Can Overweight Pregnant Women Diet to Restrict Their Weight Gain?

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My sister had baby a couple years before
I did and she gained 60 pounds during
her pregnancy and I did not want to gain
60 pounds.
The origins of obesity start
in utero so an overweight or obese mom
already is conferring on that child an
increased risk, so the idea of trying to
help prevent that is …the earlier we can start, the better.
All too often, we just sort of eat
mindlessly and especially it’s sort of
common for pregnant women to decide, “I’m eating for two.” Women really only need
another 200 or so calories a day, which
easily could be achieved by drinking two
glasses of skim milk.
Thank you for coming in today.
Most women, when
they come in, they say, “Whoa, this is a
lot of food! I don’t eat that much.” What
we promote in MOMfit is eating
more of the things your body needs
rather than feeling that deprivation
mode of okay, can’t eat sweets, can’t eat that …
We didn’t eat that many vegetables, my
husband and I, and we probably should
have eaten more vegetables but, I don’t
know, we just didn’t cook with them.
We were much simpler, like one-pot sort of thing, and the pot was usually, like, pasta
and some chicken and some sauce and that … and we’ve just gotten better at, like,
adding vegetables to every meal and
including them in the one-pot recipe more
and stuff like that.
This is important to show that it is actually
possible to make improvements in your
lifestyle during pregnancy such that you
have a better likelihood of gaining
within the accepted guidelines
People who maintain their conditioning
feel better, they have fewer aches and
pains during pregnancy and I think they
do better during labor as well.
I would say it’s definitely like our
whole house eats much better, much more
balanced meals. She sees us eating
vegetables, so she’s willing to eat
vegetables and I just feel like I know
more of what to do to be like a good
healthy food mom for her without … with
just eating the food that we eat as adults.
So it’s not like she eats a
special healthy meal. She eats what we eat and we all eat healthier now.

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