BTS Bon Voyage S2 – EP.3 (with Subtitle)

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[BTS has gathered around the table] What is all this? [Bowling pins with different numbers] What you’re going to play
is table bowling. [Table bowling game to get money
for dinner next day] – Table bowling. – Bowling! This is not it. [Table bowling]
[Regular course] [Hit or miss course] [Flick a baduk stone to knock
the bowling pins over] [Number of pins knocked over decides
pocket money they use at a convenience store] [Before the game] – Let’s decide
who will go first. – Let’s choose the order. Does anyone want to go first? [Hesitating]
Who wants to go first? It depends on your skill, actually. [Targeting the victim]
Then Jungkook should go first. [As always, Jungkook goes first]
Show us what you’ve got! – Why don’t we take turns clockwise
starting from Jungkook? – Yeah. [Sigh]
– Sounds good. – You go bowling sometimes. [He pulled himself together]
OK. Let’s go. You’re going for the regular course? [Jungkook, always the first turn] He is a bowling god. – Here we go, God Kook.
– Let’s go. [A bit nervous]
Bowling god, Jungkook! I’m going to get it
at once! [Can god Kook make it?]
– It’s your skills. Let’s see. – God Kook. [His baduk stone didn’t even
get close to the pins] Your skill! [Yay]
0 point! Don’t we need some penalty system? Let’s give 3 chances. [3 chances for a person] – 3 chances.
– Then go for the basic course. – Yeah. – So we get 3 chances in total?
– Yeah. You’re really terrible at this.
It’s your last chance. [Oh… God] I feel nervous. [His last chance]
[Can Jungkook get pocket money?] [He got -$25]
[Without a hitch, he got the -$25 pin] So accurately! What a bummer. [Bitter] [Frustrated]
– Too bad. – What a bummer. – Awesome. I will… [Moral victory] Good.
I think it’s good. J-Hope. Jungkook tried,
why don’t you give it a try? Don’t you want to give it a go? You’re J-Hope.
Our hope! [Super focused]
-25. I feel so nervous. [This game decides my dinner tomorrow]
Don’t interrupt him. It’s over when you get the pin
at once. – Your life depends on it.
– Life, really? It is nerve-wracking. [He got $3] $3! $3 is nice. Did you plan it? [Puzzled Hope]
– It worths a cup noodles. – Looks like you did. Go back to your seat, please. [Disappointed]
[Bitter] [Player 3, Rap Mon]
You don’t have to go there. – We should just aim forward.
– Yeah. Go straight. [Yay, awesome] [Rap Mon knocked 5 pins over] [The bowling pins, except the minus one, are
knocked over] – Any minus? – No. – He dodged all the minus pins.
– He avoided all the minus pins? [Rap Mon’s score : $23]
– How much? – $23. [Proud]
Namjoon. [Buttering him up]
You look handsome today. [CEO Kim extends his hand]
You did well yesterday. [Next player, Suga]
– It’s Suga’s turn. – A man of east and west wind. [Mr. Right Path]
I always follow the right path. [A strike at his first attempt] [But the minus pin was knocked over]
That’s a real bummer. It’d have been amazing,
if the -25 pin was knocked over. So close. [Suga’s score : $9 in total] [After -5]
– $9. – That’s decent. [Player 5 Jin’s attempt]
– Jin. – Did you get the king stone? – Yeah. OK. Let’s do this. Get the -10 pin, please. I think he got about 7. [Not bad]
[Short and sweet, he got $7] It would have become 0
if he got the minus pin. [A bit jealous] – Awesome.
– You can get two cup noodles, then. [Jimin’s thumb flicking skill]
He’s going to use his thumb. – A thumb is accurate.
– Are you okay with the small stone? That’s okay. Accrately. [His baduk stone avoided the -25 pin
by an inch] [Why’s this making me so nervous]
That was so close. If only the stone was bigger… [Focus again]
[2nd attempt] [Cracking up] [Jimin got $4]
$4! My $4! [The last player, V]
Here comes V. – V’s stone is big.
– Accurately. [Failed at his first attempt] [V still has 2 more attempts]
– That went into the gap. – Messi. [Failed at his second attempt] One more chance. Would he go for the middle? V. You went there and here. – Now you have to get this.
– If you drop it now, you have no chance. [Can he make it at his third attempt?]
Then you and Jungkook are the same level. Are you going to give up? [He knocked the pins over
with a strong flick] Hang on. He got the minus.
And he got 10 points, too. – That’s quite a lot.
– Pretty good. [How much did V earn?] [$17]
How many points? 17? Then Rap Mon is the winner. [Birds of a feather] [Swag]
Rap Mon has been on a roll from yesterday. You have a knack for games. [Rap Mon became a lucky guy in Hawaii]
– I thought you were unlucky. – No, I’m on a roll. [Making a deal] Can’t we do something else?
I’ll wager 7 dollars on it. If I get more than 10 points,
double the points. – Come on. That’s nonsense.
– If I get lower than 10, – $ 0. – I get only $3.5.
– How much did you get? – $7. Be quiet.
I got $3. Hang on. You all be quiet.
