pepper to prepare
fry noodles. Cut into thin strips and
then bean sprouts. If you don’t have
bean sprouts you may want to substitute
with cabbage. Lastly it depends whether
you want to make it a vegetarian dish. If
not you can add some meat. In my case I
am adding some breast meat, or you can use
pork or even beef. Or you can add some
seafood such as shrimp or even squids.
Marinate the meet with some soy sauce,
some corn starch, just a little bit,
and some ground white pepper. Mix and
leave it aside for at least 15 minutes.
Now let’s move on to get the chow mien sauce.
We have dark soy sauce, and this is
light soy sauce,
this is oyster sauce, some cornstarch,
ground white pepper and the remaining
water. Combine everything together and
that is the sauce for the chow mien. And now
is time to cook the chow mien. And some oil in
a wok. If you don’t have the nice cast
iron wok, which is well seasoned, just
use any frying pan. Make sure it is hot
enough before you stir fry anything.
Add the crushed garlic. Not to worry about there’s too much oil because after the
oil is flavored by the garlic and the
onion, the remaining of the oil can be
used to stir-fry the vegetables and the
Add the onion. Once you sweat the onion
and it turns automatic, remove it and put
it through the wire mesh strainer,
because I don’t want it to be too oily.
Next add the marinated chicken.
Wok fried it until both sides turn slightly
brown, and again remove it.
Now add the carrot, and the stem of the choy sum.
Once it turns soft, continue adding the
remaining ingredients- the leaf of the choy sum, Add back the
onion and garlic. add back the chicken
and noodles. Loosen up the noodles and combined with the ingredients
Then add the chow mein sauce.
Turn up the heat to create the wok
aroma and keep string and flipping to
avoid sticking. Finally add the bean
sprouts, Have a flash fry for about 10 to
20 seconds. When it is done, turn down the
heat again. Add the scallion or you can
use Chinese chives as the substitute, and a
little bit of sesame oil to finish it.
And now you have a wonderful chow mien, a typical westernize version of the
Chinese noodles. So here’s the final
version of my Chinese style chow mein or
fried noodles. I hope you like it.
This is how I prepare
Chow Mien, and I hope you enjoy watching.
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Until then I’m KP Kwan from I’ll see you again in the next
video. Bye for now.

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