Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

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– Panda Express to me is like
white people’s Chinese food.
(Chinese folk music)
– This is so gross.
– Wow, this looks like a candle.
– It’s like soggy on the inside.
(Chinese folk music)
– If you actually know
real Chinese chow mein,
you’d be like, “This is
American Chinese chow mein.”
– Ew, it smells like stinky feet.
– It actually tastes pretty authentic.
– I think it’s not that bad.
– Wow, you’ve never had
authentic Chinese food before.
– Yeah, this is judged.
– I’d rather eat this than the egg roll,
I’ll put it that way.
– Low standards. (laughs)
– That’s how I end up with her.
– He looks down at Panda Express,
but he eats McDonald’s all the time.
I don’t understand.
– Melanie likes it.
Do you want mine?
– Good job says my grandpa.
(Chinese folk music)
– If you blind folded me,
I’m eating plain rice.
– It kinda tastes like cardboard.
(Chinese folk music)
– It smells so bad.
– It smells like putrid.
– Wow. (laughs)
– It’s really sour. (laughs)
– Yeah, I do not like that.
Nope, no.
– This reminds me of taking shots,
like the bad aftertaste.
– They don’t like it.
(Chinese folk music)
– This is my dad’s favorite.
Like if he were here, he would hate this.
– Oh it smells good.
– Actually it smells OK.
– This smells good, yeah.
– Really? I feel like it smells weird.
– I like this.
– Oh, it’s really salty.
(Chinese folk music)
– Orange chicken is not real Chinese food.
My mom calls it the food
that fools Americans.
– Oh, no, no, no, I know what this is.
Burnt soy sauce.
– Not sure what that is, you know.
– This chicken is sad.
– He had to finish all his orange chicken.
He says it’s so good.
– I can’t imagine anyone
thinking that Panda’s
actually Chinese food.
– But you know what my
dad used to always say
is that you can’t leave one
grain of rice on the plate.
– [Melanie] Yeah, that’s
what my mom always said too,
so I don’t like wasting food.
– Right, did you not get that
when you were younger too?
– Oh no, all the time.
– The grain of rice.

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