I got -25. [So hilarious] [The one who’s broke]
Jungkook said we all be quiet. [Careful]
Can I make a suggestion? [Starting to make a deal]
I’ll wager my basic meal tomorrow on this. [So fun]
This is fun! This is the fun part! You’re going for the
entertainment, eh? If I don’t get 30,
I won’t eat at all. If I get 30, You get $3. [Genius negotiator]
I’ll take only $5. [The staff took the deal]
OK. Here we go. [Wagering his basic meal, he tries again]
– Let’s do this. – Seriously? 30. [What’s going to happen to Jungkook?]
Here we go. The pins are close, so… [I totally screwed up] [Rolling over laughing] It’s not an easy thing
to accomplish! [Crappy hand souvenir]
I’ll take this stone to Korea. [#Destiny #Hand of minus
#Curse of -25] He’s trying to be funny. The entertainment god
came all the way to Hawaii. So you’re going to fast? I’ll bring this to Korea
and take care of this. Let’s wrap it up. Anything else you guys
would like to try? [Enlightened]
– I give up, as I saw Jungkook’s case. – No. [Challenging himself]
– Can I try? – Really? How much are you going to wager? [Jimin’s current pocket money : $4]
I got $4. If I fail, I’d get 0. [I can’t die alone]
Wager your basic meal. If I succeed,
how much can I get? – $10.
– $10? [Tempted] – $10?
– That’s decent. It’s more than I got. – Really? You might have to starve
with Jungkook. If you fail, you should just
enjoy the wind. If I get something,
on top of $10, how about you provide Jungkook
with a basic meal? [Tough guy]
No, I’m fine. [Not being honest]
I’d feel sad if I get that. [What’s going to happen to Jimin?] [OH MY GOSH!] [Busan guy]
[I’m Park Jimin] Hang on. What about Jungkook’s meal? Nothing, of course. [I’m okay]
[You should have just taken his offer] He made an offer for you.
What a bummer. Then I get $10? [Jimin’s Hail Mary pass, he got $10]
– Yes, $10. – Awesome. – That was awesome.
– Nice. [Devil’s whisper] J-Hope, what are you
going to do with $3? Gamble, man. What’s the point of $3, J-Hope? [They’re all in this together]
You can’t even buy cup noodles because of tax. [Should I do it or not?]
J-Hope. [Tempted]
– I can get 3 chances? – You get 3 attempts. – I don’t think I can do it.
– Then don’t do it. [But he stood up again] [Before he knew it,
J-Hope tries again] J-Hope. Do it like me. You’ve already started. [I can do this. I can do this]
This is it. Until J-Hope. Then this game is over. If you don’t get it,
how about you wager your basic meal? [Failed again following the 1st shot] If you don’t get it,
no basic meal. Hope. [Gambling is dangerous]
Everyone, never gamble. You shouldn’t learn from my case. [Fact attact by himself]
You will end up like me. [Only one attempt]
You can ruin yourself by gambling. [J-Hope is broke in the end] [Good, I’m good] [Misery loves company] Let me give you a syllable poem
with “gamble”. – Do.
– This is gambling. – Bak.
– It’s crazy. Let’s have fun trekking tomorrow. Good to meet you, J-Hope. [Dizzy] It’s actually not friendship trip,
but penniless trip. [He’s forced to have
penniless trip] You can have the minimal amount of
food to keep your system running. [Cheering them up] – You should practice
ascerticism in the mountains. – Congrats. [Time to go to sleep for tomorrow]
Let’s take some rest for tomorrow. OK.
Good job, everyone! Don’t we have something
for wrapping up? – I’m the last one.
– It’s Jungkook. – Sit down. “Bon Voyage”. “Bon Voyage”. Be sure to tune in. [Wrapping up, looking forward to tomorrow]
Good job. [Day 3 itinerary in Hawaii]
[Akaka Falls>Hawaiian local food take-out] [Lunch at a park>Sunset at Mauna Kea
>Sightsee the observatory and dinner] [Day 3 in Hawaii
a clear day] [Arrived at the first destination, Akaka Falls]
This is Akaka Falls. [Going into the forest to see the falls]
– This is a real forest. – Forest! Look at those fallen trees! There’s a longer hiking course. [Due to a fallen tree, only one path
is available] They made a path in the middle. Because of these fallen trees. What is that tree? It’s huge.
The fallen tree is huge. I heard that gigantic tree
was 2,400 years old. – Turtle?
– Gigantic tree. Oh, big tree? It was 2,500 years old? What are you going to do
if there’s dinosaurs, Jimin? [Jurassic World]
– There are raptors. – Dinosaurs. We can ride them. Wow. [Bluffing]
We can go to the falls on raptors’ backs. They left these trees in tact
on purpose, I guess. What kind of natural disaster
can pull down that gigantic tree? I guess it’s some kind of
landslide. Feels like we’re climbing a mountain. I know. Is Akaka Falls one of the largest
falls in the world or not? It’s just pretty falls. [It’s in sight!] [Looks like they arrived near
the falls] – Over there. – We’re here. – There’s something.
