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Hi everyone Namaste Welcome to my channel Yummy Food World Today I am here with chicken thukpa recipe i made this on many viewer’s request Normally, origin of this food is Tibet and Bhutan but is loved in Nepal. So, let’s get started with the ingredients At first, salt red chilly and garam masala turmeric powder dicely chopped garlic dicely chopped ginger green chilly onion capsicum spring onion thinly cut long carrot tomato cabbage coriander boneless chiken lemon olive oil thukkpa noodle boiled for 4 minutes Water heat the pan and put oil in it when oil starts to heat, add garlic ginger turmeric when garlic is fried a bit add chicken and stir well and fry it After chicken is fried add onion green chilly red chilly powder and garam masala add salt,stir well and cook. after everything is coated well add tomatos when tomato turn to gravy paste we will add all our ingredients green onion carrot capsicum At last, add cabbage and stir well the veggies that we added can be eaten raw so, you may cook it for 2-3 minute or more after all veggies are done, add water and let it boil you can add water as you like, less or more when it starts to boil stir it while cooking thukpa can be made from various ways I taught the easiest way here It has been 5 minutes, now I am adding thukpa noodles cook while stirring but only for one minute I am adding some coriander and taking thukpa off the heat now add lemon juice Our thukpa is ready I served it like this, you can serve it as you like now in this cold weather make this at home and enjoy with your friends and family What did you feel about our video? support us by subscribing, liking and commenting on the video. I will return with more and more recipe like this, till then happy cooking.

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