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– Hi, check it out, it’s Trevor James. We are in Chengdu, Sichuan
and in today’s video, your mouth is gonna be on fire
’cause we’re going for a ton of delicious Sichuan street
food I know you’re gonna love. Let’s check it out. (upbeat ensemble music) Get ready for street food of your dreams because today we’re bringing you to four new places that you can come visit on our Chengdu Food Guide at Eating some amazing Sichuan spicy dishes, more hotpot and some
delicious rabbit noodles. Starting off first with a
25-year-old family dumpling joint. Let’s eat. All right guys, we got a ton of amazing Sichuan street food to eat today but first I wanna tell you about
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the description below. Order one, I know you’re gonna love it and we’re gonna keep exploring guys. Here it is guys, one of the oldest dumpling joints in Chengdu. Whoa, look at this. Wow. Wow, look at this. We are gonna be making shui jiao here. You can see these are all hand pinched. This is the (speaking
foreign language) here. Look at that, that is the
(speaking foreign language). Wow, this is an old joint. Whoa. Oh yeah, and you can see that’s the big cauldron of boiling dumplings. So these are not wontons,
these are dumplings and there’s a difference,
it’s the way they’re pinched, the (speaking foreign
language) and the mouthfeel. Oh yeah, and here we go. So we’re gonna make the
(speaking foreign language). Okay, so this is the Liu
(speaking foreign language) and this is Liu (speaking
foreign language). And you can see these are
all hand pinched one by one. Oh, so it’s hard on the neck
pinching jiaozi all day. Wow, and these just look so delicious. We’re gonna sit down and
have a delicious bowl. You can see Liu (speaking
foreign language) here. Liu (speaking foreign language) is totally rocking the jiaozi. We’re gonna have a bowl
and start the Chengdu tour. Oh there they are, look at those. Right over top of that
(speaking foreign language). He’s gonna plate ours right
on top of that chili oil. Amazing. Look what we got here guys. Beautiful dumplings hand pinched and I really wanted to visit
a dumpling place for you guys. Put this on the map so that you can find delicious dumplings. We’ve already got wontons on
the map but not dumplings. These are Fuzi shui jiao
covered in chili oil. Oh, you can smell the garlic,
you can smell the chili. Let’s try it out. Mm, oh wow. Wow, those are really nice. They’re not the most plump
dumplings I gotta say but the flavor and the chili
oil, the garlic is delicious. They’re actually slightly sweet. Mm, those were nice dumplings guys. We got lots of exploring today. We’re gonna pin this
joint and keep exploring. And next up, before going
to the biggest Sichuan feast and then for an amazingly
spicy and flavorful Sichuan hotpot for
dinner, we’re gonna go try one of Chengdu’s most famous
noodle dishes, rabbit noodles. Awesome guys, and the rabbit
noodle joint is right up here. We’ve already got a big list
of noodle joints for you if you come to Chengdu but
we have nothing for rabbit. So we’re gonna try out
some classic rabbit noodles right up here, let’s go check it out. Look at this, so they’ve got
(speaking foreign language) which is fragrant rabbit spiced noodles. Let’s go try it out. Wow. Awesome guys. And we’re gonna take a look at how they make the (speaking in foreign language). Oh yeah, here we are in the kitchen. Look at this guys, all of these bowls. Beautiful, you can see
these bowls of chili oil. Oh. Oh, that’s the bamboo fungus. Oh, that’s the black chicken. And matsutake mushrooms. Wow, this is amazing to get into here and they’re just making, oh. So they got black silky chicken in there. This is amazing. And the noodle station is over here but it’s just so steamy. As soon as we point the
lens there, it fogs up. Oh, that’s ground pork oil. And what’s so beautiful here. Pickled veg. Sesame paste. Wow, and then we’re just
boiling up the noodles here and that’s gonna go on
top, there’s our noodles. Look at that, right on top and they’re gonna put that
rabbit meat right on top. Putting the (speaking foreign language) right on the (speaking
foreign language) there. – Wow, look at that, pure
(speaking foreign language) noodles and just look at
what we got here guys, wow. Look at this beautiful bowl starting here. We’ve got noodles and we’re gonna put this on the map for you. A beautiful bowl of beef noodle soup. Nice chunks of beef in there,