– I think we’re here. [Wow. Awesome] That’s huge! [Can’t take their eyes off
of giant waterfalls] If we go under that waterfalls,
it’d be crazy. If we go under the waterfalls,
it would break our back. Should we perform
“Spine Breaker” here? [Auto-play]
[Spine Breaker] Lalalalalalala lalala. “Spine Breaker”. Shall we take a picture together? [A group picture in front of the waterfalls]
Let’s take a picture. Let’s go. 1, 2, 3. [Click] 1, 2, 3. [Feels refreshed]
The water must be clear. Jungkook. I’m sorry, but because of my fingers… [He hurt his fingers]
Can you press the button? 2, 3. [Found a rainbow under the waterfalls]
Look at that rainbow. [Wow. Amazing] A rainbow! – It’s rainbow mist.
– That’s amazing. Compared with the waterfalls in Norway,
how is this? The atmosphere is different.
I’d vote for Akaka Falls. [Fjord Falls vs. Akaka Falls] [Rap Mon’s choice]
– What? – Fjord vs. Akaka. – Akaka? I’d pick Fjord.
– Same here. – Because that was closer.
– Really? [Speaking of which, making a syllable poem]
– A syllable poem with waterfalls? – Waterfalls? – Pok. – Not from me.
Another person should go first. [Passing the baton]
Waterfalls are – Po.
– Cruel. [That’s not a syllable poem.
He’s just saying anything] Brutal . – Let’s go.
– Let’s go. – OK. [See you next time] [So long, Akaka Falls]
Bye. Why don’t we try our greeting now? It’s not finished yet. [The oldest and youngest are working on
their greeting] Let’s figure this out. [Bump] Aloha. Aloha. Hello. I’m so tired. Have we been walking
for 2 hours now? – 20 minutes.
– Really? [Maybe I’m just imagining]
Feels like I walked for 2 hours. And for 10 minutes,
we just watched the waterfalls. I see something over there.
It’s white. [The observatory is in sight]
That’s the observatory. – So that’s the observatories.
– We should get there? It’s too far away. How did you like the waterfalls? I loved it.
There were so many tourists. – I saw a gigantic tree.
– Right. [A humongous tree] – Like this big.
– I guess that was thousands of years old. [Amazed] I’ve never seen a tree
as big as that one in my life. – The rainbow under the waterfalls
was really pretty. – Right. BTS will go on a rainbow path
from here on out. Because we’re the international
K-pop sensation. – International K-pop rainbow, right?
– Yeah. – Rainbow sensation.
– Anyways, it was so pretty. The next place on the itinerary is a local restaurant in Hawaii
for your lunch. Eating show! Eat Jin is starting again. [BTS’ representative eating show host]
Some of you have done an eating show. Let’s call it “ETS”. “ETS!” [Hint]
There’s a restaurant with a long tradition. They sell pancakes, along with
Loco moco, Hawaiian local food, and Saimin, and other various dishes. You should pick up a to-go order
and you’ll find a park nearby. I hope you’ll enjoy your lunch. What’s the name of the park? [Searching the internet]
Liliuokalani Park. Liliuokalani Park. A famous pancake joint is
Kens House of Pancakes. I think we should go there. [Searching the internet together]
– And order different kinds? – Can’t find anything. It’s close by. We should just go straight.
To downtown. – Why don’t we decide what we should order?
– Hang on. Some of us can’t have
local food. They have burgers, pizza, pancakes,
and nachos. It says we should try Loco moco
that originated in Hilo. “Try Kens coconut passion
and guava syrup”. [Let’s go] I think we should
look at the menu. We can ask for their recommendations,
like we always do. – Please recommend local dishes.
– We should give it a try. – Let’s do that. – We should just say,
“Recommend, please”. – Bring your water. [Off to experience Hawaiian local food]
Let’s go to experience Hawaiian food. Let’s go to Kens House of Pancakes. We should do that, right? – Whose turn is it?
– Suga. [Feeling pressured]
I thought it was over. “Bon Voyage”. Be sure to tune in. That’s so Suga’s style. [Looks like a statue] You’re so good at
finding that stuff. How do you search the internet? Namjoon and I are good at
internet searching. [Rap Mon found the menu on a blog]
– There’s a menu here. – Let me see. We should have this.
Local style pancakes. Madademia nuts, fresh banana,
coconut. – The dessert I had with Jin
was really good. – Right. [Jealous]
You had a dessert. [Third place, $50 team]
We couldn’t afford a drink, so we had water. [Showing off] We ate a lot. We ordered
drinks and two main dishes. – I see.
– It’s so pretty outside. [The weather report said rain, but
it’s a clear day] The weather report said rain. It’s a good thing. Look at the clouds. [The clouds in the sky are like a picture]
It’s picturesque. How long do we stay in
Big Island? I think we’ll sleep in a new hotel
for 2 more nights. Are we going to have a shark tour? Shark tour? – Probably.
