BwC S2E1 – Yuvraj Singh | Yuvi burns down the kitchen! (Part 1)

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Laziest person – Gaurav Kapur.
Whenever we meet I have
to go to his house.
Today he has to shoot an episode
so he’s coming to mine.
Oooh… lift smells nice.
Let’s take a shot of this in
case we get a sponsor.
Laziest person on the
field – Zaheer Khan.
Going up in a Mitsubishi lift.
Biggest miser, Ashish Nehra.
Followed by Virat Kohli.
With Odonil hanging and
lights by Usha.
Generous, I’m the most generous. I
always pay all their food bills.
Come, come.
Oh! That’s why you made me go
so that you can bad mouth me.
You think you are only smart, huh?
Wait, wait, we have to…
Here come the men in black.
There’s a rumour that you’re a right
hander. That’s true, right?
That’s true. that’s true.
We’re going to show you off spin, we’re going
to show you leg break and seam bowling.
That’s too sweet, man!
Who is it?
Selfie. Hi, sister.
– What is this selfie? It’s young people thing.
– Welcome.
– Hi, sissy, how are you?
– I’m good, how are you?
Straight into the kitchen.
See the problem here is,
what Zak said in his show.
… I know Yuvraj Singh is definitely
not a good cook.
– He can cook up stories.
– Yeah, that’s what.
He can’t even boil water,
what good is he?
– You’ll boil water?
– Wait.
– Water… proof
– Yeah, it’s water.
One minute…
Tea, coffee.
This is to…
…tell Zaheer Khan that
he’s wrong, I can boil water.
He can’t even boil water,
what good is he?
It’s not yet done, let it boil!
– This is enough, man.
– Where are the bubbles?
You should tell them that
you can make toast also.
Next, while the water is boiling,
I can make toast also.
– Plug it like this.
– Then?
– Then switch it on.
– What technique.
Switch this off, so that
it doesn’t overheat.
Where’s the bread!?
What kind of bread is this?
Gluten free bread.
Isn’t gluten free bread cardboard?
– Healthy
– Cardboard
Thanks sister, what would
I do without you?
Together, we can.
Should I switch the toaster off?
Zaheer Khan, should I switch it off?
How many times have I cooked
omelette for you in France!
And now you say that I can’t even
make toast? Shame on you!
He said you can’t even boil water.
He can’t even boil water,
what good is he?
Healthy toast.
But this is still flexible. Toast
cannot be flexible.
No, no. This has good taste.
But it’s flexible.
This has almond and raisin on the top.
The flavour is inside.
Almond and raisins are put in biryani also.
Why aren’t we eating that?
See I told you, Everybody cannot make toast.
You have to see that in the kitchen, you
are not allowed to be unsupervised.
Just turn around and see.
And the wives are there.
I told you, I don’t belong in the kitchen,
I belong in the open world.
I don’t belong as a wife but
we all make mistakes.
You don’t belong as a wife?
What is that supposed to mean,
‘You don’t belong as a wife’?
See that’s the problem. You can destroy
all England bowlers except this one.
This one’s very hard to beat, boss.
Do you know that after marriage
this cup has to be changed.
Mr. Wrong.
Because after marriage
husband is always wrong.
It’s been two months for me, how
long has it been for you?
Two years for me. Mr. Wrong.
Mr. Get Out Of The House,
Mr. Sleep In The Car.
Mr. Don’t Talk To Me.
Mr. You Can Talk To Me
But I’m Not Listening.
– Mr. Your Rented Room Is Ready.
– Is ready.
I feel if we stay in the kitchen for another
10 mins we might blow the building up.
Did you just light the gas
with your bum?
– Shall we go?
– I think we should
And this?
I think this is enough.
Say Har Har Mahadev! Mahadev!
Excuse me,
is that allowed?
Anything is allowed.
It’s the internet.
Burping is anyway a normal thing.
Don’t know why people
take it too seriously.
Gas, burping, acidity.
Normal things, happens to everyone.
Don’t know why people take it
so seriously in our country.
Because you’re a sex symbol.
We can’t talk about anything
serious, can we?
Why are we here?
When was the last time
we said anything serious?
We haven’t so far. If you want to
do it today then let’s do that.
If you feel the need to share
anything about our lives.
Which people might find interesting. Because
there are some things we can’t share.
There are a lot that we can’t share.
I mean nothing romantic but…
Tell me one thing, after
2011, which was the…
…highest point in your…
…individual achievement
as well as the country’s achievement.
I of course know, but I’m sure
people would want to know…
…how can any human being understand
the high and the low of that one year?
I can’t really explain it because…
…it’s something which is unheard of.
It was very hard to digest, to win the
World Cup and be the man of the series.
That’s like peaking in your career.
And then you realise that you’ve
been diagnosed with cancer.
And close friends and my parents and relatives
actually know what I went through.
You sometimes think that why
did it have to happen at 29…
…why couldn’t it have happened
let’s say at 39?