beautiful bits of bamboo. This is (speaking foreign language), so it’s red braised beef. Look at all those nice noodles. So first up we’re gonna put this beautiful rabbit slivers with sesame,
coriander, pickled chili, ginger and onion on top
of this beautiful bowl. Look at those noodles
which that rich chili oil, that rich stock, pork-bone broth and we’re gonna put that right over top. Oh, look at that, beautiful. Mm. Oh whoa. That is insanely delicious,
that flavor is intense. The Sichuan peppercorn is so numbing. This sesame is so nutty,
the rabbit is so tender. The onion gives it a kick and the pickled chilies are
slightly spicy and sour. That’s the ultimate combo and
that’s just the beginning. This is honestly one of
the nicest bowls of noodles you’ll ever eat and if
you’re eating the beef noodle soup with the amazing bamboo flavor and the ultra umami black chicken soup, we made our way to a classic
fly restaurant of Chengdu. All right guys, next up
we are going to the one of the oldest, most famous
fly restaurants in Chengdu. Beautiful, we’re just walking
through these hanging Sichuan sausages here and right up
ahead is Mingting restaurant. We’re gonna have a feast. We’ve got hanging sausages
here, Sichuan sausages. Pork, chili, tons of Sichuan
(speaking foreign language). Beautiful, we’re gonna
go inside and have a big feast for lunch and then
keep exploring for more food. And just shortly after
ordering, the food all arrived. Incredibly flavorful food. Whoa, look at this massive Sichuan feast we got here today guys. Unbelievable. Look at this, a beautiful
(speaking foreign language). This is a carp, a river
carp covered in look, with fresh green chilis and
(speaking foreign language) which is fresh green Sichuan peppercorn. So this is gonna be numbing, spicy, fragrant, soft river fish, beautiful and this is just one of many delicacies you can have here at Mingting Fandian. Look at this, this is
(speaking foreign language). Wow, this is pork blood, they give you squid. Looks like there is some
(speaking foreign language) which is tripe, thousand-layered tripe. They give you these split-open
sausages kinda like hot dogs. Let’s see what else is in there, oh it’s just full of
green veggies, thousands, look at that, hundreds
of dried red chilies and Sichuan peppercorns, this
is spicy Sichuan delight. Extreme flavor extreme aromatic
(speaking foreign language). That looks pretty intense
and look at this, guys. We’ve got (speaking foreign language). So they put pork spare ribs on toothpicks. Thousands of dried red
chilies and then look, we’ve got Sichuan (speaking
foreign language). These are like deep fried bread crisps. This is a dessert, this is the
(speaking foreign language). So these are deep fried sticky rice sticks covered in a dark brown sweet molasses and then this here is what we saw outside. This is the Sichuan style
sausage, they boil it. It’s full of spice and Sichuan peppercorn. It’s gonna be so fatty, fragrant, delicious, aromatic joy and then we’ve got a nice variety of Sichuan
twice-cooked pork. This is ultra fatty pork slices fried in these fresh green chilies. That looks actually quite heavy and then over here look at this, guys. This is the number one
recommended dish on their menu. This is the (speaking foreign language), pork brain with tofu. You can actually see
there’s a bit of pork brain, a bit of tofu mixed in and
it’s just in a thick chili. It’s kind of like a
(speaking foreign language) but upgraded with pork brain,
extra silky pork brain. First up I really want to try this beautiful Maoxuewang, look at that. Mm. Oh. Mm. Oh, that’s actually really delicious. It tastes like this hot
dog flavor is infused into chili oil with
hundreds of dried chilies. Next up guys, let’s try
this fish, this carp. You can just pick it right off the bone. Wow that is Tengjiaoyu,
one of the lesser known flavors here of Sichuan is the Tengjiaoyu. Peppercorn oil, green peppercorn fragrance that you can actually find
in a lot of dishes here. Mm. And I’ve actually just
taken a few more bites guys just to get the real flavor
profile of this carp. What you gotta do is dip that
flesh into the sauce here because there’s so many fresh
green Sichuan peppercorns in there that oh, when you dip it in, your mouth just goes tingly and numb and this place is so busy right now. There’s a lot of unique
