Chinese People Try African Food ‘For The First Time’

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This is too much.
How do you eat this?
Grab with the hand?!
Grab with the hand!
Look at his belly.
You can try first…then you teach us. How to eat it.
She ordered like this. She doesn’t eat this kind of…
Yeah! You try first and then you teach us.
See this…how to do this.
It does this.
Come on come on guys you give it a try. It’s no problem.
Yes, join!
Yes…yeah I just wait for a moment…because it’s real hot.
Very hot.
Too small.
Too small. She says yours is too small.
Small. Small.
Small. Small.
Yours is too big.
That one big big.
Ah! It is like this. Like this.
So this is tomato…tomato. This one…the red one. Tomato…vegetables…onion.
How is it?
I feel there’s nothing appealing about it.
You try again.
Not used to this.
This is authentic right?
It’s authentic.
Yeah. Yeah. I love them…I love them.
Yeah. Here…here.
You want to eat. You want me to eat.
It’s like this.
In the middle there’s also that…what’s it called?
I’ve just forgotten which restaurant were I saw this kind of…
At a certain restaurant in Shanghai were I saw this kind of…
Where outside it’s the dough and food is put inside…that one.
A stuffed bun.
And then served on a plate and it’s round like that.
This is in Shanghai?
Yes it’s also there.
You’ve not seen it?
Ok I will have a try.
It’s hot.
Yeah. Just like this.
No. Uhm…Ok…do this.
Ah like this.
Like this.
You do this.
Careful! I will finish your nshima.
Big. Big.
It’s like this, isn’t it?

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