Can These Chefs Create This Kid’s Dream Breakfast? • Tasty

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  1. Turning Tasty into long form advertisements makes me want to rescue Rie and deliver her to the BA Test Kitchen. This is literally why I unsubscribed, back when they did the Olive Garden crap.

    Rie is better than this. 🙁

  2. Yeaaah not big on the very obvious ad. Just say "hey we're are being sponsored by these guys, so we are going to use them in our dish today!"
    Transparency is a lot less cringy.

  3. seriously, a commercial?? I change the channel when commercial comes on, if this keeps happening, i guess ill be looking for other content. sorry rie, i know you had nothing to do with this.

  4. Rie: she doesn't look like the picky eater so I'm making her dish healthy
    Me: no child likes vegetables
    Later : ends up losing

    Btw i love u Rie

  5. WOW I FEEL SO BAD FOR RIE IN THIS EPISODE WOW. that girl is just…. biased idc. and rie clearly didn’t want to have to use that biscuit for the ad wow.

  6. who in their right mind would use PRE-PACKAGED FOOD in a TASTY video?? i thought y'all were professionals who made everything from scratch??

  7. I hated this episode they just ruined it by adding the jimmy dean thingy and rie wasn’t herself.
    Just saying my opinion

  8. next episode: can these kids make this chef’s dream breakfast?

    make it happen. i wanna see kids in the kitchen

  9. THIS IS SO FAKE. We all know they told that kid to say “hmmmm yummy biscuits” we all know you pulled a last minute kid for a shitty branddeal 😳😳😳THIS IS STAGGED

  10. Sponsorships are fine but oh my god don’t ruin a perfectly good episode by having to use it this was clearly a set up so that store bought crap wins 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Okay, I liked veggies as a kid, well, at least the ones my mom made. I get a little off-put by kids complaining about vegetables.

  12. First video of tasty that gets my dislike.
    We don’t stan sponsorship ads videos
    Plus, this girl is too old, uninterested and mean to Rie

  13. also sorry lynea but healthy food is important for BREAKFAST! Far too many ppl, especially americans, have nasty sugary and fatty stuff for BREAKFAST e.g. mac and cheese, sugary cereals, sugar, pop tarts, the list goes on…

  14. Omg I remember Lynnea! She was only nine and she said she likes to eat chicken Alfredo's and I though it was the best word ever and I've been saying it since

  15. what the fuck do you pieces of shit have against commercials? they need to make money, the video was still absolutely amazing, and the biscuits were actually great too. so shut up and stop being annoying, i KNEW some butthurt idiots were gonna be complaining abt this in the comments. if you really do love rie and katie stop complaining bc their videos are amazing and make me and a lot of people happy

  16. Why would you bring this girl again but not Lynden? Everybody loved Lynden.
    "What are these voices in my head? Stop!!!"

    She was so fun and not too quirky. Really want to see Lynden again 🤩

  17. This whole thing seemed so fake….don't do a 'sponsored' one again unless it's something that they are using as an ingredient for another dish or something.

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