I mean we all hoped and prayed
that it never happened…
…but did you think that why did it
have to happen at this time?
If this is the way God
had intended then…
…I’ll accept that but why
not some other time?
Why now when I’m Superman,
when I’m invincible.
– You can think of it…
– Did it ever cross your mind?
It did. I mean why… It should
have happened earlier…
…I would have been able to bounce
back or happened after later.
But your destiny is your destiny, what is
supposed to happen is supposed to happen.
You can’t change it.
I mean it’s also a blessing that
I’m able to play cricket again.
I mean it’s a huge inspiration to
me and to people out there…
…who are struggling with
cancer or whatever…
issues they are facing in life,
it’s a huge inspiration…
…it’s a great story to be part of I’m
proud to be part of that story.
So that’s life man, anything can happen.
It actually humbles you, it actually
makes you realise that you know…
…dude anything happens in life…
…and you’ve got to hope for the
best and prepare for the worst.
And I think I appreciate life a
bit more after that.
Everything was cricket, cricket, cricket.
Now life, friends, family…
…I look forward to these things in life,
I’m married now…
…I look forward to being married and
having a future with my wife and…
It was… I can say a
nightmare, a blessing…
…a huge change, I don’t
know what it was…
…it was something which was pretty devastating
but I’m proud how I came out of it.
2016-17, five years.
Five years, it’s been a long time.
So yeah, slowly, baby steps.
I think it’s all about believing
in yourself and…
…it’s been an amazing story to live.
Let’s make it a bit lighter,
getting a bit emotional now.
A bit too emotional, right?
Now back to…
Take 2
I don’t know if you remember
this or not.
15 years ago when I was
shooting in Chandigarh…
Yes, 15 year ago, shooting
in Chandigarh.
Sounds like 115 years.
115 years ago. And you were there.
You had a Honda city
that time, correct?
You came to pick me up
and I told you that…
…we’ll go elsewhere or people
will trouble us.
And then we went to some
garden or a park…
…and we were drinking cold drinks.
– Rock garden
– Was it Rock Garden?
Rock garden or Leisure valley.
I don’t remember.
What did we do there?
– We just sat and had cold drink.
– Cold drink?
Was that according to you
our first date?
Yes, of course sister, that was
my first memory of you.
Having cold drink with you.
I used to drink Pepsi,
what about you?
And In case we get some
other sponsor… Coke.
Tropicana juice. Nescafe.
Name them all.
Tata tea, Taj Mahal tea.
Kelloggs cornflakes.
Protein bar.
Cups made by me.
Someone or the other
might land up.
We have changed so much, right?
Before marriage, we had
the late night parties.
And sometimes on a Saturday,
if the next day was off…
…we used to be awake
till the crack of dawn.
Nowadays we can’t stay
awake beyond 1 am.
Not nocturnal anymore.
What’s happening?
– Age, time, marriage…
– Marriage.
Basically marriage. I think with
time we have evolved.
First we lost one sister,
followed by another.
So I just feel there’s a place
and time for everything.
10-15 years we had a lot of
fun with our friends.
Now we’re settled…
we still have fun.
But we feel like sleeping more.
Have to think of the non-striker also.
You feel more sleepy when
you are 35 plus.
But you’re 34.
I used to be 34 last year.
Our coach used to say, “If you are 15 years on
paper then behave like one on ground”.
What’s the average up
north, generally?
17-year-olds in an
Under-15 team, isn’t it?
– I would say upto 19-year-olds.
– 19-year-olds!
It was a package of
15 – 19 year olds.
That’s generally the
case up north.
Punjab team is a little…
…there are countless stories.
Punjab team is special.
Our Punjab cricket team has
a lot of intellectual kids.
Their English is so good that they’ll even
baffle the English speaking scholars.
Our then captain, Harbhajan Singh,
made a rule that…
…since the boys spoke such enriching
English, it should be explored.
So we made a rule that
Sunday will be English day.
The boys were ready,
‘Yes – no, yes – no’.
So the day of English day, the boys
were on their way for breakfast…
…with their headphones on.
I greet them, “Morning boys”.
“Morning paaji”.
“How’s it going?” “Morning paaji”.
Good english.
Now during the match…
…one of the boys…
We curse a lot in Punjabi, especially
whenever some drops a catch.
Now we had a Rs. 1000 fine
when anyone spoke in Punjabi.
So during one of
the matches…
… there was a chance
for a catch.
One of our players went for
it but dropped it.
So the bowler says, “Oye you…
waaaa, you what… c’mon”.
So the one who dropped the catch
says, “ You ok take go”
So this is just…
…one of the inc… inc…
incidents that happened.
Even I’m from Punjab
so it takes time.
So there are many such
stories of Punjab team.
I can send you some clips if
you want to add.
Why not.
– Morning guys
– What is this?
What is this (in Punjabi).
– 50 rupees fine.
– Morning paaji, morning.
