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We’re at a night market in Harbin, China. There is a ton of street stalls selling delicious
street food behind us. We’re going to tour them all so let’s go take a look.
[Ordering two oysters for 5 Yuan]
[Ordering one spicy oyster and one not-spicy oyster]
So we’ve got these garlic oysters. They have garlic..
They have rice noodles, underneath is the oyster then they have
a sesame soy sauce on them with a little bit of cooking alcohol
Some cilantro, some chili peppers.
They are super popular here.
Mix it up, get a bit of the noodles, get a bit of the oyster into one bite
Move the chili pepper out of the way if you’re me.
It’s really hot
Super fresh. Delicious, SUPER garlicky.
With a little bit of cilantro in there.
And you can taste the smokey flavor from the charcoal grill.
We love night markets and Harbinites..Harbingers?
Harbin people?
Something like that
The good people of Harbin.
The good people of Harbin also love night markets
There are quite a few night markets in Harbin
During the summer this is probably one of our favorite things to do
That oyster was really hot
Oh really spicy?
It’s burning up
Do you want to go get a drink?
Yeah, let’s go get some juice
I ordered some spicy oyster and now he’s dying
I’m so sorry
Lets go get some juice
We’ve spotted the fruit stall
Yeah, excited to get this burning off my tongue.
One’s pineapple, one’s watermelon
That’s what we got
Looks good
Oh my god it’s so delicious
[Ordering chuanr for 5 Yuan each]
I can smell it. Are you excited?
Yeah, should be good.
It’s just glistening.
They put a spicy powder on it, they put cumin, they put sesame seeds
The word “Chuanr” actually just means it’s on a stick
It’s barbecued over a charcoal grill
And then the majority of chuanr in Harbin is actually consumed by Clarence.
That’s a fun fact.
He is the main consumer of
bbq meat. He keeps the industry going here.
Just a little bit every day
This is what I love more than anything in Harbin
other than guo bao roh maybe.
My first week or two weeks
I ate this every night actually.
This one we got one lamb
one beef
So we’re going to try
See if this stall has got any good stuff here.
It’s the right combination of meat of fat I think.
That’s really important.
It’s got to be tender but not too fatty
It’s good?
It’s good meat
It passes?
[Ordering a potato skewer for 5 Yuan]
[Ordering battered corn for 3 Yuan]
[Do you use WeChat?]
[WeChat? Yes]
[It’s right here]
[These sauces on this are delicious.]
[Put them on together, it’s delicious]
[Is that spicy?]
[Not spicy.]
[This is salad dressing]
[This is Ketchup]
[Want this salty?]
[Salty? Ok.]
[You want it salty, right?]
[You speak Chinese well]
[No, it’s not good. You speak very clearly]
We’ve got these two things. They look delicious.
Clarence wanted the potato one
Once his hands are free he’s going to eat some.
I wanted this deep fried corn because I’ve been seeing it everywhere
I actually can’t wait to eat it
It’s deep fried corn, it’s got a little bit of mayo and it’s got a little bit of ketchup
It’s kind of like carnival food
It tastes like corn dog batter
If a corn dog had an actual corn in it
Instead of a hotdog
That’s exactly what it tastes like.
It’s really delicious and really really bad for you.
So they got treasure crabs
Do you want the garlic one or the creamy one or both?
The creamy one.
Oh yah
Crab. Treasure crab time.
It’s got a lump of crab meat underneath there.
It’s got crab leg meat on the top
A little bit of kewpie-style mayonnaise.
And some roe
This is one of our favorite street food dishes.
I’ve stirred up the crab
Make sure you get a piece with all of the meat
Some leg meat and the lump with the rest of the meat
Then you just take a bite
It’s really good
It’s delicious
Every night the vendors come here
and they drag their carts on the back of a motorcycle
and bring it here and set up.
Every single night
This isn’t permanent
They come and go. The rest of the time it’s a parking lot
Look how many carts there are.
It keeps on going, it goes all the way down this area.
So there are three rows
There’s three rows. It goes all the way down there and it keeps on going
to the end of the block. Then they have BBQ restaurants set up.
These skewers of octopus are awesome. They have cumin
they have sesame seeds
They have a little bit of green onion on them. They press them, they grill them
Then they hand it to you and you get to eat it hot.
Mmm, really really good.
Clarence is going in for some ocotopus
It’s good.
And they got a good sauce here
Alright, so I’m too full to eat any more, we’re going to head home.
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  1. 为了美食走遍每个省,如果排除各个地方自我欣赏,童年,习惯,乡愁 等美食角度,个人认为哈尔滨的东西在中国排倒数第二

  2. Stumbled across your videos while looking for a recipe for "fan bao" from the streets of Harbin. Hope you've tried it, I basically lived off this when I was teaching in Harbin, there was a little vendor across the street from me who sold it 😀 I guess you guys don't get to post much from there though because of the social media blackout! Hope you're enjoying winter!

  3. Hey, i love your videos! i am a foreigner, and i am also currently living in Harbin. I have seen the night market stalls, i really wanted to try the clams/crab and deep fried stalls, but I am reluctant because i can't eat pork or dishes mixed with pork/ham. Are the foods that you tried are stalls specific to only seafood and vegetable products? did they mixed any ham or bacon bits in the mixed clams/crabs that you tried? (i see the clam dish had noodles and other garnishes, please pardon my question i'm just curious) it would be such a great help for me if you could explain. thank you so much!

    *have you tried the grilled octopus in a seafood stall in near the entry of carrefour in Lesong Square Mall? delicious!

  4. Wow, your video is amazing, I've been studied in HRB for 3 years , and I love the city very much.The night market which in your video is near HLJU, we also can it xuefu 4 street night market. There are a wide variety snacks u guys can choose.Hope u guys could have a great time in the beautiful city!

  5. Hi guys, great video. I was wondering if there is a mistake in the description? shouldn't it be HeiLongJiang DaXue 黑龙江大学 as in Heilongjiang University?

  6. I really miss my hometown.Long time not to eat local snack.Hope to go back there next month.You know that in middle east there're only a few types of food suitable for Northeastern Chinese,such as Kababa & Shawalma & Roasted fish… Ya illahi! but insha allah! I will be back to my howntown soon for my family and yummy food. Yallah!

  7. Is this night market open on winter season? On december.. I’m planning to celebrate new year at harbin, and searching for the food to eat..

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