Can You Eat Peacock Eggs | How To Cook Over Easy Eggs

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hello there I’m chef Johnny this is
Texas Style Cuisine got the Blackstone
out again we’re cooking breakfast but I
tell you what we’re not doing your
ordinary bacon and eggs today we are
doing bacon and peacock eggs so stick
around and let’s see if a peacock eggs
good to have a breakfast
we’re gonna get started here drop some bacon on to start off with got this Blackstone on I oh
it’s on a low heat not too hot we’re gonna let our bacon get started first
a little bacon press on there helping
cook a little bit faster not curl up on us
alright lets flip our bacon over
set that press back up on top of it
all right let’s do another flip on these
it looks pretty good on that side so
back over these ought to be about ready to
get off
all right Bacon’s looking good I’m gonna put it on my rack over here and just let it kind of drain
look at these two look good let that one go just a
little bit more now here we go
two peacock eggs never have eaten peacock eggs before they are great big so we’re gonna
have some big eggs here I’m gonna I’m
gonna do some omelettes with these also
so stay tuned to be looking for my
peacock omelet but uh we’re gonna give
them a try and we’re gonna do them over
easy here on the Blackstone so same
principle there’s any other egg but give
a little crack boy the shell is hard you feel that
ooo that is a big old egg
oops got a little shell in there get that out
yeah I broke the yokel now it’ll be all
right we’re gonna keep cooking these
here we’ll put a lid over them it’s
helpful cook a little bit on top
something they’re gonna be an overeasy
so if you didn’t flip them over they are really they’re a steamed egg or a basted egg
a steam basted egg but when you flip
them that’s when they’re over easy
that’s the differance between the steamed egg
and one if you just left it up there
they would turn white but they would not
be over easy
these starting to cook up pretty
take one let’s pick it up you can see
this Blackstone it’s kind of good
nonstick on it we’re gonna lift that
one over take someone we broke flip it
over leave them there just enough to
cook that top then we’re gonna get them
off get them on plate
fun with our bacon see how they turned out
one two two over easy eggs bring
my rack back out here we have
got some bacon there we go looking
pretty good
let’s get these salt and peppered up see
how they taste
alreight I’m gonna add a little pepper to these I call this table grind pepper
but got that on my eggs salt looking pretty let’s give these eggs a try I’ll slice them up
still pretty runny I did crack that
one and the other one and just lost a little bit on the but
I think they’re still looking pretty
the peacock eggs are looking good I got the guy that brought him to him he’s
off-camera he’s kind of camera shy it
was must my son is about half scared he
said they didn’t kill me he was going
try em so let’s see how they do
regular egg taste nothing nothing different
just bigger tastes like a nice up
overeasy egg just how I like them
well there you have I keep calling
peacock eggs but technically Luke’s
telling me they’re peafowl eggs
cause the males are the Peacocks the females
are peafowl so the peafowl eggs but we
did what I was talking about
so anyways did you enjoy these peafowl
eggs go down there and give me a thumbs up I always appreciate that remember the share us tell your friends
and family about us and were gonna see yall down
the road on Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine
how them boys put food away
beats all I’ve ever seen


  1. Well! Now that's different. Peafowl eggs really taste like chicken eggs? If so this might be great news for me. Like you, I like eggs over-easy because I use the yoke as a dipping sauce for toast or biscuit. So they really taste like regular eggs?

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  3. Absolutely fantastic video nicely done my friend I could eat eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹

  4. Yep yep—the world of eggs extends far beyond just chicken and we really dim our horizons by hewing so overwhelmingly towards it. For instance, turkey eggs used to be the ace in the hole for american pastry chefs and whatnot for a grand while….right up until we went commercial mad on Thanksgiving and all but eliminated the general supply chain so as to make leveraging anything beyond meat almost entirely nonviable. Embracing variety in protein, by meat or cheese or egg, is the only sustainable and stewardship bolstering way forward else we could well wind up in a corner we won't get out of.

  5. 5:20 .. I got news for ya brother, he's not off camera, he's to the right of the screen drinking what I'm assuming is a 16 oz Lonestar ๐Ÿคฃ

  6. Everything Always has to be Bigger in Texas, state law I believe. ๐Ÿ˜Ž. They can't be easy to find. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

  7. Well Chef Johnny that's a first what will be your choice of egg next how about an ostrich egg. LOL ๐Ÿ˜

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