– That sounds so scary. We will go to that place
in a helicopter. The volcano. I’m excited about the observatories
we’re going today. It’s so pretty to watch the stars
in front of the house. Looking at the sky for 20 minutes
a day makes you happy. [Tempted]
Looking at the sky for 20 minutes a day? That’s very hard. [Arrived at downtown Hilo] [This is a famous restaurant in Hilo
that the members found] We arrived at the restaurant. Each one of you should order
your own food one by one. [They’ll order their food one by one]
– One by one? – Each one? [Headache]
I can’t decide. Loco moco sounds good. [1 dish per person]
[Choosing the menu is greatest problem] [Starting with Rap Mon]
Let’s see what Rap Mon will pick. I picked something,
but I can’t find it. [All in the car] I’ll order anything I like. – What would you like?
– Hi. – Hi. – Can you recommend me out of these three?
– Macademia. – Macademia? – It’s the most popular one?
– Yes. – OK. One madademia nut pancakes, please.
– OK. – One order or one piece?
– One order. – So how many pieces?
– Three. Three? So that’s for one person? – Right.
– Yes. 3 pieces then. – OK. – Take out.
– OK. – That’s it for you?
– Yes, that’s it for me. Excuse me. – Can I add a beverage, too?
– OK. – One chocolate milk. – Is it cold?
– Yeah. – So one chocolate milk, please.
– OK. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Who’s next? [Suga’s turn after Rap Mon]
– I’ll go. – Let’s just go in this seat order [Excited] I ordered macademia nut pancakes
and chocolate milk. [Carefully reading the menu again] – Is there a menu inside?
– Yep. [He tried to order
coconut panckes and Saimin but] – Sumo Saimin for here?
– No, to go. – It can’t be to-go. It’s too big.
We don’t have a box for that. – Really? Recommend, please. – You want fried noodles?
– Local food? – Yeah, fried noodles? – Yeah. This one. Would you like to have chicken
or you like it with shrimp? What do you like? – Shrimp, please.
– Shrimp. OK. Fried noodles with shrimp. – And coconut.
– Coconut. Okay. – That’s to go, yeah?
– To go. – Anything else?
– No. – Okay. Thank you.
– Okay, you’re welcome. [Still reading the menu in the car]
Kalbi ribs. This is dope. [Sounds good]
They have kalbi ribs? – Isn’t it Galbi ribs?
– LA ribs. – I should order that one. I hope someone will have Loco moco. I’m going to order that. [Curious about the Hawaiian local food]
I thought someone would order it. – I should take a screenshot.
– It’s really famous. – And… – You’re going to show
the screenshot when you order? This! – Here he comes.
– Already? You told them it’s to go, right? You should say “To go”.
They didn’t understand takeout. – I should say “To go?”
– Yeah. [Checking the menu in front of the entrance]
Turkey combo. Excuse me. What is the most famous… here? – The most famous?
– Yeah. – What we have is eggs benedict.
You like eggs benedict? – Benedict? She picked an expensive one. What is this? – Eggs, bacons, Portuguese sausage,
green onions, cheese. – Cheese. [Don’t know what it is,
but it sure might be a big dish] I want classic eggs benedict. What is the most famous drink? – Drink?
– Yeah. Pepsi! [Eureka]
Pepsi! OK. One coke, please. – OK.
– Take-out, please. – To go!
– OK. – OK. When I order room service at a hotel, I put in an order,
then the person says something. [Whatever, just say YES]
I keep saying “Yes”. I don’t know what I order. Then when it’s delivered,
I just eat that. Sometimes, it’s good. [The result of phone order is hit or miss]
– Sometimes I get weird food. – Fail? – What did you order, Jimin?
– Order a drink. I ordered eggs benedict and there’s
a menu called Sumo Da Brada. – Did you say it’s to-go?
– I did. What kind of food is that? I guess it’s a big dish
with toast and all that. I asked her, “What’s the most famous
beverage in this restaurant?” Then she said, “Pepsi”. [Thumb]
I said, “One coke, please”. 1 Kalbi ribs. Rice? Mashed potato? French fries? [Contemplating] French fries. Rice, please. Sorry. – Vanilla milk shake.
– OK. Vegetarian omelet? – To go!
– Yes. – Yeah. [Proud]
Perfect. It was perfect. What did you order? I ordered kalbi ribs and an omelet.
And milk shake. [Screenshot]
– One milk shake. – Okay. – One Chili Cheese Loco Moco.
– OK. [So easy to order thanks to the screenshot]
– Paniolo. – OK. – BBQ burger.
– OK. To go! Vanilla shake. OK. That’s it. To go. [Jungkook completed his order]
– Thank you. – Thank you. [So sleepy] – That was quick.
– Paniolo BBQ burger and vanilla milk shake. – You have to eat a lot now.
You can’t have dinner. – I know. – Ready?
– Can I order? What is good here? Loco Moco. – OK. I’ll have this.
– OK. Loco Moco and eggs benedict.
Kalbi? Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,
blueberry. Vanilla shake. How long does it take? Maybe about 10 or 15 minutes. – Thank you.
– Thank you. [Finally Eat Jin’s turn] [Aloha fairy] [Always say Aloha
any time anywhere] Aloha! [Talking about the friendship trip] After that, all we had was 6 cents. It was so cruel. [Those with not much money, $50 for 2]
– We went to nice places. – We barely paid the bill. $50 for 2 people.
$70 for 3 people. – Your trip was fancy.