dishes you can try here at Mingting Fandian with the
amazing carp in peppercorn oil, the delicious sticky
rice sticks and the fatty twice-cooked pork really
standing out but the one thing that’s always ordered
at Mingting and that deserves showcasing is the pig brain tofu. This is a classic dish of Chengdu, wow. Actually I think it’s mostly pork brain and just a little tofu. You can take that pork
brain and let it drip over your rice a bit, get some
of that flavor into the rice and you can actually take
it with some rice as well but I’m just gonna take it
pure, a little bit of tofu, a little pork brain, going for the kill. Classic Sichuan food here. Mm. Mm. Oh wow, that is unlike
anything you’ll ever taste. The pork brain has no odor to it. It is just perfectly smooth. It takes on that chili flavor, it’s very similar to
(speaking foreign language). Maybe a little bit less numbing and it just melts in your mouth. You can just take a bunch
of that, slurp it down. Maybe it’s just me because
I’ve been living here for a few years but I think it’s
actually really delicious now. That was an amazing lunch
at Mingting Fandian. Beautiful sausage, amazing fish, so much delicious food and
we got more to explore. And for our final meal to pin on the map, we’re going to a famous hotpot
joint in Chengdu that serves hotpot with nine sections
to separate your ingredients originally used back in the
old times when you would eat with strangers and needed to
know who’s food was who’s. Awesome guys, next up we’re
rounding out the guide. The guide is going so
well right now online but we need a couple more hotpot joints. So right up here is a famous
(speaking foreign language), hotpot joint, we’re gonna
have a feast and try it out. Here we go, guys. Oh, here we are. Hotpot heaven. This is the (speaking foreign language), nine-sectioned hotpot. So look at that, this is all beef lard and there’s dried
chilies in there, onions. That is gonna get
extremely red and potent. It’s all here, guys. We’ve got (speaking foreign
language), duck intestines. This is their specialty, look at that. These are supposed to be
really long duck intestines. These are actually a big
specialty here in Sichuan. You boil ’em just for
about 10 or 15 seconds and they become crispy,
almost spring like. We’ve got some beautiful shrimp here, you can just slide that
off from the bamboo and we’ve got some beautiful
beef ribs, beef spare ribs. Some imitation crab, we’ve
got some sliced beef, some soft beef and then some
(speaking foreign language), spicy and numbing beef. We’re just gonna try this
(speaking foreign language). Beautiful duck intestine,
look at how long that is and the secret is you just
wanna hold it in for about 10 seconds, maybe 15 seconds and
then it’s gonna get crispy, it’s gonna have a springiness to it and it really is the specialty here. Gotta put it in one that’s
boiling, there we go. Hold that for about 10 seconds and then you just pull
it out, give it a dip in your extreme sesame
garlic dip and go for it. So good. It’s crispy, it’s crispy and springy and it really takes on
the flavor of the hotpot. There’s no organ flavor in there at all. Let’s start with some of this shrimp. Oh yeah, you can just slide
it right off of that bamboo and then we’re just gonna
slide some of this in. Oh beautiful, it’s over
the top of some cabbage. Just slide it right in,
just slide it all in. Beautiful, I love the
variety of flavors of hotpot. This one definitely has
an intense chili kick but with this garlic and
cilantro, it’s perfect. Let’s try it with that shrimp. Mm. Oh yeah, that is a hotpot right here. Just look at the bubbling red,
all the peppercorns in there. It is burning, it is joyful. The dried chilies got so much flavor. It is also very fatty, hotpot itself is fatty, full of that lard. You eat this and you are full and you are feeling heavy but you
are feeling happy too because the flavor is
unlike anything else. So the secret is this looks really red, this looks spicy but it’s actually, when you get used to
it, it’s not that bad. That was just amazing guys, another delicious hotpot joint in Chengdu. We’re gonna pin this joint
and go for more food. Well that was way too much food, guys. Make sure you check out our brand new Chili Oil 4 Life merch
in the description below. Click that Subscribe button and thank you so much for watching.

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