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today I am here with chicken chilly recipe this recipe was requested by many viewers i hope you all will like it. So, let’s get started with the ingredients. Soy sauce onion spring onion hot chilly sauce finely chopped garlic salt pepper oil capsicum long cut chicken pieces all purpose flour corn starch soy sauce lemon juice water salt pepper egg red chilly powder sugar marinate the chicken in a bowl add 2 spoon corn starch add 2 spoon all purpose flour 2 spoon soy sauce 1 spoon lemon juice 1 spoon red chilly powder half spoon pepper powder salt as per taste 1 spoon sugar a egg 50 ml water our mixture is ready for marination add meat mix well this marination process is very important for our recipe after 1 hour, heat the oil in a pan our meat is marinated Now, we should deep fry our meat. our heat must be medium fry all the meat like this. stir it it took 8 minutes for me to deep fry it take it out when it turns golden brown I am taking this out on a paper towel take all the meat out you can enjoy it like this too. add 2 spoon corn starch in 4 spoon water and create a mixture we will need this mixture while making gravy. heat the pan and put oil in it. heat must be high I am adding garlic in it onion capsicum these veggies will not be cooked for more time raw flavor of these veggies will enhance the taste of chicken chilly after frying it for one minute add salt pepper chilly sauce, recipe of this homemade sauce is in description below soy sauce if you want to make your chicken chilly more hot then, add red chilly powder add corn starch mixture this helps in increasing gravy look how good it looks gravy is made like this in resturants add meat after adding meat make your heat low. mix it well chicken is already cooked so we will mix it well add spring onion and toss it. our chicken chilly is ready I am serving it in a plate you can make it at home as I made it and enjoy it with your friends and family. what did you feel about our video? support us by liking, commenting, and subscribing to our channel. I will return with more yummy recipes , till then happy cooking.


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  2. Namaskar! Thank u very very much for all ur wonderful recipes. I followed u the most. Yo recipe ma chilli sauce ko recipe ke hola? Description box bhannu bhathiyo, kahan hola description box?

  3. Hajur ko saman harulai Nepali ma vannus na plz…..kunai kunai lai English ma vanda jhyappa bhujhiyena😊😊💃

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  5. Thanks a lot for sharing your recipes…. you are doing really good job.. keep sharing your recipes just like this.. i really appreciate what you are doing😊

  6. Could you please make chicken sizzler with brown sauce and specify which kind of noodles do they use in nepali restaurants

  7. मेरो nic लंच ?? जानकारिको लागि धन्यवाद दीजू 👍👍

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