– We ate a lot. [Jealous] Namjoon, you’re enjoying
the luxury in Hawaii, eh? I lost my passport last time,
I guess it’s karma. Hello. Original Loco Moco. One Saimin noodles. – Can I, to go?
– Yeah. Chocolate milk shake. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. [Waving]
Bye bye. Don’t we need to pick it up? – We ordered a lot.
– I know. I heard it’s going to take 15 minutes.
It won’t take so long. – Oh, you even know that.
– How long does it take? Perfect. And my favorite line.
Do you have any recommendation? [Cracking up] Please recommend something. [So tired of it]
I’ve heard that phrase so many times. [A useful phrase he can use 3 times a day]
He’s doing great. Because we don’t know well. [Slide open] [Wild]
Here he comes. – It only took me 15 or 20 seconds to
put in an order. – Yes, really fast. I hope you’ll enjoy the menu
you ordered. We’ll see you with the food. Go, go, go. – Let’s enjoy.
– I’m hungry. [Jimin is hungry]
We should eat now. – Shall we do “Bon Voyage” now?
– We should eat. – Here? – How about Rap Mon do it now?
– Alright. “Bon Voyage”. Be sure to tune in. [Flipping the hat]
Be sure to tune in. – I guess you prepared it. – I did.
– That was a cool hat flip. [Proud]
It looked like dancing, Namjoon. [Tension up]
[Excited to have lunch] – I was really hungry.
– You ordered all right, right? Not sure if we’d have enough
space on this table. [Full of food]
There’s another one. – We ordered all this? – They said pancakes
would be in the same bag. – Right. – We ordered so much food.
– Yeah. – Pancakes. Are we all pigs? We have to eat a lot, J-Hope. [Generous amount of food]
I think this is more than we ordered. This is no joke. It’s a lot more than I expected. I’m sure we can eat all these. [Starting up the eating show]
Of course we can. Let’s dig in! [Everyone]
Thanks for the food. Do you all have drinks? – Hawaii.
– To Hawaii! Cheers! – Local food report.
– 1, 2, 3. [Cheers] Count to three again? [Starting the eating show in earnest]
Pass me a fork and I won’t kill you. The size of a burger is insane. It’s unique. [Chomp chomp] It’s mostly egg dishes. I heard pancakes are American food. Pancakes were invented because people
couldn’t leaven bread. [Smell]
It has a nice macademia scent. Let me have a bite. [Nom] This is the most-ordered menu item,
guys. [Signature menu : Macademia nut pancakes.
Tastes good] – Loco Moco. – How’s it?
– How’s Loco Moco? [Eat Jin Food Talk]
It has rich egg flavor. [Eat Jin Food Talk] Though it’s American food,
it’s not salty at all. – Right. It’s like hamburger rice
with rich flavor. [Eat Jin is reliable as always]
[Describing the taste like a pro food critic] [How’s the burger?]
How’s your burger? [The burger king we all know]
Burger king. [Easy to understand] – Burger king.
– It’s the same. – For real? It’d be nicer if they put
a bit of spicy pepper paste in here. That’s exactly the taste. Burger King? I love Burger king.
Let me have a bite. [Burger King?] [Having a bite]
Eat up. [Nom nom] It’s nice we can enjoy
various menu. Which is your favorite, guys?
Let’s pick one by one. I’d pick cheese omelet. This is more exotic. Tastes like you’re in overseas. [Jungkook picks the omelet]
I like the omelet. – I like Loco Moco.
– Loco Moco? I like it because it’s not salty. It’s like Pyeongyang cold noodles
in rice with toppings. That was my lunch and dinner. [Admit it]
That was our lunch and dinner. Are you okay?
Are you sure about this? [I’m full] I think I’ll be full
till dinner, since I ate enough. [Enjoyed Hawaiian local food
for lunch] [After the observatory, they arrived
at the grocery store for their dinner] You’re here to buy something
for your dinner. You earned pocket money
by playing table bowling. [After this, off to Mauna Kea Mountains]
You can shop here for 15 minutes, and we’ll get going. Rap Mon. [Everyone gets pocket money except
J-Hope and Jungkook] – V. – Silver spoon. – Suga.
– Bronze spoon. – Jin.
– Bronze spoon. Please check the amount. [All he has is $9]
$9. How much did you get? [The dignity of the winner]
$23. [So jealous]
I’m so jealous. I got $9. – How much do you have? – Are you all set?
– $10. – Yes. – Let’s go.
– Let’s go. [Off to the grocery store]
We can’t microwave anything, then. An apple is this big. [Saying anything]
Isn’t that Geochang apples? I will go straight to buy
cup noodles. [Meat lover]
We can’t barbecue. – Is there Korean cup noodles?
– Yes. [A Hawaiian market has everything]
– Tempura udon. – Japanese cup noodles. – Here. Would they understand if I say
I’m looking for cup noodles? [Choosing noodles together]
There’s shrimp noodles. – This one is the best.
– It’s my favorite. [Jimin is wandering alone, looking for noodles]
Isn’t anyone buying noodles? [He finally found the other members] It’s so cheap. Pour boiling water… This is my food. [Barely a sip] You want to see my food?
