Chia Seeds Pudding – 3 Vegan Recipes

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Chia Pudding – 3 Recipes
Chocolate Chia Pudding
Mixed Berry Chia Pudding
Golden Fruity Chia Pudding
9 tbs Chia Seeds
5 tbsp Maple Syrup
50 g Dark Chocolate (vegan)
250 g Mixed Berries
1 Mango
½ Honeydew Melon
250 ml Cashew Milk
250 ml Chocolate Plant-based Milk
250 ml Golden Milk
Chop the Chocolate
then dice the Mango and the Melon
and cut up a few of the Mixed Berries
In the 300ml containers pour 3 tbsp of Chia Seeds
1+2+2 tbsp Maple Syrup
then add the prepared part of diced ingredients
pour the Plant-Based Milk one after another: Chocolate Milk
Cashew Milk
and the Golden Milk
Then stir it well until the Seeds are combined with a Milk
and leave on the side for about 20 min to make the Seeds swell
Pour into serving containers
refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight
Before serving, add the rest of the Fruit and Chocolate
if you like, you can combine it with the plant-based whipped cream
Creamy, Vegan, Chocolatey and full of Energy!
Refreshing, Light and Delicious!
Exotic, Mysterious and Special!
Easy and gold worthy desserts for our health!
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  1. I love how beautifully you presented these, and they look so yummy too! Can't wait to recreate this in my miniature kitchen. I wish I can match your creation 😊

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