Chef Robert Irvine’s Healthy Rice Recipes 3 Ways

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Hey, Chef Robert Irvine here
for I’m about
to show you three simple rice
Rice is the kind of forbidden
But if you can make it
it can not only be a side dish,
it can also be an entree.
We’re going to start with a
black-eyed pea and sausage
rice dish.
Every rice dish starts with a
hot pan. If the pan is not hot,
we can’t toast the rice,
which gives the flavor and
opens that kernel up.
So, I’m going to turn the heat
up a little bit here.
Add some grapeseed oil.
While that’s getting nice and
I’m going to chop a little
Dice it nice and fine.
And the onion just gives us
that great flavour.
Sweetness and it’ll caramelized
nice into the pan.
When we get a sweet onion it
just intensifies the flavor
of the rice and gives a great,
great texture.
We’ve also got some Italian
sausage. You can use any type
of sausage you want.
If you want chorizo, use
It just depends on what do you
want. So all we’re doing now
is sauteing the onion.
A little onion with the Italian
sausage. Then we’re going to
add some black-eyed peas.
Great source of carbohydrate
and protein.
But done with flavor.
A lot of people think that if
you eat healthy,
there is no flavor.
That’s wrong.
We add the layers of flavor
step by step.
And again,
you can do this with cannellini
beans, you could do it with
kidney beans, any type of beans
that you wish.
Here’s the fun part: rice.
Brown rice.
Into the pan.
Getting all those flavors mixed
together there.
I’m going to take
a little bit of salt and
a little bit of pepper.
Now remember,
there is salt in the sausage
So we have to be careful.
Little bit more pepper.
The flavors are starting to
mix and amalgamate.
And you can smell the sweetness
of the onion and sausage,
which is really, really good.
I’m going to take a little bit
of orange juice,
because I want that to pull the
flavor all together.
And remember, acid cuts fat.
So, we got fat from the sausage
and now we got the orange juice
that brings all those great
flavors together.
OK. Last, but not least: green
Texture, color,
We want the food to look good,
as well as taste good.
Perfect bands of acidity,
seasoning is just correct.
We are ready
to serve this dish. And again,
if I wanted to add more protein
on this, I get add flank steak,
I could add salmon.
You name it,
we can add it.
Here we are, the finished dish:
sausage and black-eyed pea
Chickpeas are a great source of
but added with rice:
It’s like, the most amazing
thing. We’re gonna start the
same way, a little grapeseed
oil. Grapeseed oil is better
for us than olive oil.
It’s a purer oil,
heats up a lot faster,
and it has no flavor.
So it doesn’t alter the flavor
of what you’re cooking.
Best oil to use.
OK. Same
again, we’re going to start
with some onion.
Into the pan. You hear that
sizzle. If you hear that
sizzle, now you’re cooking.
We’ve got some chickpeas.
And here’s the interesting
part: curry powder.
Alright, in goes the rice.
Again, we’re looking for all
the flavors to meld.
At this point I’m going to take
a little bit of water.
I’m going to add that to the
The reason I’m doing that is
because I want a little sauce
with that curry powder.
Make the rice a little wetter.
You can see the color coming
That’s the cumin,
the coriander.
Again citrus.
This time I’m going to take a
little lemon juice.
Lemon juice. And it helps your
metabolism, and it
also brings the flavors
together. Gonna add a
little bit of cilantro.
Amazing citrus.
It pops out of your mouth.
I need a little salt in there.
And the presentation is
as important as the
actual food itself.
But imagine getting that with
some type of protein on it.
Chickpea cilantro rice.
Little onion, little citrus.
but effective. My
last rice, we’re going to add
Cauliflower florets.
A lot of people don’t use
this vegetable,
and yet it is a great
great source of protein.
We’re going to do the same
thing, put the heat on.
Nice and hot. A little oil.
into the oil.
What I’m looking for here
is a little caramelization.
Watch what happens. See, it’s
starting to go golden brown
That’s what I want.
That’s the flavor, the sugar.
We’re layering flavors.
Take a little bit of garlic in
Notice I didn’t put garlic in
first because it burns really
In goes our rice.
And the star of this dish
is not the rice,
it’s actually the cauliflower.
Letting it meld together,
all those flavors.
Taking a little bit of water
When I say a little bit of
all I’m doing is steaming and
helping the cauliflower cook.
I want it al dente,
which is firm to the bite.
But I want the flavor to come
out of it.
At this point we do one of two
things. I have got toasted
And if you don’t like nuts or
are allergic to nuts, you just
leave them out. Going to put
them in there because,
again, high source of protein.
Nuts are really good for us,
especially if we’re eating
We take a little pinch
of salt again.
And salt is the flavor enhancer
You can smell the garlic,
you can see the
nuts and the cauliflower.
And here’s something really
good: basil. A lot
of people chop basil.
When you chop basil,
it bruises really quickly.
In other words it discolours.
With this dish, I’m doing
something different.
I’m going to pick it,
by piece.
The flavor stays intact,
it stays green.
And I’m going to take it off
the heat in two seconds and
let it permeate. Off the heat.
And we’re ready to serve.
Finished dish: cauliflower rice
with picked basil,
and a little onion and garlic.
Think of the things we could do
with this, whether it be
chicken, beef,
pork, shrimp,
Or just use it as an entree
Three simple rice dishes.
You could do it at home. You
can prep it the day before,
or the week before,
and cook it when you get home
at night.
For more great recipes,
healthy recipes, go to
See you next time.

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