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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another
session with your VahChef at
The other day I’ve got call from one of
my friend
who called me after looking at my website he was telling me how
he went to Singapore for training
session and you looked all over
and he could never find chilli chicken because
Indo Chinese chili chicken is so unique it belongs to the India.
and today I’ll show you how to make it at home
even if your home in Singapore Italy anywhere so today
to make the chilli chicken, for this preparation
I love to use dark meat cut into small
dark meat is the thigh meat of the chicken because when you fry the meat
this comes out really soft and tender. I have got some chillies
I took scissor and cut them into kind of nice
edges okay some bell peppers that is green pepper
I have got onion and what i did, i cut the onions into little
cubes and separated them out, little ajinomoto
pepper powder, egg, chopped
ginger and chopped garlic, very finely chopped
half half, nice cashew nuts see when I used to work in Park Sheraton in the
chicken they used to used whole big cashew nuts since I don’t have the whole big cashew nut I’m
using broken cashew nut and for like kung pao you use peanuts
for chilli chicken Chinese style we used
to use cashew nuts
salt sugar I’m going to use just a pinch of sugar
corn flour I added just little some water so I can use it as thickening for my sauce
Have some sesame seed oil as for lot of
Chinese cooking we used to use sesame seed
soya sauce see for this preparation you can use
kikkoman soya sauce, chilli garlic paste, I’ve got some spring onion
and celery that I cut into small pieces
add 1 tablespoon of cornflour, little pinch of ajinomoto
little bit of salt and add
one egg
mix all these ingredients together
add little bit pepper powder and mix
it again so we’re going Fry these now. Once the oil is hot
start; take your chicken and
just fry the chicken okay
so now the chicken is ready so let’s
remove this
ha ha ha..I have my chicken fried and ready
so what I’m going to do I’m going to use
some sesame oil to make
my chilli chicken. heat some oil in a pn
Add your
red chilli cut into slices okay
yeah look at this okay
add chopped ginger and garlic
you can use lot of ginger and garlic, it gives nice flavor
ok…wow…this is beautiful
and add the cashew nuts
add onion dices
add your bell pepper
add your celery and
spring onion
add pepper powder see a lot of times see
some times people love to use little chilli
so for all those people who love to use to
chilli powder
little bit of chilli powder
and lot of times they use mixed vegetables also
in this preparation now add some soya sauce
add little chilli garlic paste, mix it real good
what a flavor, add little ajinomoto
add little bit sugar
and little bit salt okay what we do after we add these ingredients
immediately we add chicken stock, since we don’t have chicken stock
and I’m sure lot of you people cooking
at home
won’t have chicken stock so what we are going to do. we’re going to add water
okay see
the soya sauce, the chilli garlic sauce
and ajinomoto all these things have so much flavor
and specially we had bell pepper and these red chillies give lof of flavor to it
so don’t worry if you don’t have chicken stock. one of my friend was
hey you know what you know when they
don’t have chicken stock what he used to do
he used go and buy those maggi noodles in which that little stock packet
comes he used to put so he used to use that, if you want to use it, you can use
anything, otherwise even if you don’t have its fine so
bring it to a nice boil
add one or two teaspoon of vinegar
that gives nice strong nice flavor okay
now the mixture is come to a boil now add your chicken
so add your chicken, see remember there is some corn flour on this
the chicken too but just wait for two seconds
and add spoonfull of this water
don’t add too much, add one, two
three, four; first mix little bit
and then toss it over.
see if i would have added more this would have been a messed up chicken
because I added just little bit spoon by spoon
now the sauce is really thick and nice. so
all you have to do is
slow it down. Just let it absorb the nice
flavors. Now our chilli chick is ready let’s
put it on our plate
look at this look….look at this
haha good
Ah man this you’ll have to make it
wow awesome
you have enjoyed today’s session of learning to make this truely Indian dish
but with a heavy chinese accent . Chinese, Italian, Malaysian, Japanese, Canadian
we’re all one on the web infact I was
looking at the statistic other day
and I was so pleased to see in fact very pleasant surprise.
to see that I got clicks from 124 countries
some I haven’t even heard of like Antigua, Barbuda
Marina islands and so many other
countries you know
So the power of internet is so amazing.
so if your tongue and the palate desire it offers you room service
to the comfort of your computer monitor
that is all about
inspiring others to cook
So please post your recipes and cooking
so others may benefit from your
great cooking
thank you

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