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Friends you will be amazed to know that a
person never gets upset with his kidney during
kidney disease. He gets upset because of the symptoms and complications that occur during kidney disease.
Our kidneys silently work and carry out the most important functions
of the body. This is why, we don’t think much about our kidneys. But taking care of
the kidneys is quite important because if there occurs any damage to them, we will
hardly get to know. Actually, the signs of
kidney problems only appear when the kidneys are at the edge
of failure. In the initial stage, we hardly get to know
about it but after kidney failure there is hardly scope of recovering kidney
function back again. You will be amazed to know that there is
no treatment for kidney failure in allopathy. So, let us talk about one such problem during
kidney disease that every patient is forced to face and that disturbs their sleep as well. That
complication is diarrhea Friends, you might have suffered from diarrhea
in which the stomach gets upset and the resultant you spend most of the time
in the toilet. Due to diarrhea, the body becomes dehydrated and you feel
weakness eventually the whole day long. Because of this weakness, you don’t feel
like actively participating in any work and
you want to spend most of the time in bed. and you are not able to pay attention to
any of the work. Even if you think of consuming
anything the fear of increasing complications may
threaten you. During kidney disease the body may have a number of complications
such as weakness, infections, and alike. In such a case, having diarrhea may put your
situation in danger. Because of diarrhea, your kidneys and the
body get pressurized. Your kidneys may get damaged
progressively. So friends, during renal failure i.e. kidney failure, diarrhea
comes as a dilemma for the patient Diarrhea mostly occurs when the kidney function
is totally lost. Normally, the kidneys keep on filtering our
blood and cleans our body. Such wastes after filtration
is flushed out of the body through the urine. When renal failure occurs, such wastes start accumulating within and this waste
becomes the reason for diarrhea. During diarrhea, you may have a stomach ache
and gastric problems. When the waste gets accumulated in the body,
the intestine in our body gets damaged, and the body may feel discomfort. Diarrhea is one such discomfort in the body.
During diarrhea you may not feel appetite, always sense dizziness,
and vomit may also occur. So, how to save yourself from diarrhea occurring
during kidney disease. The first thing to
remember is that you remain strict with your diet. You have
to consume only those things that are prescribed by your dietician and make sure
that you don’t consume fast foods. Because if further wastes get accumulated
in the body, this will become quite dangerous for you. Such waste will
never let your diarrhea to get cured. In
fact it will progress with more speed. This is
why such patients are advised to take dialysis with the help of
a machine. This machine filters your blood and return it back in your body because the
blood is so toxin that your body needs dialysis. But do you know that dialysis is not a permanent treatment for kidney failure.
There are so many side effects of dialysis
because this machine only filters your blood. The dialysis
machine can not replace a healthy kidney The functions your kidney do can never be
done by a dialysis machine. This is how you can cure diarrhea with dialysis
but this will occur again after some time. So, in whole,
the allopathy there is no treatment for both kidney problems
and diarrhea. In such a case what a kidney patient should
do because he is already upset from diarrhea
and his kidney disease. But don’t get disappointed, you
need the ayurvedic treatment of Karma Ayurveda. Here, Doctor Puneet Dhawan
has cured more than 35000 kidney patients in the past
few decades. Come, let us meet one such happy patient. Doctor: How you
are feeling now? Patient: Feeling better and going to the
gym as well. Doctor: Be open about it and
tell the viewers in-depth. about the benefits, you have got. Patient:
I am in a much better condition than I was
before. Patient: I can say this confidently and if
I consume these medications for further days. Doctor: That I will change. He came in such
a stage with such severe condition that his creatinine was around 7 and dialysis
and the transplant was advised to him. and today, the creatinine has reached 2.
He followed the treatment so diligently. Medicines, diet chart, and the guidelines
were followed precisely. We can say that the treatment of kidney disease
is possible and not one but thousands of
patients have proved this so far. So, you saw how the Ayurvedic knowledge of
Karma Ayurveda cured the problems of this
kideny patient. of its roots. Hope, you liked this video. Don’t forget to like and share this video
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See you in the next video. Stay healthy and happy.

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