Can healthy food save the planet?

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You know the saying “you are what you eat”.
But the way we currently eat is in fact ruining
our health,
the health of others and that of the planet.
Unhealthy food is now deadlier than alcohol,
drug and tobacco use combined.
2.1 billion people are overweight – yet
we eat more sugar, fat and red meat than ever.
Still 821 million go to bed hungry every night.
On top of that our food is the main cause
behind species extinction
and a third of all global greenhouse gas emissions.
So, can we feed a growing population without
destroying the planet and ourselves?
Science had no clear answer to this question.
That’s why EAT gathered 37 of the world’s
best scientists to determine what a healthy
and sustainable diet is and how to get there.
The result is the EAT-Lancet Commission –
a scientific blueprint for a healthy
and sustainable future.
If we change the way we produce, consume,
transport and waste food,
we can feed everyone a healthy diet
while improving the health
of our planet.
What does this look like?
Meat can stay on our plate, but plants need
to be the new main course.
We should eat a huge variety of fruits and vegetables
and a low amount of meat, dairy and seafood.
We should choose unsaturated fats and stay
away from refined grains, highly processed
foods and added sugars.
And: we have no food to waste.
It will take huge changes but following this
plan will lower our risk of cancer, strokes
and diabetes – it could help avoid 11 million
adult deaths per year.
In fact, consuming and producing food more
efficiently and mindfully
will help to keep our planet flourishing.
We have an answer now: we know the right course
for a better future.
It is on us to actually take that step.
Our food can be the key to solving the biggest
challenges we face –
food really can fix it.

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