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she woman yellow and welcome to another sexy for the hill chest let’s find out what’s going to be the country of these big cities oh no okay guys do you know where we go so give us thumbs up when you liked the video the wheel stars is P and thank you hello Polly : game good to Team Canada love you guys so much it will be a dream to see you in real life kinds of maybe maybe one day we got Canada let’s recreate this poutine yes of course let’s do it let’s try our kitchen recreate the poutine let’s go where the cooks we got the looks whereas FK web you Friday funny kitchen mister salon and you got it in Canada you guys are crazy for these poutine yes you have a lot of mixture lots of variations you’re gonna try to do the most traditional poutine ever and you guys from Canada you can tell us in the comments if we are close enough or if you are terrible at doing it but we will try it we will do our best making this poutine for the very first time was actually challenging but first you need to start with the gravy which is melted butter and flour and then you add your favorite stuff like beef stock vegetable stock and a little bit of milk with corn flour you boil everything and you will have something with this consistency now you need to do your french fries which everyone knows not to do them now the cheese everyone in Canada uses cheese curds but we didn’t found it so we use new Zarrella which works perfectly also and now look it’s easy you put your french fries on the plate you put your cheese on top and you pour your melted sexy steamy gravy on it and this is a look at the cheese look at the cheese okay for you now for me mmm I think personally myself and I this really super super simple but it’s amazing it’s very good its fries with gravy and cheese nothing can go wrong right congratulations Canada regulate divide the waiter okay so now we need to try to recreate this and make something special special girlfriends or our way do you have any ideas I don’t have any idea I think we’re gonna have one we need to learn more about Canada yeah everything’s a small journey and then we really meant something amazing in order to reinvent his amazing poutine and make our own strange version of it we flew to Canada to learn more about the country and get more inspiration did you know that Canada is an island called dildo Canada is more Lakes than the rest of the world’s lakes all combined and every Christmas 1 million letters are addressed to Santa Claus at the zone Canadian postal code and can they do McDonald’s exclusively lobster oh my god by coming we reversed everywhere online and I think you guys already invented every variation of the poutine possible yes one of the things I felt when I was eating the poutine was that you just go with the fork or with your fingers and you eat the fry with the gravy and the cheese but it’s never very perfect and you know if you think about it it’s really nice to do a cone and I have things inside can you imagine in one bite do you like the idea is that when you grab your french fry you guys gonna see what we’re saying yeah you bite it you will bind everything at the same time and it will be actually amazingly amazing so let’s start with the combination really easy really simple and don’t mess around mess around aluminium foil and paper and simple paper a Quadra paper bottle before first step is you have to do mark and your paper like this video is a good guy in two hands and this stuff I am gonna roll all the paper till the ends until the end safer with element in foil you’re gonna press your paper and roll the aluminum foil we don’t know why we made so many because we like to make cone like we are cone persons now what we did is instead of frying the potatoes we boil five large potatoes and now we need to smash them one four for you and four more smashing begins it’s really nice it’s like a therapy for for a couple double therapy cookies because it’s a can of the show Kennedy’s over what they Canadian senior I don’t know I have a lot I’m really sure but I think Justin Bieber is Canadian I like some songs oh I really enjoy Shania Twain for example a feline let’s go so guys this is a consistency you will need haha I did it we shop one red onion just shop it very very fine and you add it to the bowl yes in done we shot a little bit of shine which give us a lot of corners and we just want to have alfe of them because the other half is gonna save it for later so the final next 100 grams of flour and now the bestest favorite part of all times that’s involved in a series our MC yeah wash your hands hands wash paper mind that good like this like that like dude involvement if it’s too sticky you need a little bit more flour if you find a flower flower so now put the flower on the table we forgot the salt in a black pepper yes we chopped pepper perfect this is not gonna be a booty yeah it’s gonna be all were potent our potent take a little bit of your potato like this and roll it in your hands site chocolate chocolate chip which and now we’re done and we got the role they mounted their little snakes really easy you can do a lot of quantities we are going to make this cylinders or something and now we’re gonna smash them and then we’re gonna roll them around the cone enroll it it’s really easy just follow your instincts and then I’m gonna fry the yeah I don’t like feathers shirt and you did the episode he didn’t call 30 so he’s not denying our sexy moment that I think you should put like us and I’m sexier that’s not what I look like you should look like something better okay Pedro Pedro designed by Pedro now he’s the type to make our poutine poutine gravy gravy okay in our special ingredient is each other chatter chatter chatter Florida better baby gypsy Lorenzo’s finish our sauce our gritty sauce share the ready I’m gonna serve for you this is not happening come on cheese is always a great idea to stick with a little bit more let’s try it bye bye – bye guys it’s not happening it’s amazing this is amazing it is amazing is perfect I’m just a little bit sad that you guys can’t ride him it’s not easy to do because it’s a little bit of a process right no come on it’s perfect you should try this one day this should be legalized the girls should be if you guys don’t subscribe to our channel because we just worry about something look we created something with joy to our six and family because we’re gonna create much more recipes than that every day we post new videos you might have another ones you next Friday and if you missus all social media here below try this at home with the people who you love and like to you which country is gonna be next week I’m so excited that you have the amazing recipe I’m sure talking to another bye guys ah wait wait we are waiting for the voila Sami did from Sami do

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