Mine is better than yours. [Almost the same] This is for you. That’s it? [I thought it was combat ration]
[Energy drink and chocolate bar] We’ve been around each other
for at least 7 years. I think they’ll buy something
for us. [Would other members think so?]
Let’s see. I can’t let you starve. [Is this real?] [Angel Jimin bought
ramen for J-Hope and the youngest] [Thinking carefully] I’m thinking about buying a bottle of vodka
and give up my noodles. [Shining glow of meat products] [I want to meat so bad] [Rap Mon is already at the cashier] [He finished grocery shopping
with exactly $23] [Perfect]
$22.7. [Why cabbage?] [His budget is $9]
I don’t know if I can afford this. I don’t know.
Let’s just walk around. Right there, finally! [Rap Mon is coming back to the car] He bought a lot. Let’s pretend we don’t have this. I was the one with the deepest pocket,
but… What did you buy? [Curious]
First, [#Cart-gram] [2 cup noodles]
– I bought 2 cup noodles. – Yukgaejang noodles. [6-pack of beer]
– What? – What is it? – Beer?
– Yes. [Surprised]
You’re going to have 6 cans of beer? [So cool]
We can share. [Rap Mon rocks] – He thought about other members.
– You’re the best. [Clapping like a seal] [They got beers]
Can’t wait to see other members. How much do they have? It’s so expensive. [He picked a cabbage and cup noodles]
There’s not much I can buy with $7. [Full of cart] Oh! Can I just take it? Feels like I shoudn’t. Excuse me. I can’t speak English. [Do I have to pay for this?]
Money? [Just take it]
No. Thank you. [Got the chopsticks for the members]
I got these. I have some money left. Was ice cream over there? Ice cream. I like it. [Finally]
Here comes Jimin. [Jimin & V finished their grocery shopping]
V is coming, too. Did you buy a lot? [Here you go. I picked it up on my way.
Merona] You guys can share this. – Awesome!
– Unbelievable! [So touched]
Replenish blood sugar, bro! Replenish blood sugar, bro! [My heart is racing]
I’m so touched, bro. [Nom] Did other guys all done?
They left? I bought local beers.
We can share. I have a question.
You bought cup noodles, rigth? – Did you bring chopsticks?
– Sure. [Targeting Taetae]
Someone might have forgotten. [Got you]
I’m going to borrow it from Rap Mon. [I knew it] I bought one extra pair,
in case someone forgot to bring it. [Proud]
I brought 8 pairs. [Oh] [Here comes Min Suga]
Guys, here comes the boss. What did you buy? [#Cart-gram]
I bought cup noodles. Ice cream I’m having right now. And this was really cheap. [Chocolate cookie]
This was $3. – For real?
– This big pack. – Amazing. Based on the calories in this cookie, I thought we wouldn’t starve to death,
so I bought it. [#Cart-gram]
– Cup noodles. – Cup noodles. – An apple.
– An apple. Jimin brought 8 pairs
just in case. [A cabbage out of the blue]
– A cabbage. – What for? What did you buy the cabbage for? I thought I’d need something
to chew on, but I could only afford this. – Something to chew on.
– No snack? [Low budget] [He chose a cabbage]
He couldn’t afford snacks and bought a cabbage. Now with the dinner
you prepared, let’s go to Mauna Kea
to see the stars of the Big Island. [Tourist attraction of the Big Island]
[Off to Mauna Kea to see the sunset] I’m so touched, Taehyung. [Fruit from Taehyung] [1-hour drive]
[On their way to Mauna Kea] Let’s go. The sun is going down. [6 PM] [They arrived for the sunset]
We should see the sunset. – We should hurry up before the sunset.
– Move quickly, or we can’t see it. The thing is, [Chilly weather in Mauna Kea]
it’s so chilly, unlike other parts of Hawaii. Hawaii. [We’re still excited]
We’re in Hawaii. Is there any wild goats here? [Getting tired already]
I can’t stand it. I should open my emergency food. [Energy drink] [J-Hope’s HP is recovered]
– It’s my potion. – HP potion. Feels like we have to play
“Save Me”. [Self BGM on] [Automatic response] Let’s run. Let’s show them our young spirit. Wow! [Breathtaking view] It’s unbelievable. This is so amazing. – It’s your first time?
– Yes. – What’s your name?
– Kim. What’s your name? [Everyone’s friend] [Friendly Jin]
Hello. Aloha. Did I even take a picture? Are your shoes okay? I picked the wrong shoes. [Bad choice] [2 guys with slippers climbing
the hill in dirt] The dirt gets into my shoes. [Nice weather]
Nice wind. Jimin. [Click] You like the angle? [Awesome]
Please take a picture of me from this angle. – Exactly like this.
– Okay. Wow. Does it look like a painting? J-Hope. Hold it horizontally. [Click] [Awesome]
Got it! [Just stand there,
and it’s a magazine photo already] [Mysterious and beautiful view
with the clouds beneath your feet] [Disappointed]
We can’t get all this in the camera. Is it real we’re here? Is this the right usage? [Fad words among the young]
Is this the true story? You can look all of it.
