Chicago’s Best Asian Food: Hello Jasmine

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(mellow Asian-inspired music)
– There’s no hiding the fact
that if you want Asian food,
you’ve gotta head to Chinatown.
But, if you want Taiwanese food,
you’ve gotta check out this
underground food court,
where Hello Jasmine are serving
up traditional street food.
Here’s the thing.
Normally I do a little
bit of research on places.
I do work, guys.
– [Ghostly Voice] Really?
– [Elliott] Literally, for you
guys, I could find nothing.
You are the true
definition of a hidden gem.
– This place was set out to
sell authentic Taiwanese food.
Anyone who’s been to Taiwan,
they’re gonna tell you
that we have some
of the best food.
– Yeah, of course.
I mean, I go to Taiwan
regularly, but for those there
who’ve no idea what
Taiwanese food is like,
why don’t you fill us in?
– It’s really simple.
It’s mostly street food.
Everything we have,
other than chicken,
the chicken’s American, but
the rest of the ingredients
are all sourced from Taiwan.
– [Elliott] What makes you
Chicago’s Best hidden gem?
– [Chris] That’s a big question.
– [Elliott] It’s not that big.
– How ’bout this: we’ll let
the food speak for itself?
– What food would be
a good thing to make?
– [Chris] For people like you–
– People like me, what
are you trying to say?
– Well, you don’t look
Taiwanese to me, so…
– I deceive a lot of people.
– [Chris] So why don’t we
start with popcorn chicken?
– That’s cool, because
David on our app did mention
that you guys were in
the food court down below
and that he loved
your popcorn chicken.
So, you sold me.
Is there any reason why you
chose different gloves to me?
– I really like the
way my hand looks,
so I grab the clear ones.
– Chris is a hand model.
Do you wanna show the
camera your hands?
– Right here.
– [Man] Aww yeah.
– [Elliott] This is
cool, what are these?
– [Chris] Those are sausages.
– [Elliott] What’s this?
– Pig blood cakes.
– Cool.
Sometimes you just
shouldn’t ask stuff.
Let’s move onto chicken.
I’ll let the hand model step up
to sensually massage
our marinated chicken.
Never seen a more
handsome set of hands.
Just show them again, show
them again, one more time.
– [Chris] Here’s
front side, back side.
– (wolf whistles) Oh
my god, Hello Jasmine.
– [Chris] Now we’re gonna drop
all that chicken into this,
sweet potato starch.
– [Elliott] We looking good?
– [Chris] Like
shaking a baby’s hand.
– You said what?
Shaking a baby’s hand?
– Yeah.
You’ve never shaken
a baby’s hand before?
– One of our producers
just had a baby,
and you go aww (baby talking).
But I don’t know, is it like,
“Nice to meet you,
my name’s Chris–“
– “Welcome to the world”
– “Pleasure to meet you.”
Oh, okay.
Goo goo goo, hey goo
goo goo goo goo goo.
Welcome to the world, chicken.
– [Chris] Now the oil’s hot,
and we’re just gonna drop
them into this basket.
– I know you’re talking,
but all I’m doing
is I’m just staring
at those hands.
I can’t concentrate.
– [Chris] I don’t blame
you, I don’t blame you.
I don’t even wanna take
the gloves off yet,
’cause there’s still
some steps we need to do.
– You know what,
you do all that.
I’m gonna let the hand
model finish this off.
Crazy stuff going on here today.
(mid-tempo rock)
Alright Chris, so we’ve
got our popcorn chicken.
We’ve also got a bubble tea.
We’re going full
Taiwanese right now.
We don’t have chopsticks,
we have harpoons.
– [Chris] For street
food, you use street-ware.
– [Elliott] How do you
say “cheers” in Taiwanese?
– They say “gan bei.”
– Gan bei!
– Gan bei.
– Ooh baby.
Not you.
– That sweet potato breading,
the spice on the outside,
the chicken is
like fluff itself.
That made me wanna fly
to Taiwan right now.
– I grew up there.
Brings back a lot
of good memories.
You made these,
man, remember that.
– I made Taiwanese food.
You’re such a hidden gem,
you almost feel like you
could be in another country
in this food court.
David, thank you for sharing
your hidden gem, my friend.
We love you for it.
You’re the man.

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