Cheese Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe

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Hi. I’m Marian, Welcome to Thrive Gluten Free,
where I’m all about showing you how easy it is to cook delicious, Gluten Free meals.
Today I’m going to show you my most requested recipe to make a video of
What my fans on FaceBook have told me, is that they tried to make it, and it never turns out right.
It doesn’t cook right, it’s not even, and it falls apart
I’m going to show you how to make my recipie, and it turn out perfect every single time.
Cauliflower pizza crusts are very popular in the low carb and Paleo community
and the reason is because it, well, obviously it’s low carb,
it’s low calorie, and it’s very high in nutrients.
We’re always trying to squeeze more vegetables into our diet
and it’s really an easy and delicious way to incorporate it, if you know how to make it.
Cauliflower is high in many B vitamins, potassium, and vitamin C,
it’s also very high in antioxidents, it has high anti-cancer properties
and it’s anti-inflamitory. Pretty good reasons to try and find ways to make it.
So what we’re going to do is, I have this small head of cauliflower
and this should make probably 2-3 cups. For this recipe, we only use 2 cups
of what is called “riced” caulifower.
What you do is you take your food processor. Or you can use a cheese grater, but a food processor is a lot more fast.
So we are going to take the cauliflower, and cut it off from it’s stem, and cut it into pieces that will fit into the processor.
I have a pretty small processor, if you have a bigger one, you will be able to process more at a time.
(lively music playing)
So I have the florets in the processor, and now we’re just going to use the “chop” setting, and rice the cauliflower
Alright, we have riced the cauliflower, and this is what it looks like
So you can see that it’s in very small pieces
and what I’m going to do, is place my cup in the bowl
make it as easy as possible.
because we actually do want to measure it
cauliflower is a vegetable
it’s full of liquid, and we want the ratios to be
right, so that the cauliflower crust actually turns out the way that it should
(lively music playing)
If you make this, and have any other cauliflower rice left over
it’s very easy to add to other things
you can add it to meatballs that you make, or meatloaf
you can hide it in a soup to kind of make it more creamy
cauliflower has all kinds of wonderful culinary uses
So we have our 2 cups of cauliflower, and now we are going to add 2 eggs
And we will add arrowroot starch
I’m going to start with 3 Tablespoons, but
because vegetables are watery
sometimes, you might have to add more.
Also, depending on the humidity in the air, or where you live, you might need a little bit more
So, it’s one of those;Yes, it’s a recipe, but you may not be able to follow it “to a T” (hearing expression)
Depending on where you live, you have my permission to add more starch if you need it
Next up is the coconut oil,
I find that cauliflower and coconut oil compliment each other really well
However, if you do not like coconut oil, or you don’t have it, you can use butter
And now we are going to add the spices
little bit of basil
you can measure these out, or you can do the Rachel Ray thing, and put it in your cupped hand
little bit of onion powder
garlic powder
and of course, salt.
we’re going to mix it all together
do it by hand
or use a mixer, either way is just fine
you want it to actually have a dough like consistancy. You want it sticking together
if you find it’s a little too watery, again, add some more arrow root starch
alright, so now we are going to make our pizzas
The thing with couliflower pizza crust, is you cannot make one large pizza crust
it will not cook evenly
what you have to do is make smaller, personal “pan” size pizzas
so, you line your baking sheet with parchment paper
not foil. It WILL stick to the foil
I’m going to spray just a little bit of olive oil on it
just to make sure it doesn’t stick.
and then add the dough to the paper
you want to make them the thickness of a pizza crust. You do not want to spread them out too thin
you also don’t want a big ball. It does NOT flatten out as you cook it
I would say a good size is no more than about…6-8″
The oven has been preheated to 400 degrees
We’re going to put them in the oven and cook them for about 25-30 min
we’ll check on them to make sure they are cooking evenly
and we may or may not take them out at that time. If they need longer, please do it.
Allright, 15 min has elapsed, but they are smelling
delicious, so I’m going to go ahead and check on them
and they actually look like they are ready
Some ovens do cook hotter than others,
so keep an eye on it. If you start to smell it, definately check on it
that’s usually a sign that the food is done
As you can see, the edges are a little bit brown
and if you lift it up, it’s brown on the bottom
and it actually holds together quite nicely. It has great texture!
and THAT is how you make a cauliflower pizza crust!
You can top this with whatever you want. I love
to use pesto and roasted vegetables,
which is the recipe on my blog
when you go to it.
But you can also use marinera sauce, olive oil
any type of pizza you would normally make, you can make using these
Thank you so much for watching today. I would love to hear from you,
and what toppings YOU have put on your cauliflower pizza crust
and also any other requests that you have for videos. This was a high in demand video
and I was excited to make it for you.
So if you have any requests on how to make something gluten free, please let me know
you can head over to my website and send me an email from there
also you can friend me on Face Book
and let me know on my Face Book page, your requests! I would love to hear from them
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Thank you so much for watching, have a great day.


  1. I never seen a cauliflower bread video done without cooking, straining all the water first , then adding all the remaining ingredients, I have done a whole pizza and it held just fine, I love cauliflower pizza and bread sticks

  2. haha You're adorable. I made this last night! It works so well! I did add more arrowroot starch but the seasonings you suggest are perfect. Thank you!

  3. Just to mention you didn't wash your hands after handling the eggs, cross contamination on everything you touched afterwards (spice jars) looks a great recipe thanks 🙂

  4. Looking forward to trying this! Thanks for sharing… I love that it seems so much simpler than all the other crust recipes out there.

  5. Thank you so much for this simple cauliflower crust!! I have always wanted to try a cauliflower crust but it just seemed like so much work. I tried this and it worked great!! Also, the smaller size makes it fun for multiple family members to add their own toppings 🙂

  6. Video are great but it would also be helpful if the recipe were available in printed form. Is there somewhere this recipe is available in printed form?

  7. thank you for clarifying the arrowroot starch I'm was a little bummed when you said flour but luckily read your comment

  8. Thank you for the recipe! I must say that the pop up comments are very unnecessary and distracting unless you are correcting your comments in the video. It's just a feedback.

  9. Lol loved the recipe. I didn't understnd some people saying youre using flour, you said arrowroot flour soon after. Ahh people lol

  10. Hi Marian, a girlfriend of mine recommended I follow you and I'm so happy that I do now. You are very generous to share your recipes with all of us. Love each and everyone of them! You are the neatest cook and you have the neatest kitchen. I can see why people follow and like you so much! Thanks!!!

  11. Can we sub the starch for almond or coconut flour? Also, if we want our toppings to be warm/cooked, should we take the crusts out early to add the toppings and then return to the oven? Or would you recommend warming/cooking the toppings separately and then adding to the finished crust? Thanks for the recipe, seems simple, delicious, & healthy! 🙂

  12. Well, you can’t call it cauliflower pizza crust since it is mixed with flour. It actually defeats the porpoise of using cauliflower which has no carb or gluten

  13. Thrive Gluten free just added wheat flour to the recipe. And coconut oil, which is higher in saturated fat than butter. But she suggests butter if you don't have coconut fat.

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