It’s so gorgeous. That looks like an ocean
filled with clouds. [4,205m above the sea level] [Mauna Kea,
the highest mountains in Hawaii] It’s so high. – Above the sea level.
– 2,000. 2,000?
Is this 2,000 meters above the sea level? Why don’t we take a group picture? [A group picture is a must]
You should. [Aloha]
We’re in Hawaii. [Aloha fairy]
– Say “Aloha” together. – Aloha. [Aloha with eyes] It’s so gorgeous. [#BTS #In_Mauna_Kea] To the front. [So touched] I wouldn’t have come here,
had I not been a BTS member. [Touching comment] Now matter what you do,
you’d have done well. [Thanks] [Stronger friendship on the top of the mountain]
That was so touching. Look at me, Jungkook. [Like this?] Your profile. [Kook’s photographer] My friend, let’s take a picture with me. [Taking a picture with his new friend] – Thank you. Have a nice trip.
– Thanks. The sun is setting. Can you take a video
from there, Jungkook? – Here we go.
– Yeah. [Making a heart, with all the energy
from the entire universe] Guys, the sun is going down. This two-shot with Namjoon is insane. Look at the clouds. [The sun is disappearing
under the sea surface] [Amazing profile shot] [Beat box, celebrating the sunset] – Let’s come back here
when we get older. – Let’s do that. [Be more specific] – When? How old?
– How about when we turn 50? Can I drop the honorifics then? Don’t you have anything you want to
achieve as BTS this year? [The most important thing] [Health]
Let’s not get injured. We should make it into
Hot 100 this year. [BTS’s goal. Making into Billboard Hot 100 Chart]
– Billboard? – Hot 100. For me, it’s my mixtape. Don’t you guys want to
achieve anything individually? – Don’t you have any personal wish?
– Collaboration with Kanye West. Mastering English. – This year?
– No, it’s my lifetime goal. I didn’t get to participate in our album
last year due to my mixtape. Suga wants to include his songs
in our album. I worked hard during the American tour.
But I should work harder. – I want to sing well.
– Jimin? You sing pretty well. His singing is perfect. Why don’t you release something,
Jimin? [Jimin has never done any individual projects]
You never covered a song. Jimin promised me to form a unit with me. [2 years ago already]
He said that 2 years ago. Jimin. That sounds nice. But I hope you’ll have your
personal project. Yes. Do something. [We want it] – Anything like covering a song.
– There are lots of people [From A.R.M.Y waiting for Jimin’s cover project]
waiting for your own project. A lot of people love your voice. [Speed things up] Say something to
those who want to hear your voice. My real goal is
to improve my singing this year. I’ll work hard and show you
a better performance with refined voice. [Kim A.R.M.Y] In short, you’re going
to do your project, right? I promise I will do that. [Dramatic breakthrough]
He promised. [The die is cast] – You need a momentum
like this to do something. – Exactly. Jin, Jin. What about you?
You didn’t say anything. – I’ve been practicing the guitar a lot.
– Guitar. [Blisters show his rigorous practice]
I’ve got blisters on my hand. Jin, to the point where you can
sing while playing the guitar? He can do that already. He took a video of him singing while
playing the guitar and sent me. – Really?
– So cool. – Why don’t you make a song for guitar?
– Yeah. It’s only beena month.
I’ll work harder. Why don’t you post a video, Jin?
The full song. [The guitar version of “Awake”]
I’ll go for the guitar version of “Awake”. The colors of the sky is gorgeous
as the sun is going down. Like a rainbow. [The sun is barely above the horizon] [Breathtaking view]
It’s so gorgeous. The sun set! [Bye, sun]
Bye. [The sun disappeared beneath the ocean] The sun goes down in an instant. [So sad] – It’s gone.
– It disappeared. – It’s gone. Let’s be happy this year, BTS! Let’s keep making nice music
this year. Let’s make nice music
that can inspire people. [Health comes first]
I really hope we’ll be healthy. Guys, look at the moon. [Excited]
The moon is shining. The moon is awesome! I want to see that, too. I want to look behind. [New world]
I’ve never seen these shades of colors. Isn’t this our album color? [Gorgeous pastel colors of the sky without
a speck of cloud] It’s so amazing. From the top, orange, purple,
blue, light blue. – Shall we go back now? It’s chilly.
– Let’s go. – It’s chilly.
– Let’s go. [The night of Mauna Kea has
already come] [A full moon in the pitch black sky]
The moon is so bright. [Artificial lighting s prohibited
at Mauna Kea Observatories] [The filming was technically impossible] [The staff wanted BTS to see
the beautiful sky of the Big Island] [Watching the footage taken by
inflared camera might be frustrating] [Please kindly understand that] It’s so beautiful. – What was the brightest? – Venus.
– That’s Scorpio, right? – That one.
– That one. I studied constellation. [A gorgeous starry night] Seven stars are watching
countless stars. – Let’s make a wish.
– Let’s make a wish one by one. Please let us make a big hit. A.R.M.Y. Please always be happy. I want to be a genius. The spirit of stars.
Come upon me. – Aren’t you sad that we have to go back?
– Yes. It’s a real bummer. It’s so beautiful.
