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hello today i going to cook watermelon with chicken lettuce Coriander lemon grass kaffir lime leaves cucumber lemon chili garlic galanga peanut sugar palm salt fish sauce and soup powder


  1. The combination of delicious chicken and delicious watermelon is really new.
    I really wonder what it tastes like.
    It looks delicious to eat. I want to eat too.

  2. Good morning from Trinidad… is that chicken you grow home.. if yes.. we call it common fowl.. it's a bit expensive here but it taste really good..i love your cooking especially to see you girls enjoy every bite

  3. La chica que prepara los alimento es muy seria la otro chica es la pone las sonrisa espero me entiendan

  4. I never thought about chicken could be cooked along with 🍉 as a meal. Only thought about watermelon dessert after chicken meal…haha 😋

  5. Hello!!! Vivendo e aprendendo! Nunca tinha visto frango com melancia, ou a melancia sendo usada na culinária, deve ter ficado maravilhoso … Congratulations!!! Love your vídeos, very well

  6. This has been a favorite channel of mine for quite a while, but I wish the lead lady would stop saying “mmmmm” after every taste. She didn’t use to do it and it seems forced now.

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