It’s an honour to have you hear on a
Sunday afternoon before the match…
…back to back matches against Delhi and
Haryana but we lost the match.
We didn’t have back to back
matches, we had one day gap.
Where’s Balli?
Balli! Balli!
Hi Paaji, how are you paaji?
So what are your thoughts
on English day today?
I speak English and…
Where’s Pargat Singh?
Pargat Singh, come!
What were you doing inside, Pargat?
I’m just going for fresh.
Not only the Punjab team but there are
such stars from the national team also.
Rohit Sharma, during the
2009 IPL inauguration says…
“Paaji aren’t you coming for
the opening ceremony?
I said, “No”. He says
“Florida is coming”.
“Who’s Florida?” He says,
“That muscular singer, rapper”.
I said, “You mean Flo Rida”.
“What do you know Paaji, it’s Florida”.
And now our professor…
I can’t say anything about our…
…cause I still want to play for a few more
years and I don’t want to be kicked out.
So I’ll tell you the joke.
Do you watch football?
Which is your favourite club?
– Chelse-ya.
– Chelse-ya, come on, Chelse-ya.
He also told me once that there is
Punjabi player in the Brazilian team.
I told him, “Brazilians are not
going through such bad times”.
He says, “No, there is”,
I ask, “Who?”
Our dear friend, Harbhajan Singh…
big cricketer of our country,
100 test matches.
But once when we were roommates. He
made a call, we had to leave at 7 am.
“Wake up call, please”.
“Sir, what time”.
I said, “Bhajji, ask for a
reminder also”.
“Ma’am reminder at
4:65 please”.
I asked “What kind of time is this?”
“So what am I supposed to say?”
Say “6:50”.
What is 4:65??
That was Harbhajan Singh’s time.
Bhajji is serious now
after becoming a father.
Yeah actually, with family time
he’s become quite a changed man.
With his daughter.
When there’s a child in your home,
it’s a different type of happiness.
So tell me, it’s harder to face whom?
Brett Lee’s bouncer or
the wife’s googly?
See Brett Lee would bowl you two
short balls and had to pitch you…
…another four to get you out.
Here, the wife bowls
you six bouncers.
There is no warning from the umpire.
Wife is in charge.
– Wife is the bowler and the umpire.
– Bowler and the umpire…
She’s setting the field.
Dude, there’s short legs there’s silly point,
there are 3 slips, there’s backward short leg.
Sometimes she doesn’t even let
you hold the bat.
Yeah, she might say, “Along with
his bat take his helmet also.
Take the box also.
So basically wife is in charge.
Today’s the only time that they
are sitting and listening.
They don’t leave us alone,
they don’t trust us.
They know that we’ll be gossiping about
them so let’s not leave them alone.
Look how they are wandering around.
I want ask you one question, how does it
feel to be married to a Punjabi woman?
– Sardarni
– Sardarni
Even I’m a Punjabi. But
like a proper Sardarni…
…thankfully I had a lot of practice
how to deal with them…
…because of hanging with
you and Angad Bedi.
I had understood that this pitch
has a lot of cracks and turns.
Basically a lot of cracks.
And also your wife has a lot of
knowledge about cricket…
…what do you have to say on that?
– She’s very knowledgeable.
As is your wife.
Dude, my wife is a bible of cricket,
ask her any question.
– She was born in Lords!
– Yeah…
She’ll ask me, “What’s the score,
I’ll tell her we’re five down”.
“Oh baby, that’s very good”.
Yeah, she’s hilarious.
It’s good to have somebody who
doesn’t have a clue about the sport.
– It helps though, no?
– It really helps.
It actually makes you laugh and…
Cause if I tell my mom we’re five down
“Oh, is this how you play…?”
Wife says “Oh, happy for you,
you guys are doing well”.
So it actually lightens you up
and you’re like…
So cool.
I think she’s understanding now.
As your wife talks about
yorkers, full balls…
Should we just do it? Let me take a…
Yorker meaning…
Are you googling a yorker?
Just to be sure that I got it right.
And I was right.
I want to hear her version.
We have her version.
That ball over here…
From here when it comes like that and
then it comes like that…
… and that’s gone.
Should we get a coffee
and go to the terrace.
And enjoy the view.
– We’ve also got to take a mickey out of the others.
– We’ll go up and do that
– You realise one thing.
– What?
That if you do this…
…and she doesn’t answer correctly and we
laugh at her and people laugh at her.
Everybody will be laughing but
who will be crying later?
– You…
– Not me.
– Means me.
– You.
So when do I not cry.
I have taught you so
much and still…
– I’m very upset that…
– Sunglasses?
Let’s get the sunglasses.
Here come the men in black.


  1. Even before watching the interview i know its gonna be great i remember the time i got to know he had cancer and everyone in my family were literally praying for his health infact every cricket fan in Pakistan 🇵🇰 love and respect yuvi u have been brave on and off field 🤗

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