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hey everyone and welcome back to my
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Instagram I post tons of healthy
inspiration and lots of food photos and
things like that the first recipe we are
making is an acai smoothie bowl because
they can be very expensive if you go out
for them I know around me they’re like
twelve to fifteen dollars just for one
little Bowl so I’m going to show you
guys how to make it for cheaper at home
so I’m using one frozen banana really
important that is frozen banana as well
as half a cup of frozen berries you can
use raspberries blueberries blackberries
or any kind of berries and the key is
the acai powder as opposed to the frozen
aside packs
that’s because acai powder is a lot
cheaper and you’ll get a lot of use out
of it compared like for your dollars
compared to the frozen packets and then
I’m putting in 1 1/4 cup of almond milk
and it’s important to keep the liquids
to a minimum so that you get this nice
thick and creamy acai bowl and it’s not
like too thin and then all your toppings
will just sink into it so blend that up
until you get a nice thick color the
more banana you use the lighter the acai
color will be so if you want one of
those darker ones just use less banana
and more darker colored berries like
raspberries blueberries strawberries and
all that and then I’m just topping it
with some banana and some strawberry and
the price break down for each ingredient
will be in the description box in case
you guys want to see and how I priced
everything out and things like that and
then I’m also putting on some hemp parts
these are great they got Oh minus 3s and
healthy fats as well as a spoonful of
peanut butter a it just tastes amazing
and it also has great healthy fats so I
made this whole bowl with all the
ingredients and the toppings for $2.49
which is really affordable
oh and I added in a quarter cup of
granola as well but it’s a super
affordable way to make disciples at home
next up for making this roasted
cauliflower salad this is so yummy and
rich and creamy it reminds me of a lot
of those salads you can get
Whole Foods Oh toes like really fancy
like salad places so I’m using some
cauliflower and I’m going to be cutting
that up into larger chunks and then I’m
going to be putting that onto a greased
baking sheet and I’m going to bake that
at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes but
I’m going to also salt it with some salt
obviously any little drizzle of olive
oil and I assume in these recipes you
have things like salt and olive oil so I
don’t include that in the price I also
using some chickpeas to add to the salad
and again a drizzle of olive oil and a
little sprinkling of paprika to give
them a bit of flavor
and then while those are in the oven
roasting I am going to be cutting out
the summit kale and I am roasting it I
don’t know if I said that but 350 for
like 30 minutes and I’m going to chop up
some kale while that’s in there and uses
some lemon which will help break down
the kale and make it not as bitter and I
like using chillness recipe because it
has a lot more nutrients and it’s a lot
more nutrient dense than lighter colored
leaves but if you prefer I think the
next best thing would be spinach spinach
also has a high nutrient content
basically anything other than iceberg
will work really well and give you a lot
of nutrients and then once everything is
done I’m just putting that on the top of
my bowl and then I’m also going to be
making a dressing and I will link the
recipe down below but you guys have seen
me make this dressing a lot before so I
didn’t show it and I’m going to drizzle
that over the top and it’s like a lemon
tahini dressing it’s really yummy and I
did like include that in the price of
this dish as well so it’s all included
and that came out to two dollars and 98
cents to just under the $3.00 mark but I
love the protein and as you got healthy
fats you’ve got lots of nutrients like
kale and it’s a good thing to meal prep
because kale doesn’t well too fast and
other greens and lastly I thought I
would show you another one of my like
Potato boat creations because sweet
potatoes can be like a really great
cheap alternative so I’m going to be
roasting that for 50 minutes at 400
degrees I’m just wrapping it in some
tinfoil while that is cooking or look
near when that’s done I’m going to be
cutting up an avocado for some great
healthy fats and I just love like I know
I didn’t others
potato boat recipe in my last cheap
recipes but I just love using like a
sweet potato and then changing up the
toppings and the fillings because it’s a
really really inexpensive way to get in
some good healthy complex carbs and then
I’m going to be also frying up an egg
person added protein into this as well
once your potato is done just push it
with a fork to make sure it’s like soft
all the way through you cut that down
the middle and put it onto a plate and
then I’m using a fork to kind of mash
down the sides a little bit so that it’s
a little bit easier to eat you don’t
have to do this but it makes it a lot
easier to eat if you just mash it up a
bit and then I’m layering it with some
of the avocado some only using half of
an avocado just like for the price point
and then I’m putting one egg and egg is
also a great thing to use because it
actually has all the essential amino
acids in it and it’s one of the only
protein sources that does it and they’re
fairly inexpensive compared to like
organic chickens and guys look at that
yolk this is so good I love having this
I also usually add turkey bacon but I
forgot to add it in but I put it into
the price down below so I used two
strips normally a turkey bacon
it tastes so good and college breakfast
I hope you guys enjoyed this video if
you want more like this don’t forget to
eat we know in the comments down below I
hope you guys all have a fabulous day
and I’ll see you in my next video

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