Unbelievable. My childhood dream was to
become an astronomer like Galileo Galilei. For a while.
For a year. I found astronomers so cool. I was so into the universe. I love you. – It was so fun.
– Good night, moon. [After watching the stars, they get
ready for dinner] Let’s use some flashlight. My stuff is in my bag. Let’s go. We need to
pour water first, guys. [To pour water. Go, go]
Let’s pour water. I’m hungry. Our members take good care of me. They gave me cup noodles.
Can I have it? I’m so touched. This is awesome.
Taehyung bought all the stuff. An apple and orange. My beloved members.
They are the best. [Sobbing] What? Did they go to pour
hot water? I’m coming, too. [Pouring water into cup noodles]
– What’s in the microwave? – Ramen. You’re microwaving ramen? [So smart using the microwave]
To cook faster. [Nom nom] [Excited to have ramen]
It’s going to be so good. Nice! I microwaved it. – Really?
– To cook faster. [Hope & Jungkook]
Thanks to you guys, although we lost the game, – Be nicer to us.
– Be nicer. – Be on your best behavior.
– Be on your best behavior. [BTS is filled with brotherly love]
– Thank you. – Min Yoongi. – I’ll do my best. – Thanks for the food.
– Bon appetite! [Slurping] [Slurp] It’s so good because
the weather is chilly. We don’t need to blow on the noodles.
It gets cool right away. Look at the stars while eating.
It’s even better. “Starlight is falling down” [Ramen is so good under the starlight]
I’m happy. We’ve had ramen throughout
our tour, but this is the best. – Ramen is the best in the mountains,
– After swimming. – At a PC cafe. This is why people come here. The stars look completely different
between here and up there. We had to walk a lot and tiring,
but it was all worth it. When would we get to see the stars
on the clouds? That was over 4,000 meters
above the sea level. [It was hard to climb the mountains]
That was 4,200 meters above the sea level. [Now they’re here,
this place is just perfect] It was worth the efforts. I wonder if I would be able to come here
by myself, without you guys. – And would I feel thrilled
if I was alone? – Exactly. [A special moment
because they’re together] Had it not for BTS,
I would have never come here in my life. Never. I would have never
gotten on an airplane. Watching the sunset
and stars – is something that moves your heart,
don’t you think? – Yes. [The beauty of travel]
I guess this is why people go on a travel. OK, guys.
See you tomorrow mornign. From Suga, let’s do “Bon Voyage”. [Wrapping up with “Bon Voyage”]
– Can he pull it off? – Let’s go. Jimin. Make it fun. [The last person is Jimin today]
Me? It’s my turn? – Jimin’s turn.
– I can go first. [Now that we saw the stars]
How about, “You need to watch the stars?” I feel pressured. [Feeling pressured]
I’ll be cheerful like the stars. Here we go. “Bon Voyage”. – You should watch the stars.
– Be sure to tune in. That was embarrassing. [Good job]
Pretty good. – Let’s eat this in the hotel.
– Good job. I should have bought some beverage. [Watching the starry night,
this concludes today’s trip] [In a hotel, they gathered around for
room assignment] The upstairs is #3. [3. Room upstairs (With a bed)]
Between upstairs and downstairs, there’s a room that’s slightly better.
With a red blanket. [2. Nice room (with a bed)]
That room is #2. [1. Ordinary room (with a bed)]
And the ordinary room is Room #1. Pick room #4. #4 doesn’t have a bed. – No bed?
– No bed. [Deciding the order to draw lots]
Rock, paper, scissors. [Jin & J-Hope are the winners] [Anxious]
It’s pointless to win this. – Even if you win…
– Rock, paper, scissors. [Jin won]
Winning this is not important. – Shake it and pick one.
– Pick. – Here we go. [Tap] [Jin got the room with a bed] I got the room with a bed! Then mine would be bad. Mine would be bad. [Hope, tap] [LOL] [Jin & Hope got room #3 with a bed]
– Good work. – Let’s go. Let’s start. I’m #4. Oh, boy.
They were really lucky. – Suga! – I’m the 2nd?
– You got the nice one. Nice. [Suga & Jimin finished
drawing lots] [Rap Mon & V & Jungkook]
Please this time. Rock, paper, scissors! Hang on. Rock, paper, scissors
is pointless. [Again]
Rock, paper, scissors! [V won] I think, Jungkook, you’ll
sleep on the bed. [A single chance] [A bed vs. Without a bed]
– The probability. – You got the upper hand. No, it’s similar. [V got the room with a bed] It looked like that wasn’t the button
he tried to press. – I know.
– You were about to press the middle one. [Rap Mon gets a bed or a floor?]
Please. Bed. [Except Jungkook, V & Rap Mon
got the room with a bed] [Are you crying, Jungkook?]
[He’s particularly unlucky in Hawaii] No bed! Taehyung and Namjoon
will share the room. – Nice.
– Where’s Jungkook going to sleep then? Here. Alright.
Have it your way. [Comforting himself]
– Hang in there. – I got a large room. Do you want to sleep on the bed?
Since I like sleeping on the floor. [Tap tap] [Turning off the light] [Sweet dreams]


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