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Welcome to Rooftop Rannaghar!
Today our guest cook is Moumita Ghosh.
She will make Fulkopir Halwa (Cauliflower Porridge).
The ingredients are one cup of boiled and mashed cauliflower (only the flower portion),
half cup milk,
4 tablespoons full sugar,
two tablespoons full of condensed milk,
four to five teaspoons full of Ghee (clarified butter),
one tablespoon of vanilla essence,
half cup of khoya kheer (mawa/rice pudding),
one tablespoon of ground cardamom,
two tablespoons full of chopped almond,
two tablespoons full of chopped pista,
and one pinch of salt.
First heat four to five teaspoons of Ghee in a pan.
Once ghee is hot, add one cup of boiled and mashed flower portion of the cauliflower.
Add one pinch of salt and cook for two minutes.
Now add one pinch of ground cardamom and mix well for two minutes.
Add half cup milk and mix well.
Once the milk is mixed well, put the lid on and boil for two to three minutes.
After boiling, open the lid, add four tablespoons of sugar and mix well.
When the sugar melts and mixes well, add a half cup of khoya kheer and again mix well.
After adding khoya kheer, keep stirring the mixture so that khoya kheer doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of the pan.
When the mixture becomes thick, add one tablespoon of pista and one tablespoon of almond and mix it well.
Then add two tablespoons of condensed milk and stir well till the halwa becomes completely thick.
After halwa thickens, add the rest of the ground cardamom, one tablespoon of vanilla essence and mix it well.
Now Fulkoir Halwa is ready to be served.
It’s nice.
Did you like it?
We generally heard of Gourd Halwa or Carrot Halwa…
I haven’t tasted Cauliflower Halwa before.
The mashed flowers taste like Sandesh.
How did you think of this recipe?
I saw Cauliflower or Cabbage Halwa before.
And then I added some innovations to it.
That vanilla essence is an addition, right?
And how did you like to cook here?
It’s very nice.
This is a unique exerience for me to cook in such an ambience.
Ours is an open kitchen concept.
In the middle of greenery.
It was a beautiful recipe.
Thanks a lot for joining us.
This is a small token for you from Rooftop Rannaghar.
Thank you.
Stay well and cook well.

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