Chicago’s Best Breakfast: George’s Family Restaurant

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you can’t beat a beefy breakfast and I’m
here in Oak Park to get my hands on one
and become part of the family at
George’s family restaurant
George’s has been helping Oak Park
residents wake up since 1984 I almost
feel like you’re a part of a family it
feels like coming home to breakfast you
know get that new restaurant it’s
Chicago’s first Jim Carrey Melissa
Ingrid and Paul all said we had to come
to George’s family restaurant George my
dad came here from the old country
what’s the old country recent guessing
cuz in the last name but just in case
people didn’t get it
he came here worked his way up and then
he George bada George’s hi George
why is George’s family restaurant
Chicago’s best I try to make people feel
comfortable everybody knows each other
to community staple I like that feeling
this is where the community comes this
is a regular thing for us Friday morning
we’re here like all the time it’s an old
shoe or something it’s just a place that
you can count on what are we actually
gonna be making today we’re gonna make a
steak skillet it is called the
Mediterranean skillet oh really
Sue’s sake of real like Mediterranean
things no oh and why is the matter taste
good it’s just the way we spice it up
and I’m in cheers Cheers
this is the skirt stick yes it is we
pull can’t be afraid of the big old I
control the beach maybe let’s season it
up this is a great season we put it on
all you to soften it up right some guess
you have some that’s been marinating
overnight that we can grill up no
problem yeah we’re gonna chop it up and
make it for a skillet it’s so slippery
from the merriday that don’t let me cut
my fingers know how much steak is gonna
go into one skillet her why not sticking
with the stick I don’t mind an onion
green pepper no mush yeah this one
cotton about you know tell him John real
dog is a really really this is a real
deal we got to flip the hashbrowns oh no
I’m not good at this play now three eggs
you cracked ice which got you going set
you up think you’re ready you finish it
up and then I’m gonna eat it up thank
you oops elbows
let’s find out if you did a good job I
think they’re pretty good job we’re
doing pretty good we’re seeing how we’re
gonna find it out right now this is a
flavor right away tender many everyone a
plush we’re winning right now we’re
I love the Mediterranean flavors in that
steak you know what makes me I think
everyone we talked to today loves this
place and they just feel like if that
whole me family vibe you’re gonna get
fed well you’re gonna leave full and
happy oh that means you got a break a
plate though Oh
if we’re going really old school George
might be mad we don’t want to waste the
prom you don’t want to do we want to his
profits okay let’s just ditch it

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