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hello everyone please welcome and join
me Indian Punjabi style cooking best of
all my easy steps cooking I’m going to
make today chili chicken and I’m going
to share with you how do I do it let’s
get started I have a boneless skinless
one pound of a breast chicken I have 1/2
cup celery, 1 green bell pepper
cut into small chunks 1 onion and 2
tbsp of all-purpose flour 2 tbsp
besan which is a gram flour 1/2 cup corn
starch 3 tbsp I am going to use a tomato
paste I have a 2 tbsp of ginger and
garlic paste and 2 red chilies included
into that paste I’m going to use the
scallions it’s a 5 green onions I cut
the bottom portion separately I’m going
to do the Tadka with this one and this
one I’m going to do the garnish I will
use also 4 green chili cut it in the
half pieces real hot and little amount of
water as we need it I’m going to use a
chilli sauce 3 tbsp soy sauce 1/4 cup 1
tbsp of sesame oil as for deggi
mirch 1 tbsp 1 tsp salt
jeera cumin seeds 1 tsp 1 tsp
cumin powder
jerra powder turmeric powder haldi 1 tsp
coriander powder dhania 1 tsp
black pepper 1 tsp ajinomoto 1 tsp and
then we going to use for Tadka some
olive oil will bring my corn starch
gram flour
and all-purpose flour one tsp salt
and one tsp black pepper and
I’ll mix it and once this all
mixed now it’s the time to use our hands
so I’m going to bring my chicken and
we’re going to mix it really well once
we are mixing we just going to bring a
little bit of water not too much I think
it’s like a two tbsp of water it’s
all mix and I’m going to let it sit for
15 minutes and it’s a very well
coated each one of them and then
we’re going to fry them added oil for
and I’m going to use the chicken and I’m
going to fry those
we’re going to fry these once they
turn golden brown like these are the
first one we put it in once they turn golden
brown then I am going to pull them out
they are looking beautiful
they’re turning golden brown and once
they’re done we just take them out rest
of them they need a little bit of one
more minute of cooking on each side
once they are done and then we’re going
to start off Tadka and 3 tbsp of
Olive Oil and I’ll bring cumin seeds
I’ll bring my garlic ginger paste
I’ll put this one I like minute or so
about one minute of cooking my
ginger-garlic paste
looking good now bring my scallion and
once I’m going to add these I’m
going to cook along with it and I’ll
bring my onion so I’m going to cook like
1 minute
and 1 minute of cooking onion now
it’s a perfect time to bring the sesame
oil 1 tbsp of sesame oil and
now I’m going to bring my green bell pepper
now add the same time celery also going to
cook together bring green chilli and
now bring tomato paste green chilly
sauce I’ll mix it and I’ll bring all
other spices now I’m going to bring my
scallions green
and soy sauce and coriander powder
turmeric powder, cumin powder, ajinamoto
and deggi mirch, Paprika I’ll mix it
looking beautiful now I’m going to bring
chicken as always I’ll bring my magic
spoons I’ll mix it looking beautiful nice now
I’m going to put it into the serving
platter and all my chilli chicken is all
ready and I’m going to share with you
look at how beautiful is looking I’m
going to bring some scallions to garnish
sesame seeds it’s a little bit amount
not too much look at how beautiful is
celery the mini onions and the chicken hmm
very tasty and crunchy hot
really hot I really appreciate each one of
you joining my Indian Punjabi style best
of all easy steps cooking if you like it
my chili chicken please subscribe me and
I will see you soon with the new recipe
thank you very much BYE BYE.

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