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Alright so check it out
It’s Trevor James
I am in Chongqing, China
I came here to eat
And we’re going for a full on Chinese street food tour of this city
I’m am so pumped for this
Let’s go!
This is the hilly metropolis of Southwestern China
With over 30 million people
And a sub style of Sichuan food that will blow your mind and tastebuds
With a street food scene and food culture that’s woven into each corner of the city
You need to make a food trip here
It’s famous for hot pot and xiaomian noodles
But there is so so much more
And if you love spicy
This city has it all for you
First up, I got up bright and early to try some of the cities famous xiaomian spicy and numbing pea noodles
I hear right up here there is one of the best bowls of Chongqing xiaomian
Specialty noodles
Just right up here for breakfast!
Let’s try it out
I can hear the slurping
Chongqing xiaomian are a world of their own
With different variations all throughout the city
But they usually have lard
Mustard tuber
Chili oil
And a lot of Sichuan peppercorn powder
The resulting flavor is much stronger than Chengdu’s dan dan mian
And will really blow you away
Happy new year
Happy new year!
This looks incredible
My mouth is watering
Chongqing specialty xiaomian
With wanza peas
Oh yeah
Oh just look how thick that is
This is what I came to Chongqing for
OH wow
Oh my
That is incredibly unique
The peas
They give it this creaminess
And that sesame paste in there gives it a nuttiness
That is the most powerful bowl of noodles I’ve ever had
It’s very spicy
Very earthy
Very numbing
A lot of the time
Noodles can be like nice and comforting and ooh that’s nice
But this is like in your face BOOM
I’m on fire
Next up
I had a recommendation to go try the pig feet hot pot
Deep on a side street for lunch on the outside of Chongqing
We made our way out
And found the place to be packed full with a huge lineup
Look at that
It arrives right when you come in
This huge pot
Look at that
It’s full of pig feet
Look at that
It’s full of pig feet
There is all these pig feet
Look right there
SO fatty
And that spicy broth
Oh it’s full of veg
That is just pure fat
Oh it’s like chewing on
It’s pure fat
It’s like chewing on a thick layer of fat
With a slight touch of meat to it that is really spicy
Maybe eating the pig feet isn’t my style
But the flavor is good
Ting Ting grew up with these and she is loving them
I’m just going to add that to her pile here
This part is my favorite part
It’s like really tender and really smooth
But this part it’s really fatty
I don’t really like it
This is my favorite part and then the skin
And I’m not going to eat that
And then I like to suck around the bones
And that’s really nice thing to do
And you can really taste the flavor from the bone
From sucking it
It’s really tender
Next up for a mid day snack
I made my way deep into a back neighbourhood
And found a little street market to explore
Thats one of the joys of food inspired travel
You can go deep into markets and find local little spots that serve authentic and delicious food
With friendly locals to chat with
They are making the chaoshou right here
Chaoshou wontons
I can tell that’s going to be spicy
Look at that
Look at this insane bowl
Oh it’s red
Packed with chilies
This looks like it’s really spicy
Look at all the crunchy soybeans in there
Let’s try that out
It’s so smoky
Oh that is incredibly smoky and spicy
And the crunchy soybeans in there
Oh yeah
For dinner
I made my way to another back market on the other side of town
Where I heard there was the best douhua silken tofu and spicy beef
This looks insane
I am at wuming douhua
Which means no name tofu
So this whole restaurant is named after this silken tofu dish right here
Sometimes, when you find a place that isn’t pretty
Deep in a market or sidestreet
You’re uncertain about whether the food will be clean and delicious
Foodrangin’ gives you a sense that the deeper you go
The more locals there are dining at a place
The food usually gets better and better
And that couldn’t be any more true than with these little hole in the wall locations that I found in Chongqing
So we have a lot of dishes here
This is the douhua silken tofu
With their own chili paste
That is thick
And that is the specialty here
Silken tofu
And we are going to dip it right into their own chili paste
There is so many varieties of chili flavour here in Sichuan
This chili paste is a little more smoky and granular
It has a gritty deliciousness to it
This is shuizhuroupian
Super super juicy beef slices
In so much chili oil
And dried chilies
And what’s this here?
Oh, bean sprouts
Oh the beef is so juicy here
That’s great
It’s so nice when I have people come up and say they have seen my videos
It fills me with this sense of satisfaction that hopefully some people are enjoying them
At this point
Ting Ting and I were happy with the amount of video that we got from our short trip to Chongqing
But wanted to shoot a little more scenery for the background shots
And while we were doing so
A couple subscribers invited us to sit down with them and taste the food
OK so just walking by here and a couple subscribers noticed
They are having chuan churn here
And so we are going to try it out
Just gotta say a huge thank you to Weiran and Ali
For inviting me out here
As I walk by
To taste this
hai hao chi de chuan chuan
So thanks for watching guys
See you

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