Can we improve our Full English Breakfast from 2014??

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  1. Whilst we're on the topic of breakfast, our next book is going to be totally based around the morning meal and we need your help with it!

    If you have an ultimate breakfast recipe you're dying to share, drop us an email to [email protected] with your recipe with the subject line 'Breakfast Recipe Submission'

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  2. Totally mouth watering. Reminds me of the vacations I spend in Scotland, but nothing as good as what you guys made.

  3. The first time I got a full English I was so confused by what was on my plate. Beans?! Why do I need beans! A tomato, just there, by itself? Why do I need that? And mushrooms? What kind of sorcery is this? I guess I am a simple gal, looking for two sunny side ups, home fries, and a couple of pieces of bacon and maybe some toast with jam.

  4. You still color grade things to look green to this day by the way, butter, oil, eggs, potatoes etc, all look green.

  5. Love the flavour profile of the homemade beans. I'm guessing they could work with different types of beans? Butterbeans would be great. Could black beans work if you're trying to get some extra vitamins in?

  6. I hope to see you compete to cook a new dish of authentic international kitchens. I am from Kuwait and I would like to see you try to cook one of our traditional recipes.
    This will be challenge for you 😉

  7. I'm watching this on a Friday night while getting drunk and I so want to do this for my breakfast tomorrow! And I'm not even English!

  8. Looks shit that breakfast on the thumbnail you should close down your show thats not an english breakfast haggis not at all on a breakfast clear yous dont have a clue on something so easy

  9. Wow erm so ok…. I love you guys…but this is proper shite…full English?… yet it features nothing but the union jack….and haggis?? are you fucking kidding me??

  10. Would be cool to see some lavabread and cockles to add some Welsh vibes, and some white pudding to represent the Irish. A full British 💪🏼

  11. If I've only left over mash and want to add a bit of potato to my full English, I'll add some flour to make it a big dough like than add a bit of milk, maybe some herbs if I have them but always a bit of salt and pepper. Then fry of like shallow fry or use that egg pan, that thing is amazing for making weird shit. They come out tasting more bready than potato but oh my god they are the best bit of the breakfast and mum always asks for two

  12. "Vinegar" is taken from the french "vinaigre" or "vin aigre" wich means sour wine so red wine vinegar tanslates to red wine sour wine.

  13. Beans looked scrumptious. Still don't get beans for breakfast. But those beans would kick up a sandwich to the next level for lunch or dinner.

  14. Definitely need more of these videos. Maybe letting the normals improve the dish? I remember a ratatouille dish in SORTED eats France that could do with an update if for no other reason than to get the garlic necklace out again.

  15. Omg…. anyone else watch meerkat manor on animal planet when it was a thing? I always remembered these two little babies they named bubbles and squeak because I thought those names are just so cute. They named them after food. Food. The primary thing that drives meerkats to attack other meerkats I’m dying.

  16. ok guys only just started watching your vids for a couple of days but you all have great personalities and a sense of fun making a VERY entertaining channel. however being a baked bean lover for a great many years I've discovered over the years canned baked beans should only be cooked in a pan for about 15 mins which concentrates the flavour and reduces the sauce and totally transforms them, having said that I would love to try your homemade version. I would also add that Cumberland sausage over Lincoln every time!!!

  17. wish could get the stuff to try making this here. But in america so lot of it not available or is super expensive to get

  18. Do any of your cook books translate terms, for us silly Americans who dont understand English? If anyone had asked me what a " bubble & squeek" was, i would reply " It's something I do in the tub with my rubber duck."

  19. English breakfast is basically a mediterranean meal with added cholesterol and those intimidating baked beans that noone outside the UK considers edible….

  20. Fan from America.

    Have you ever heard of mushroom ketchup? I make my own a lot.
    Might be a bit fun to make odd condiments from around the world.


  21. Haggis is made from the bits of sheep that civilized people throw out. And I loathe black pudding. And blood sausage. And blood soup.

    What they call "has browns" I know as latkes.

  22. Aren’t you supposed to cook BnS all together so that you turn the burned bits back into the BnS and make it taste superb?

  23. I'd lose the fried bread, used to be a fan but it's too greasy for me, and if sprinkle some sugar on the tomatoes (cut side) to caramelise a little l loved it on my original recipe for a breakfast sandwiche. Toast, home made guac, bacon, runny egg. Caramelised Tom, fried mushrooms and onions with saracha 👍

  24. They do make cooking what is one of the simplest meals ever to cook look very complicated! That said though they look good and haggis added to a fry up is always great

  25. I may not always be keen with the idea of what you brits call breakfast but dammit if you lot haven't got the batter idea of what bacon should be. Proper thick cuts of meat, not the thin little trimmings that we use in the states. Odd that the country that is almost stereotypical with its use of meats on massive scales makes some of the most anemic bacon.

  26. Well, being a Yank, I thought Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast was filling – it’s got nothing on the your English Full Monty…that thing is a total beast! Great job on this video guys 🍻

  27. The fucking dishes to do after this breakfast might make this my last breakfast, because I’d rather kill myself than do all that washing up. Tea and toast ain’t never killed nobody!

  28. Garlic and chillies shouldn’t be near a breakfast. The best Baked Beans I’ve ever had are oxo beans (have to be cooked in a pan so they thicken right up),sprinkle in around 1n1/2 oxo cubes per can. Beauty!!

  29. Just Amazing guys… Your making a Scottsman very hungry here in the USA that canae get Haggis ! Or real Bacon !!!!… Love the show Guys… From Baton. Rouge, Louisiana…

  30. I certainly hope you can improve this, after all you made this video is 2014, we are now winding down 2019, there is Always room for improvement…

  31. I thought bubble and squeak was sausages and mash ?!?! I’m so dumb! I can’t believe I did t know what it was made from?!

  32. Homemade ketchup and baked beans are all well and good but we all know there’s no way they will taste as good as Heinz

  33. Just a few comments:
    You show cabbage for the Bubble & Squeak but don't list it!
    Sometimes you should leave well enough alone,just how LONG is your breakfast going to be before it's ready(lunch time?)
    To paraphrase Star Trek "It's breakfast Jim, but not as we know it!"
    BTW I really love your videos,BUT James is becoming pretentious and deeply annoying.

  34. This is appalling! I have literally spent years teaching my American self to say "Worst-es-shere" and it turns out many of you have just been saying "Worster" all along. What the hell?

  35. Why not get the normals to do a 30 minute battle with an open brief (like the last 20min one) BUT you have to guess who has spent the most/least, if you can't match them up they get a brownie point..??

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